“One Holy Place”


I have been in an official routine since Monday . . . and I have lived to tell about it!  I could not even sleep on Sunday night, for I was convinced I would never make it to work on time and doubted I would survive a four hour meeting, right off the bat.  I never do any one thing for four hours!  . . . I was at work, bright and early.

I came home and started supper and laundry.  I laid my clothes out for the next day and made a batch of “summer oats”.  I must adhere to these practices for I can not put a single thought together in the morning.  I rise several hours early, so I can perform my duties, with some degree of sanity, on account of that.

It is hot outside. For days, now a wilting heat has plagued the countryside.  In the evenings, a haze covers the fields in a mysterious way and hushes everything.  Now, the “morning glory” vines bloom.  Like every other vine, the morning glory grows rapidly and anywhere it pleases.  It is one of the few vines, that I love.  Besides being tender and thornless, the vine bears bright true blue blossoms.  A lot of folks do not share my affection for the morning glory.  It is likely, that since they grow in ditches and clamber up every fence post, the vines are considered too common to appreciate, which is a shame, for they are a cheerful lot and what fun to ramble the territory and come upon something so sweet, that you did not have a hand in.


The loosestrife blooms too. Like the morning glory, it is not beloved by many. The lavender spike flowers do not bloom til August, which is what Mama holds against it.  I laugh every year, when the loosestrife blooms, remembering Mama saying, as she was pulling them up, that they “take too long to bloom”.  I have several places at the rabbitpatch where the loosestrife bears its’ pale lavender flowers . . . always in late August.  

The ginger lilies are some of my favorites.  The flowers themselves are unimpressive – and usually sparse, but their fragrance is extraordinary.  I am very partial to fragrant blossoms.  A single flower of the ginger lily will make you stop in your tracks, to drink in the sweet air.  Ginger lilies are hard to find and they are pricey.  They are also dependable perennials, that bloom in August.  I am sure we did not buy bacon, the week I bought the ginger lilies, but I have never regretted it.

I realise, that I hold a grudge against clocks and papers announcing the time and date of what I have to do.  Their proclamations of “Be here” and “pay this”  are but cold demands.  . .but nature declares the time, softly and tenderly, like a loving mother.  If I were in charge of such things, I would say things like “The sweetest month of May  is here, and on the fifteenth, when the honeysuckle blooms, your bill is due.”  Or, “school starts in August, when the loosestrife approaches its’ peak.” Or “The sun is slipping and shadows are  falling, it is time to go home, now”  At least, I can practice this way, for myself . . for I leave for work, “when the sun is almost over the pines”.


It is odd to think I have been on a “school schedule” for most of my life.  I remember graduating from high school and feeling so free of that schedule.  When school started the next year, I was elated  that I would not be facing that familiar routine.  I got a good job working for an orthodontist, and did not go to work til nine.  I had Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons off.  Oh!  I was so very grown.  I married a few years later and stayed home with the children as they came along.  Those were golden years.  I have been teaching music for twenty years now at the school. I worked at another school and also taught violin, prior to this particular school)  I am back on that schedule again.   . .and now I am thankful for it, for I am that grown.  Now, I wonder how any one works through the summer.  


The sweet couple that came to see the rabbitpatch, did not decide to buy it.  In this circumstance, I am taking some time to breathe.  The “remnants of a former farm”,  that I call the rabbitpatch is still for sale, but I have not advertised it.  I have some decisions to make -and they are  not as simple as whether to have biscuits or corn bread for supper.  These are decisions that will alter my course . . .and frankly, I need to pray.  At least, the peace of it all remains steadfast and as constant as the North Star. 

Besides, school starting and decisions to make about the rabbitpatch, something far grander occupies my thoughts. Within the month, my first grandson will be born.  He is actually expected right around Brynns’ first birthday. Brant is as nervous and excited as any one I have ever seen.  He simply can not be still, for he always thinks of something that is necessary and should be done immediately . . .or else, the baby will surely suffer, in some way.  Sydney, on the other hand, is as calm and collected as she can be. Instead of fretting, she quietly and efficiently completes her tasks.  She does not worry about what size winter boots, her little son will need when he is a year old , as Brant does.  Thank Goodness,  Sydney has a gentle nature to “balance the act”! 

