A Tempest in a Teapot

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After the glory of  last weekend, this week passed like a slow moving train, carrying me further and further away from one of the happiest times of my life.  I truly did my best to make an effort to notice the beautiful details of early autumn.  The cool breeze that made the oaks sing and the bright blue flowers of the hydrangea that have appeared like an encore performance , the stars that are like dazzling  silver dollars in the velvet black sky- and how I love the cheerful chrysanthemums that are now outside at the grocery stores.  . .still, I confess, I felt  pangs of melancholy, that I could not entirely shake.

It was to be expected, for how can anyone have such a holiday, celebrating the birth of a grandchild, with  all the beloved grandchildren and children, gathered at once and just leave it without a degree of forlorn! I kept feeling like I was missing something so important, throughout the week.   

Oh, how spoiled I was as a child myself, when I took for granted that family lived next door or just across a  field.  I knew when Aunt Josie called my cousins in for supper . .. and when Aunt Agnes turned the lights on.  Now, I recognize the absurdity of my expectations.  I know full well, that times have changed.  I have friends that must catch a plane, to see their loved ones and they do not whine as I do.  To their credit, they do  not chide me for “the tempest, I am determined to brew . . . in my tea pot”.



On a brighter note, my back has improved steadily, till at last, I can return the cane to its’ rightful owner.  I still move carefully and wear sensible shoes . . .but I am thankful for the progress.  I have grown so accustomed to the half done ceilings, that I am no longer even bothered by them.   . . likewise, the piles of branches in the yard.  With the mosquitoes at full hilt, I am even less inclined to tackle that job.  The mosquitoes have also put quite a damper, on the “early service”  and my evening prayer, under the stars.  

With Will and Jenny, at Wills’  familys’  reunion and Brant and Sydney introducing Ryan to his great grandparents, this weekend, I do intend to do some tidying up and cooking, at the rabbitpatch.  


On Saturday morning, I woke up very thankful for the “drying room”  I had made recently, for it looked and smelled like rain, outside.  The “drying room, came about because the dryer quit working.  There is a big laundry room in the farmhouse.  There is a sink and cabinets in it and a large closet, too.  I had used the closet as a place to store cleaning products, mostly-and the mop and broom.  Just before, my back went out, I got the bright idea to hang clothes in there, that needed to dry.  There is a window in the closet, which made it a good place for such a thing.  I cleared the place out, and one thing led to another, til I was painting the walls and the old wood floor got white washed.  I put an old box fan in the window and added a clothes rack, made from some bulky wooden curtain rods, I had saved for some odd reason.  There were already hooks there and I made a small makeshift clothes line for socks that ran under the shelves.  I used ribbon til I could do better.  It has been three weeks, and I have not “done better” – but I declare it works.  Since it turned out so cute, I removed the door, which also made a difference when it came to carrying laundry in.

Now, sheets and towels must be hung outside, but the drying room is perfect for clothes and how handy it is!   . . .all because, “one thing led to another”  I have a functioning room that is also adorable.  That is how it usually seems to go for me.  I am convinced that I have had very few ideas that really panned out as I had expected.  Just about every project at this house could be a testimony, for the theory.  The fire pit came about because we spent a day collecting pavers scattered about the territory – and the “Quiet Garden”, was created in an odd place that was not suitable for anything but mowing . . .even  in the kitchen, for many times a cup of left over peas or a few small potatoes, have led to a huge pot of soup, that I never “saw coming”!

One day, the dryer will be fixed, but I like the drying room.  The earth deserves all the kindness, I can show it, after all – and  besides the practice saves money.   I suspect it is much easier on clothes, too.  


I had clothes washing and a pot on the stove by seven.  If I am home on the weekend, I spend Friday night, concocting plans for Saturday.  Saturday would be spent cooking.  I had chili for Daddy, spaghetti for Mama, Soup and navy beans for all of us, which still includes Kyle.  I wanted a cake and so I  would share that too.     ( I always want a cake.)

The early morning shower passed and the sun came out, brightly and soon it was hot.  I decided to wash linens and the dog beds, which required the line.  I washed floors while the stove earned its’ keep.  I kept a steady pace and little by little and inch by inch, some of this too big farmhouse, was looking like it ought to.  I did call Brant and Sydney, to hear the latest updates on Ryan.  He will be two weeks old tomorrow and I do not know how we ever got a long without him.


