Dear Diary, That is Enough

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A lot happened on Saturday at the rabbitpatch.  First of all, there was not a single  branch left on the territory, by the time the sun set.  Even the little pasture, is better off than it was.  Oh how good it felt, to see some order restored.  While I was cleaning the yard, something was cooking at every hour.  By the end of the day, Mama, Daddy and Kyle, would have supper every night of the week. 

Mama tends to Daddys’ every need, ignoring her own.  At least, she will not have to worry about supper and Kyle . . . well, he is working long hours and not about to have a slow cooked anything for his supper.  It doesn’t hurt one bit, that he is always so very grateful, either.  When Christian came in, he had several choices for supper and clean sheets on his bed.

In light of all that, I did not disturb a single cobweb on Saturday.


Mama told me on Saturday night, that the remnants of a storm from Florida, would arrive early Sunday morning.  She was right, for it was raining before five am.  It turns out, that it was a good thing that I hung laundry and did the yard work on Saturday.  The rain and light wind made it the perfect morning to sleep, but I sprang out of bed like I was in my youth!  This time, I would listen to  every verse of the “Water Music” and watch the darkness give way to a silvery morning.  . .and take my own sweet time, about it.   At daybreak, I looked out  the window, by my “morning table”.    There were a few fallen branches hither and yonder.  I had to laugh.

I made coffee and had a large slice of homemade bread smothered in butter, and listened to the rain.  It was a time of serenity, for me.

As much as I write about the value of work . . .well the same can be said about rest too.  There is more information available, now than ever before, to mankind.  The news is full of heartbreak and discord.  There is always some sort of fear, too.  Most everyday, a new one .  There are dire predictions, which give us something more to worry about.  Under such circumstances, we must make a gallant effort to defend ourselves from the bombardment of  “doom and gloom”.  We must  take rest.  We must find solace.

For me, this means focusing on what does not change . . .what does not threaten.   It is for this reason I am apt to linger under stars.  it is next to impossible, for a star to provoke fear, after all.  . .and since old trees do not quarrel, they make for good company.  More than ever, we ought to all ramble on occasion, whether it is by a “laughing river” or an old field, or down a sidewalk . . . without any specific purpose.    It never ceases to amaze me, that  happening upon  a patch of wild violets, can work such wonders, for the spirit.  The world is bigger now than it ever was and solitude is more valuable now, than ever.  

I have had such habits since I was just a child.  They probably were fostered by not having something  or someone to entertain me, every waking moment..  In those days, I was liable to climb a tree and sit for a while or sit on the pasture gate.  I walked through the fields, while Mama cooked supper .  I  did not count my steps nor worry about my heart rate  . . or wear headphones. There were no cell phones to stare at, either.   . . so I did not miss the songs of the woodland birds nor  the “golden apples of the sun”.   I had no idea that such a practice would become a part of me.  Nowadays, I need this “balancing act” as much as I  still need supper, on any given day.  


An old bridge, on the way to work is being replaced.  It is my route to work. Reports say it will be spring, before the road is opened.  There is a delightful, winding country road that loops around the area of construction.  It adds a couple of extra miles to the commute, but the scenery is charming.  I left a few minutes early today to compensate., for the beautiful, extra miles. 

It wasn’t but just a few minutes later, that I was waiting  to turn on the familiar road that led to the school.  All of sudden, I heard the dreaded sound of screeching tires and then the deafening sound and jolt of impact.  I was stunned.  The shock of it all rendered me in a state and it took a few minutes before, I regained enough sense to move the car off the road.  Authorities showed up and the process started.  The young driver, at fault was scared and shaken.  Her car was in shambles.  She apologized and was so sorry.  I reminded her that we were both  spared and how grateful I was for that.   I cried with her, for her youth convinced her that this was an insurmountable problem. 

I had not even looked at the back of my car.  I drive an older model, Toyota.  Tres had given me the car a few years back. 

Several of her family members came and I was glad for her, but suddenly, I wished that somebody was there that loved me . . .and instantly, I heard my name being called.  A former neighbor had seen me and stopped to help me however she could.  I had watched Sarah grow up and her parents, had practically carried me through the death of my husband.  Someone that loved me did show up.

I finally mustered the courage to look at the car and I had to stare to comprehend what i saw . . .not a scratch  hardly!  I could drive away, after all.  Even the patrolman was  speechless.

Of course, once the word was out in my clan,  I was given a stern talking to from my children, for not being checked out at the hospital and Tres wants the car checked out by an expert, just in case there is some hidden damage.  . .and I know it is sound advice.  There may very well be some crack in something important, looming in my future.  

