In Good Company & Happy Birthday Sydney

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On Monday, the sale of the rabbitpatch, fell through.  It was disappointing,to say the least.  The thing I had going for me, was experience, this time around.  In December, the deal was off, just two days before closing.  It was a horrible shock at the time and dampened my spirits considerably – and right before Christmas.  Well, I carried on with high hopes, for the coming spring.

Though, I was better prepared, this time, I can say,  there was not an absence of some melancholy.  I had not even put the house on the market, when a prospective buyer approached me.  In all honesty, both of us thought it would work out.  

Lest, anyone think, that I spend all of my life, watching sparrows and talking to trees, I want you to know, that such things were not on my mind, that day.  I shed a few quiet tears and then I got grumpy.  Of course, all sorts of noble thoughts kept popping in my head.  “It was not the right time” -“the best is yet to come” and on and on.  I dismissed them all, for I needed to mourn. I wanted to mourn.  I was frustrated and felt stranded.   It was not my best moment.


I went out to say good night to the world, despite my poor behavior.  The pine trees were whispering and a dove cooed sweetly.  A pair of young rabbits were frolicking in the star shine, like all was well.  

I woke early on Tuesday.  It was a cool morning . The sweet country air came through the open window . . . and a mockingbird sang.  The realization of the “failed attempt” washed over me again, with a slighter sting, than the day before.  Every verse, I knew about trust and faith sprang up in my thoughts, while I prepared for work.  This annoyed me, to no end.

On a brighter note, it was Sydneys’ birthday. Dear Sydney glowing and so content    – so full of hope and joy as she awaits the birth of her little son.  . .and my first grandson.  What a beautiful time it is for all of us. Few times are sweeter than waiting for a baby, I think.  Everything else, I was thinking about started to pale in comparison, to that.


I wish I could say that I abandoned my gloomy thoughts, but I did not feel a conclusion for a while.  Really, I just wanted a direction to follow.  I came to doubt the whole business.  I wondered how a path that seemed laid before me, would be so hindered.  Of course, I thought that maybe the “timing” was off.  I pondered it all til I was weary of it.  That is when, things got suddenly clear.  It occurred to me, that  I either trusted . . or I didn’t.  It was as simple as that. . . I decided to trust. 

Later, I laughed at myself, for acting as if selling a house- or not, could have caused such an internal commotion .  What a big and unnecessary  production!   In my defense, though . . .this has gone on for a while and there are plenty more details, I am not yet at liberty, to tell.  Not one of them is small, either. 

 I have no idea, how I will continue to manage this territory -or how I will pay for it.  The house and property are bigger than they used to be and like me . . .older.  I still deeply desire a smaller rabbitpatch,   but for now,  I will trust in this winding journey with its, “blind spots” and twists, after all, I am not going it, alone.  I needn’t even be brave, I just have to trust.

Dear Friends of the Rabbitpatch, I write this in hope that  your own disappointments will be few . . but also knowing they are as certain as rain, to come along on occasion.  At such times, we are bound to falter . . .as I did . . and make mountains of molehills . . . as I did.  Should anyone find themselves, in such circumstances, I did not want them to feel lonesome .  I have a fair share of short comings . .  .but at least I am in “Good Company” as I go along.  The truth is . . .We all are.


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30 thoughts on “In Good Company & Happy Birthday Sydney

  1. I am so sad to hear it did not go as planned Michele. I would be grumpy right along with you …mainly because I like the plan I have and really don’t want to always change it for God’s plan or His timing. Hmmmmmm….that trust thing can be so hard….and yet so wonderful when we do. Prayers your way Michele for peace while you wait for God’s timing.

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  2. So sorry to hear about this huge disappointment dear Michele. You are right we all go through them, but is a real test in those times to choose “trust”. We keep you in our prayers that the highest good for you manifests soon!
    Lovely pictures of a young beautiful couple in love, expecting the arrival of a new baby in their lives! Congratulations!!! We have to take in the sunshine with the rainy days… and this new baby brings a shining new light to the world 🙂
    Much love and blessings, Amira

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  3. Hi Ma’am,
    From one grumpy woman to another, I have been there and I feel with you. I am a spoiled kid with my heavenly father. I hate it when things don’t go my way and they often don’t go my way. My husband’s illnesses, my own stay in a hostile place, my work- there are countless things that don’t go my way. I started off life thinking I am so blessed with talent and beauty that fame would be only a step way and easy. It has been more than 25 years and I am as before, unknown, and probably unremembered when I die. I have learnt that life keeps throwing curve balls at us and try as much as we do, we cannot dodge all of them, some of them will come to rest. I guess like Job we need to trust and rest.
    Praying for help and healing and happy birthday to Sydney,


  4. Hi Michele, so sorry for the sale falling through but so glad you began to trust. Trust truly is what has gotten me through my toughest times. He had a plan and just like He does for my precious cousin. So excited for you new grandson on the way! We will both have three grandchildren. Your first son and my first son are both preparing for their first child. Ours will be a girl though. ❤ I can't wait to see you in person one day and rejoice in the beauty around us as we walk, tshare about our family happenings and even be grumpy together if needed! Keep trusting my dear friend cousin. He knows the plan He has for you. Love you SO much!


  5. So sorry the sale did not work out. Sometimes me fall in the sandpits of life and it takes awhile to climb out. Your lovely place will eventually sell to just the perfect buyer. Nature, your family and the Lord will always be there to comfort you. I hope your coming days are happy and brighter for you Michele.


  6. My heart (& prayers) are with you, Michele, in this disappointment. Thank you for sharing your experience with the grumps – something this redhead knows intimately well (they go hand in hand with pain caused by misbehaving neck discs.) But whether we are decidedly grumpy or blissfully happy -God’s love is here with us, for us, in us – steadfast & true.

    Much love, Michele- your post today lifted my spirits out of the blues (altho grumps are still festering!) 💐💞🙏🤗🙏🌷💐

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  7. How utterly disappointing! A jolly good cry was just the thing. it would have been odd indeed if you had smiled and rejoiced. Being human means we experience the whole range of emotions, ranging from joy to grief. Best of luck going forward. And happy birthday to Sydney!

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  8. I’m so sorry, Michele. How disappointing! You get to feel all the feels around this, because its a big deal. I also trust that all will be well for you, the Rabbit Patch, and your beautiful and growing family. Big hugs and ❤️

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  9. I’m so sorry the sale fell through! And I think you’re entitled to think gloomy thoughts and be grumpy…it’s a major disappointment, and I’m sure it effects other areas of your life as well. We all like to think that we can calmly handle whatever live throws at us, but the truth is, sometimes we can’t. Sometimes we over-react and stress, worry, vent, etc. It’s okay. The important thing is that we eventually pick ourselves back up and move on. As you did!
    You are in good company, believe me. And I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better now.

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  10. Oh, no – I’m so sorry, Michele. But I love your attitude! I am sure something will work out at the right time.


  11. Oh Michelle this post broke my hearth and at the same time fill it with the usual warmth that only your takes can bring.
    I hear you loud and clear as when I sold my house and bathe the new one we went through a rollercoaster of emotions,troubles and disappointments that last a year.Nothing went as planned and in the end we ended up some place we didn’t even know the existence of,but 5 years later I can say it has been the best thing that could happen.Only I remember when few deal fell trough people kept saying: well it was not meant to be” or “what there fir you nobody will take it”,and I used to think that I could kill with my own bare hands the next person who would say a such thing to me…..except they were right. Plans sometimes fell through fir a reason.💗💗💗💗

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