I suppose, I can not chide Brant too much, for Sydney called today and I uttered “Yes?  What! I mean hello, are you ok?”  I was senseless, and Sydney laughed, as I tried to recover, feebly.  Sydney says her own mother did the same thing recently.  So that is where we are.  . . We are all “in a state” as my elders used to say.  How can it be, otherwise?  We are all well “over the moon”, after all.  . . and that is one Holy place.







25 thoughts on ““One Holy Place”

  1. There is absolutely nothing as special as a new baby and a boy!….that is extra special…says a mom of four to another mom of four. Love you….I did send a bd card to our friend …not sure when her bd is but no…haven’r heard a thing. so concerned

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  2. I like grudge about clocks and such things. I am so ‘not’ a schedule person.

    I’ve been wondering if your Rabbit Patch sold. Perhaps those grandbabies and the one on the way, want to sit in your porch swing, walk amongst your trees and blossoms, and pack some good times into their memory banks of the Rabbit Patch. It’s like that Miranda Lambert song (that makes me cry EVERY time I hear it), “The House That Built Me.” ❤️ Love you Franscesca!!!

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  3. Worked 15 years in a school system and I am glad that ended. Also do not like clocks and papers that say do this or that. Hope someday you can have a peaceful, unscheduled life. I am with you – I love blue morning glories. My husband does not allow me to plant them, but once in awhile I see them growing here and there in our large yard – and I savor their beauty. Sorry the Rabbit Patch did not sell – perhaps there is a reason that will show its self some day. Enjoy that grandson when he arrives.

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    1. You are right, a reason will show itself-I can trust that and so maybe that is why, I am filled with peace about it.I have been in my current school for twenty years and oh how things have changed! Thank you for your sweet wishes-I am counting on a peaceful life. love to you and your morning glories!

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  4. I think your life has calm upheaval right now.

    There is only one place where we see morning glory vines. They are down near the creek, and I love them. There are pure white ones, purple ones, and a mixtures of the two. Although I have walked there for five years, I remember seeing the vines only the last two years. I hope they will be there as long as I’m still walking.

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  5. I really have enjoyed your post today. Full of fun and worries and happiness.
    So much that you can hardly hold it , how wonderful is that.

    I have also Morning glories – red ones. And Loose strife, bright yellow. Both initially cuttings given by a neighbour. Grin. I keep the Loose strife within its ‘allocated space’ as not to take away the space for the
    Just as well that Sydney is so calm.



  6. Michele, you brought Peace to my heart that holds so much anger this morning. The frustration and the actual pain of what I am going through in life has brought anger to the surface. And now tears sting these eyes all due to the magic of your gentle words I so so needed to wash over my weary soul. Thank you, dear friend. Bless you!! 💖


  7. One of the many things I love about your blog is its sense of being timeless. You describe your days as moving to a more natural rhythm, and I miss that in our own modern life. I’m not surprised you were worried about returning to the school schedule! But I’m glad it went well.


  8. Exciting times with the impending birth of your new grandson! I hope the weather cools for you soon. It’s already feeling like fall here on the homestead 🍁🌻🍂


  9. I cannot help but wonder what God has planned for you and your Rabbit Patch. It must be grand that He is making you patiently wait till He unveils it.
    I do wonder if Jessica may be right….those grandbabies need time to gather the wonder of the Patch and the timeless beauty of that lifestyle….meantime I will pray for patience and peace while you await His timing.

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  10. Who has time to sell a house when we’re preparing to welcome a new face to the world?
    Things will work out, as you know.
    Jake Baker had his house on the market quite a while. It was old and a bit run down. His wife JoAnna had died just the year before, and in his sixties, he had no time or ambition to do the fixing up things that promote a sale. He was also busy raising turkeys, and a pig to slaughter in the fall. A lot of people looked at the house and saw only the peeling paint, cracked windowpanes, an ancient door that would not even latch closed.
    I smelled the horse-hair plaster, saw windows taller than me. Saw, in the cellar, hand-hewn beams cut with an adze.
    My love affair with the ark is 34 years old on September 11th. I will miss her when I go.
    The right person will come along, and your heart will be glad to know someone will love and care for the Rabbit Patch as you have.
    Keep your eye on the sparrow, Rabbit.

    All my best,


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    1. Happy Anniversary! Surely, a divine match- I read your comments more than once for the words wash over me like a healing balm. I really can not concentrate about selling a house just now. You are so right about that.God bless you and your home and the loved ones that gather there. your friend and fan-Michele

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