There is another twist to the story.  For several weeks, and mostly when I was driving, I kept hearing the sound of an impact.  It happened at least a half dozen times.  At some point, it spooked me, but  I never said a word.  Even so, I was caught “off guard”, when it really occurred, though very oddly,  I knew I had been prepared and so I did not panic.

Things like this have happened before, to me and to Christian, too.  I suspect it happens to a lot of people.  Now, scientific minds that thrive on proof, may dismiss such things.  I hardly claim to be “holy”, but I do declare  this. . .  God does work in mysterious ways.  I do not need to understand everything nor have some sensible explanation . . . and very rarely, do I have a clue as to what is happening next .  . . . but I know Who does – and that is enough. 








38 thoughts on “Dear Diary, That is Enough

  1. I’m so relieved no one was hurt and that your car seems to be undamaged! Having once been slammed into (on the empty passenger side, thank goodness) at full speed on the highway by a drunk driver (not his first offence, and he ended up getting off scott free), I know how scary it must have been for you. Your forbearance with the young woman who hit you is remarkable; I wouldn’t have been so forgiving. Again, so glad you’re okay!

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  2. God prepared you for the sound of that impact! I am full of awe that you could comfort the girl, because many people would have fallen apart. That’s marvelous that you were not hurt and amazing that the car might have escaped, too.

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  3. So glad no one was hurt in the accident. It is nice to enjoy rest and engage in work that is rewarding when it is done. Your post kept my full attention as I read every word. God bless you friend.


  4. Praise and thanks to God!
    You and the other girl are safe!
    Your sharing is so uplifting.

    ‘God does work in mysterious ways. I do not need to understand everything nor have some sensible ‘explanation . . .

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  5. I also liked
    ‘Under such circumstances, we must make a gallant effort to defend ourselves from the bombardment of  “doom and gloom”.  We must  take rest.  We must find solace’

    In quietness , we gain insight !
    God inspires!!!

    Thank you Michelle

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  6. What a day! Glad no one was hurt and your car escaped damage. Also was impressed with the way you reacted to the young girl who hit your car. Not long ago, I happened to witness a very different scene. Fortunately, I wasn’t involved. There was a fender-bend in town, and the woman whose car was hit was screaming obscenities. The other woman was huddled in her own car. Her head was down and she was clutching the steering wheel. Of course no one likes to have their car hit, but that kind of ugliness just makes the world an uglier place. Bravo to you!

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  7. You have an angel watching over you Michele. I have had some prescient experiences in my life and still was not prepared for the actual event when it occurred. I am so glad you are safe and sound and so is the young driver. You have a helper’s heart and she needed one at that moment. God Bless.

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    1. Believe me, I have been horribly shocked many times and sadly, will be again, but this time there was a reason and it may have been for that young girl! Still, I will not discount my Angel- And I invite more of them! And for you too! thank you love, Michele

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  8. So glad to hear you are okay Michele! I am also glad that God prepared you to be His witness of love that day. The young girl will never forget that you were gracious to her and that you were Jesus “with skin on”.
    I, too, love to sit and be quiet and watch the trees and everything outdoors. It kind of resets my mind for what is ahead.

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    1. thank you Faye. I am still praying for that frightened child-she was only seventeen. I do not care why that accident happened, God spared her too and that means something to me. You would have felt the same way. Sit and watch this beautiful place and may you never fail to see something beautiful, friend. I love you-Michele

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  9. I second the notion that fear-mongering is coming at us from every direction.
    Even my favorite nature magazines now spend much (or most) of their energy on the plights of the world; habitat loss, global warming, species extinctions. It seems the only respite is escape from it all.

    I hate to think the youngster may have been looking at her cell phone instead of the road ahead. If that’s the case, I am glad, for this will be a powerful lesson for her. Now we can know she’s less likely to do so, and this may have saved her life from a high-speed crash.

    All my best,


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    1. This is exactly what I meant about fear. Someday, I will force myself to think about curtains just to survive ! haha! We share the same thoughts on the young driver. Also, I remind myself to be more careful, for I have been distracted too, sadly. x Michele

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  10. So glad to hear that everything turned out well for you Michele – despite the “stern talking to”. Thank you Lord for keeping your hand on my “still-to-meet-in-person” friend! 🙂

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  11. Yes, life is indeed mysterious Michele and there’s often no explanation except for perhaps some divine intervention. I’m so glad no one was hurt.
    Your post was such a joy to read, your ramblings, the peace and solace in nature and in your words. Stay well and I wish you a happy November. xx

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