While Looking at a Cherry Tree


I came back to the rabbitpatch, on Tuesday evening.  Jenny was at least eating , though lightly. Her house was orderly, groceries were bought, laundry done and her supper was cooked, when I left.   I do  think the chicken soup, helped the process. Still, I wished I could have stayed another day or so.  I am always that mother.

Monday was a beautiful day.  The sun shone faintly, a slight breeze blew and the air was mild.  When Brynn was safely tucked in for an afternoon nap. I insisted Jenny nap too.  Lyla and I were going out.  Lyla said it was a good day to visit the “laughing river” – I agreed whole heartedly.  Being almost four, Lyla wanted to ride her tricycle.  Since there was a sidewalk, I agreed to that too.  I must say she did a good job and so in no time we, were on the banks of the river, where dandelions were blooming.  The water was so calm and reflected the sky like a mirror.  For a while we watched the clouds floating in the water.  Lyla made a few dandelion wishes, and then a friendly robin came to call.  He was not in the least skittish and allowed us to get quite close.  Lyla loves to practice “balancing” on the old railroad ties, that are all aligned to mark parking spaces, though  there is hardly ever a car parked, there.  The little robin hopped along in front of her, glancing back ever so often, full of curiosity.  This went on for at least fifteen minutes.  Lyla and  I were both amused.  Lyla coming to the end of her act, thought we should go to “our rock”. She like I, had missed our strolls and wanted to visit all of our favorite places.  

We sat on the old flat rock, with the water lapping playfully around the edges.  It felt like a “homecoming” with our old friends,  the rock and the “laughing” river.  I do not know how long we sat there, for the rock, in the little nook,  is too enchanting to keep time.  When   a few drops of rain, broke our trance,  we decided to head for home.  We took a different route back and I was so glad, for the camellias were blooming.  There were daffodils too, in most every yard. . .and a jasmine full of buds, clambering up a fence.  I  found an opened bloom and let her smell it.  Jasmine smells purely, like spring  and Lyla loved it.  

I saw the cherry trees were starting to bloom.  It is hard to find a sight more beautiful, than a cherry tree in bloom.  The blossoms are a powdery pink and will make you stop in your tracks, if you should see them.   I don’t think, I could hold a thing against anyone, while looking at a cherry tree, for it is just too lovely.   On the stroll back, I thought as Lyla pedaled away . . .Dear Diary, these are the moments, I live for.

Brynn and Jenny were just waking, when we came in.  Both were in better spirits.  I started supper, while Lyla and I went over our lists of birds and flowers.  She remembered every one of them.


Jenny ate a light supper, but it was altogether more than she had consumed in the last four days.  Just afterwards, a fierce wind blew all at once, and a downpour ensued.  The air got cold quickly and weather alerts popped up.  Thankfully, it passed quickly, but the cold air remained.


On Tuesday, Jenny found “winter clothes” for Lyla and Brynn .  They were in the back of the closet, but kept handy, for such circumstances as a cold March wind.  This was not the day to take a stroll and admire the flowers or sit on a rock .  Lyla and I went to the grocery store and drove by the “laughing” river, on this day.  The water was restless and full of swells.  Wind, water and blooms all  were in action, I thought.  What a busy day in nature!

 We were busy too -After the grocery, Lyla and I stopped by the home of  “the beloved. Aunt J” – short for Julia.  Aunt J is a vibrant and joyful soul, now grieving her sister, our own, Miss Claudia.  Wills’ sister, ” Aunt Bea” was there and had an early birthday present for Lyla.  It was a beautiful doll with a carrying case full of doll clothes.  Lyla was thrilled, as she especially loves dolls.   

 As soon, as we got home, I went to work on laundry, while Lyla dressed her new doll.  I was determined to leave Jenny in better shape, than I found her.  When a supper was done, and laundry finished and the doll had tried on most every piece of her wardrobe, I packed the car, to go home.  I left with high hopes that the cherry trees will  be in full bloom, next time.






28 thoughts on “While Looking at a Cherry Tree

  1. Michele, glad Jenny is feeling better! I, too, am a groupie of cherry tree blossoms. Our Japanese cherry tree is not blossoming yet, but the barest hint of buds are just starting to show. Blessings & hugs! 🌷☀️🌷🤗🌷🌟🌷

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  2. Hope Jenny feels better soon and all will be well at the Rabbit Patch. Spring is always lovely when the cherry trees and other trees are in bloom. A wonderful post as usual.

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  3. I’m glad Jenny is feeling better and could see in my mind of Lyla leaning to balance on the railroad track!

    Cherry blossom is so beautiful. I would like to see a lot of cherry trees some day. I have two plum trees and had full blossoms this year.

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  4. What wonderful adventures you have with your granddaughter! I love the peaceful revisiting of favorite haunts a long the river. How wonderful you are able to help you daughter! I can’t count how wonderful my mother has been over the years helping me after babies and such!

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  5. “Dear Diary, these are the moments, I live for.” Some moments and some days are just golden aren’t they? And for some reason those times always revolve around family. I am always so content after coming to the Rabbit Patch Michele. Thank you for that.

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