A Day to Be Glad


I arrived at the rabbitpatch, last night.  I had been away a full week and so  Christian and the boxer made quite a production over my return.  The cat, Christopher Robin, did not.  He “put on airs” and acted indifferent.  He does this on occasion, if I have been gone too long.

How good it was to see that my neighbor, and friend Susan had mowed the yard!  Most especially, since someone is coming to look at the house tomorrow.  I know that a  manicured yard does not make or break a deal, just like clean, well groomed dogs, but it can not hurt, I think.

I was pleased to find the house in good order.  Christian is always dependable in that aspect.  Still, I concocted a full agenda for Saturday.


The “Morning Service” on Saturday was cool and sweet.  I miss the chatter of birds in spring, but somewhere, a dove was cooing and that was enough.  The peach tree bows with  small peaches.  I am certain the weeks without rain are accountable for the little fruits, but oh how delightful to eat a fresh peach in early light. Without even the slightest breeze, the pines were as quiet as the oaks, on this morning.  I prayed as I walked around the territory.  I usually do, but the only thing that I could utter, was “thank you”.

I came back in and started washing the linens, for Christian does not think about washing curtains . . .ever.  Nor does he worry his sweet head with cleaning the refrigerator.  I wanted the floors scrubbed, which is no small task in the rambling house.  He does keep things in the right place, which is a huge contribution. When Christian, came in from work, he gave the dogs a bath and I had to laugh.  I suppose, the dogs will be as glad as I am, when the place does sell.

I was busy all day long and well into the night.  This was because, I took a good many breaks-almost a shameful amount.  Years ago, I cleaned the house from top to bottom, in a day – and cooked supper!  The only sense I can make of it, is the house really did get bigger . . . and, well, I did get older.


Sunday dawned fair.  A gentle sunlight dappled the countryside, almost lovingly.  I did not feel the old anxiety, in the wake of the visitors.  Maybe, it is because the first two deals shattered, just before closing or maybe it is because I am finally able to “practice what I preach”  – which is “not to lean on your  own understanding”.  A peace has welled up inside of me, that I can not account for . . . I do hope it is for the latter reason.


Everything went well with the couple that came to see the house.  Neither of them liked dogs, so once again, clean dogs are just not a selling point.  They did love the house and property, so time will tell as it always does.

My dear cousin, Faith popped in later on.  What a nice surprise!  Faith and I grew up, like sisters.  Faith was a “firecracker” as a child.  She was liable to” talk back” to the adults and would fight with boys twice her size, if provoked.  We all had ponies, when I was growing up and we rode them to see each other, often.  Faith had a sweet pony named “Sam” who seemed trained to dash off at full speed, at the drop of a hat, if Faith got in a bind.  I can remember clearly, watching them gallop away down the country road, when something didn’t go right, in a game.  I hated to see her leave, for Faith was the liveliest  of the cousins.  She would not play “school” or “housekeeping” or let the older girls brush her hair.  That kind of play was too tame for my cousin.  . .but the truth was, that I learned early on, that Faith had a tender heart and would protect those she loved, with everything in her.  She lived to grow up, despite her reckless childhood.  Faith tended her ailing mother for years and is a doting mother and grandmother, today.   . .and remains a loyal cousin.  No matter how diverse family members are, one thing they all share is the remembrance of the elders and the past way of life.  That is a “tie that binds”.


A thunderstorm popped up in the evening.  It was a “full blown” storm with thunder and lightning that cracked the sky.  The rain was blinding, so that you could not see your neighbors house.  With the house clean, I caught up on my reading .  The boxer curled up for a nap and Christopher Robin, who is back on good terms, lay in a window sill to watch the event of a storm.  

To me, the storm was a perfect conclusion to a day, to be glad about.



27 thoughts on “A Day to Be Glad

    1. Laurie-Have you heard of “Grove Collaborative” Look it up and let me know if you are interested, as I can get you some free things to start with. Membership is free. No requirements on orders and good prices. I have used this service for three years and love it! You order when you please too.

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  1. A perfect description of the morning birds’ chatter, ‘Morning Service’. Very nice. Thunderstorms? We could use some rain in western NY, Rochester anyway. Dry dry and hot. Your description of sitting out the storm in a sofa was very ‘comfortable’. When we sold our last house, I used my iPad, created a slide show of all our gardens in bloom, set it up in the kitchen table and told the realtor to press ‘start’ when the time came. Maybe it worked, or helped. Good luck!


  2. I skipped all the hard work and just enjoyed your pristine house, in perfect order for prospective buyers. Someone is going to fall in love with it, and nothing is going to hinder the sale. I’m so glad the Lord has sent you a miraculous peace.

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  3. Well, good luck with the sale.
    I just don’t put a lot of faith or trust into people who don’t like dogs.
    What could be wrong with them?

    Of course I’m preaching to the choir when I say every day is something to be glad about!

    All my best,


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    1. hi friend-the folks were scared of dogs, really. I read a comment from you, last week, that moved me to tears, with its’ beauty. I was going to take a few moments to dwell on it, before I responded-when I went back, it had vanished! Know that, everything you write is so beautiful-and I value all of it. Have a day to be glad about! Michele

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  4. I noticed you seemed to be at peace in this post. It is hard to rid yourself from stress when you are dealing with people and trying to keep everything clean and in its right place. I hope this couple will fall in love with the Rabbit Patch and at last a sale will transpire. Yes, we try to lean on our own understanding – when we need to turn things over to God who knows what will transpire in due time. Hugs and love to you Michele

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  5. It’s me, I’m scared of dogs. Let me tell you WHY. My father was attacked by dogs two of which are the SAME kind Michele own. His face was ripped open to the jaw and I could see inside his face. He was saving another mans life who the dogs were trying to hurt and DID hurt badly.So forgive me if I am not overjoyed around pit bulls and boxers, I almost lost my father because of these breeds and they terrify me rightfully so.

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    1. Don’t dare apologize fora fear of dogs-especially under such circumstances-I had no idea those were the two breeds in Chucks’ attack. And believe me, I always exercise caution,with dogs-and I am a dog lover! Best wishes!


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