I am not sure when the gumption left me.  I do know it was before I made the cake. I talked to Jenny. Tres was with her as the reunion, that she and Will were attending, was just south of Wilmington.  Tres met them at the hotel with ice cream, which pleased Lyla and Brynn.

I did get a slight second wind and was at least able to get the kitchen cleaned and put all the laundry away.   . . and I did concoct another plan.  I plan on making that cake tomorrow.




23 thoughts on “A Tempest in a Teapot

  1. Goodness you should be my neighbor. You cook…I haven’t got a slight interest in doing that …in a long time. But….things will change since we have decided to have a grand occasion on Thanksgiving this year to celebrate life and in memory of my dad who passed a couple of week ago. I wonder if the stove still works?

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    1. dear Beverly, I had no idea about your daddy’ passing. He finally got to go home, as he wanted. I am sure you have a lot emotions all mixed up now. How is your mom? and your sister? How are you? Oh I would love to be your neighbor! love Michele

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  2. A healing back and then on to all the chores – hope you have not done yourself in again. I have had vertigo for 10 days and have not left the house or done a thing. But when I straighten up – I will overdo again and probably do myself in. Ha Take it easier my dear.

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    1. I am guilty as well of the same thing. I am trying to slow down though, for this last time was the worst it has ever been.! I was 24 the first time it happened! That was a looong time ago. may we both be sensible! haha! thank you friend!

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  3. I totally understand feeling blue after leaving children and grandchildren. Mine live 4 hours away and it is too far! I really wish my grandchildren would live closer to each other so they could form that bond that I had with my cousins.

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  4. It’s so hard when our children don’t live nearby, and even harder when our grandchildren don’t! Your feelings are perfectly natural. Heck, my son lives ten minutes away, and yet I’ve still been feeling sorry for myself because I haven’t seen him lately!

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  5. Line drying clothes is ecologically sound. If you have the indoor space, then enjoy it and dont ever fix the drier.
    It sounds to me like you need to slow down and take stock of what is really important to you. I only dare advise as I am facing early retirement due to ill health and it has made me face up to what I am able to do and to look forward cheerfully to what I still love. Make time for yourself.
    Much love xx

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    1. I am so sorry to hear you have some health problems and pray it is not serious. I am happy you can retire from the rat race and live in your garden as you please. One of the reasons that I want to downsize is to have more time to pursue my passion and loves . . .my family. Best wishes and please keep me updated on your health-I will be praying. love Michele


  6. England is very small by American standards, but travel issues and traffic can make even relatively short journeys tiresome. I find it hard to get motivated to travel the 140 miles to see friends and family left behind in and around London after I moved here.
    They also find it wearisome to contemplate travelling up here to see me. I know how you feel about not seeing people like we used to. At one time, all my family lived in just three local streets, and we could see each other’s front doors from the corner.
    Everyone congregated at my Grandma’s grocery shop, or around her house at weekends.
    Those days have been long gone, since the late 1970s.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. When i was a kid, it was bothersome to have an adult around every corner-to make sure you behaved well. I had so many to be accountable to. Now, I feel how treasured I was to have a tribe of people who loved me. Sounds as if you did too. So good for us. Thank Goodness, I still have cousins, my parents fairly close by. Well, I am happy you dropped by the rabbitpatch-really the diary of my simple life-but a happy one. thank you Michele

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  7. I really love this tale of the everyday things in your life; it is a comforting story, and one many of us have likely lived through too. I know I have. When it would snow, I used to hang the baby t-shirts over the stove above it to get dry until one day one caught on fire. I got it out in time, thank heavens, but I sure was reminded of how essential it is when I made makeshift places to dry things that it would not be where there was a fire hazard! Loved reading this. Thank you most kindly.

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  8. Leaving the family is always hard, you remind me of my mum when she leaves after a visit or after we leave Italy.In the days immediate after the departure there is always an hint of melancholy in her voice and I always feel inevitable guilty to live so far away, but I suppose that’s life.💗

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