A Teapot Full of Flowers . . .and Twilight


I have been in Elizabeth City, a good while this summer.  With Jenny, having the shingles, I have visited even more than usual.  Little Brynn has no idea, that her mommy isn’t well and carries on with “business as usual”.  She seeks things out, like electrical cords and things to climb on, that are likely topple over.  Anything, that fits in her mouth is highly desired, from little doll shoes to bobby pins! Nothing is safe.  Someone must be “on duty” at all times, under such conditions.

The last few days, that I was there were sweet.  One day Lyla and I made tea with flowers.  My sister, Delores, had given the teapot to me at Christmas.  The teapot is crystal clear so you can watch the flowers “bloom”, when hot water is added.  If you think it seems like an uninteresting activity or something only a child could fancy . . . .you would be wrong, on both counts.   It was beautiful to watch the blossoms unfold and expand.  It was like watching flowers bloom, right before your eyes.  Slowly and gracefully, the petals unfurled and released a delightful fragrance.   Lyla. perched on a bar stool and said nothing, in those moments -neither did I.  For a few moments, the teapot full of flowers, was the only thing in our world. 



Christian came to get me on Wednesday. Daddy had an appointment on Thursday.  I had been there a full of week – a week that had flown cruelly fast.  Of course, when I am away, I miss Christian.  I miss the boxer and the gray cat, Christopher Robin.  I am further away from Mama and  Daddy . . and I feel the miles.   Oh, how I miss the days of my youth, when everyone lived close enough to walk in the back door, at any given moment.  

Jenny fixed a supper, while Christian, Lyla and I walked over to Miss Thelmas’ house.  Miss Thelma has a grand piano, and since Christian is a musician, I asked him to play for her.  Miss Thelma played for us too!  She played a beautiful piece, that she had composed, many years ago -from memory!  It was a cheerful melody and hearing her play . . .well, of course, I cried.  We  were all impressed.  Then she went on to recite  “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere”. ( remember, friends, that Miss Thelma is ninety five years old)  It was a happy time.

When, the visit concluded, and supper was eaten, Christian and I prepared to leave.  Lyla cried as if her heart would break.  No amount of preparation, is sufficient for  the time when we must part. 


Christian and I drove back to the rabbitpatch, while the sun slid down the horizon. There were streaks of gold and ginger light falling across the three rivers.  I love when night begins.  A long time ago,  this was when families reunited  ..  It may be that this is why I hold the evening hours so dear. This was before factories and stores that stayed open all night.  Even grocers were closed and no one I knew, ever had “a meeting” to attend.  Tractors did not have lights on them in those long ago days- and besides, there were many small farms that boasted all of twelve acres.  A family could manage their work in day light hours.  . .and make a living.   That “way” is long gone, now. . .and I can say with all honesty, that I never saw it coming.  

The light  had faded rendering a dimly lit,  peaceful world,  by the time we got back to the territory, I call the rabbitpatch.  The moon was rising, where it always does at this season and the air was heavy with the scent of cut grass, faintly and sweetly  scented by the mimosa.  Christian and I lingered a moment . .  It seemed a shame not to, for we were not indifferent to the quiet glory around us .



19 thoughts on “A Teapot Full of Flowers . . .and Twilight

  1. Contentment is reading a Rabbitpatch post! I KNOW you are a family of musicians, but it surprises me when performance hits the page. Maybe it’s because I’m a musician, too, but I rarely do more than listen to recorded music. What a blessing you have been to Jenny and the girls! I hope Jenny will be fully recovered soon.


  2. A lovely post and picture of Lyla to go with it! I also have one of those teapots and flowers to make tea for very special occasions and it is a real treat to observe the magical process unfold!
    Bless Miss Thelma’s talents!!! I truly admire her! Your post is as always so very inspirational dear Michele! Much love, Amira


  3. It must’ve been a magical moment to watch the flowers bloom before your eyes. I, too, remember when Sunday’s was a day to be with family. Stores weren’t open and now mom and pops are replaced with malls. Missed those days.


  4. I do know about the tea pot flowers but have never seen it ‘work’. I’m sure it is wonderful to watch.
    Has the rabbit patch been as hot as it is here in central Mississippi. Goodness….I really think it is hotter than it has ever been.
    Things here are just as trying as ever. Mother fell last week and even though she and the PT who saw her thought she was going to be fine …well we wil see. She is so ‘stoveup’ she can hardly move. As in not moving much at all. So…I have been on duty at least three times a day for a week and I am tired.
    You will remember Daddy is pretty bed bound most of the time too and yes Lord Jesus I need some relief here. If she isn’t better by Monday she is going in for xrays. This too shall end.
    The two oldest girls have a project that we need to complete before school and depending on the xrays…..well …school is just around the corner. We are making fairy mushroom houses out of plastic bottles. Pretty cute..Yes …I need to blog about it .
    You know I love reading anything from the patch but especially the stories about the grands.


  5. There are so much in your story to yearn for but probably will never come to most. I really miss having family nearby, ‘within walking distance’. Cross country is even too far to fly. Not a fan of the hustle-bustle to get someplace. Even at COSTCOS, today, store managers were yelling at employees to get in place so we can rush these paying customers out the door…after they’ve paid. Where the hell are we going?


  6. A beautiful post. I often yearn for the good old days – when things were slower and families were near by. I would have enjoy seeing the flowers come alive in the teapot. My granddaughter and I often picked flower blooms and made designs with them as they floated around in the rain barrel. My wish for this world is – That everyone would slow down, take time to share their lives and notice what matters in this beautiful world God created.


  7. I have the same clear teapot and have made flower tea! It is the most interesting process! So glad you and Lyla enjoyed it together. I’m glad to be back at the Rabbitpatch. I’ve missed reading your posts, Michele. Hugs!

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  8. “For a few moments, the teapot full of flowers, was the only thing in our world.”

    This is the essence of childhood. To allow something to fully occupy our senses. There is nothing else in the world besides “now”.
    When we join with children in these sacred, magical moments, we reawaken those rings deep within ourselves, our own child self. It is much more than simple recollection. It is time travel.

    The greatest thing we can learn from this is that our inner rings, our own child self, is always there, and always capable of this. We need to remind our grownup selves that we needn’t have a child along to remember to behave this way.

    Seek peace,


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  9. I have heard about the teapot flower from my tea loving daughter in law. I may have to try that when my granddaughter comes over and wants to play tea party!
    I also miss the evenings when family was close and we would sit outside to cool off and just watch the stars come out. Neighbors would bring chairs and join us and time would slow down and be enjoyed.

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