It Happened on Sunday!

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We all  got the phone call, we have been waiting for, on Sunday morning.  After that, we kept calling one another with any updates, we had.  We were in our separate homes, but it felt like we were waiting together.  By noon, we were all told that Sydney was doing fine and the doctor thought we would have our little son by evening.

I couldn’t think straight that day.  I cried, I prayed and oh how I just wanted it to be over.  Finally, around 3:30, Brant called and said, the baby would be born shortly. By 4:00, he sent pictures of a beautiful, healthy son. Thomas Ryan was born at last.

He weighed 7 lbs 4 oz and was 19 inches long.  He has a lovely complexion and dark hair.  He will be called Ryan, after Sydneys’ daddy, who must still be smiling.  Thomas is Brant’ first name.

We are all going to Wake Forest, this weekend to meet little Ryan.  If there is a sweeter time in life, than  when a new baby  is born in the family, I do not know about it.  




31 thoughts on “It Happened on Sunday!

  1. Welcome to this world, sweet baby! A couple of neat coincidences. Little Ryan and I share the same birthday! Also, if my eldest daughter had been a boy, then her name would have been Ryan. So all the way north in Maine, I feel quite the connection with that little boy.

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