Abiding Faithfully . . .on the Rabbitpatch

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There are no “coming and goings” at the rabbitpatch, not any “Sunday dinners” nor any visits with the grandchildren, to write about in the diary.  We are all home, Kyle, Christian and I , working together, and carefully monitoring the pantry.  I did go out once, to the empty school to get my plants.  We stopped by my parents to give them a few supplies, but we stayed in the yard and blew kisses when we left.

Thankfully, the rural county where we live does not report many cases of the epidemic, sweeping the land, but we abide faithfully on the rabbitpatch, for really, the whole thing did start with just one case, after all.

The “news” at the rabbitpatch, is that the bluebells are blooming and the azaleas are planning to shortly.  The last few days have been so windy, that just walking around the territory makes you feel battered.  I do not know how the tender blossoms stay fastened . . but they do.


On this morning, the dawn was bright.  The wind was light, gently stirring the young, jade leaves of the sycamores.  Maybe, the boys will mend the picket fence today and I will resume spring cleaning.  I did finish, the kitchen, but a toothache, rendered me quite unproductive yesterday.  A toothache is an awful thing.  I spent most of the day rinsing with salt water . . and sleeping.  I did not lay a finger on the vacuum or any dust rags.  Later, I decided it really could be a sinus infection. All I knew was that the side of my face was swollen and hurt everywhere . I prayed no one else, in the whole world, would get a toothache or a sinus infection, most especially now in the midst of the current situation.

One day, I made a “tandy cake”.  I had not made one in several years.  It is one of Kyles’ favorites, so he was glad that I sacrificed two sticks of butter and several eggs , on this behalf.  

I have always been a thrifty person.  I was taught in youth not to be wasteful and my elders proved this belief by their practices.  It has stuck with me all of my life.  Now, more than ever, I am glad this comes naturally, but never before, have I thought twice about making a cake.  The fact that I did, speaks volumes.

I suppose we are all thinking twice, these days . . .about a lot of things.  I wonder what things will linger.  An event of this significance surely warrants great consideration.  The experts do not predict this to be a quick race, after all.  

When I was young, I remember, being taught “not to drink after anybody, unless they were family.”  Of course, this included a gaggle of cousins. . .but apparently we did not have “germs”, in our family.  In those days, anyway, if we were thirsty, we went to the water hose and passed it to one another.  I shudder to think at how much dirt we ate.     In the afternoon, there was always a “break” on the farm, observed by everyone. I shared my cookie with my dog, without a bit of hesitation. If I dropped the cookie, I brushed the ants off and finished eating it, quite merrily.

Now, I am wondering when we will ever be unsuspecting of anywhere public.  . . or if we will ever touch a shopping cart, bare handed, comfortably.  Will we truly come out of this unscathed?  That seems unlikely. I thought about these things, while in the “Quiet Garden”  as I was trying to save a climbing rose from a greedy, and uninvited privet bush.


I miss having geraniums to plant now . . .I miss  the casual trips to the grocery  . . but most of all, I miss visits with the grandchildren!  Lyla has her “golden birthday” on Sunday.  She will be five years old!  Ryan has cut his first tooth-and Brynn has learned to say “ice cream”.  I just miss everybody.

I am accustomed to solitude . . .and seek it daily.    . .but I am so very glad to have Kyle and Christian here.  Hardly even a car passes by the rabbitpatch, these days.  The rambling old house, affords us plenty of space and there is no lack of things to do. Christian plays his guitar and piano, composes music, writes and paints.  Kyle has been doing repairs and I am learning how to attend “zoom” meetings and give remote lessons, besides writing and reading . . .and traipsing the territory.  One day, I saw a farmer in a distant field and realised I had not  even seen a neighbor in any yard, in a long while.  It was very comforting to see the farmer going about  usual business and doing it in a familiar way.                                             a5388adabbb09dcf70a61173bf3d4c02

The day of Lylas’ fifth birthday dawned fair.  It reminded me of the Sunday she was born.  That was the first time, that the youngest dogwood bloomed at the rabbitpatch. Lyla would not have a big party, this year.  She did invite a doll, a stuffed kitten and a stuffed bunny.  Jenny went all out on decorations and a fancy cake,as a consolation.  As much as Lyla loves parties, Jenny said all went well, and that Lyla was content with her “golden birthday” celebration.

Just a few short weeks ago, I was there.  We had big plans for a long weekend gathering, in April.  I thought school would be closed a couple of weeks and thought how lovely it would be, to walk by that laughing river, as often as I pleased.  I planned a trip to Wake Forest to have some time with Ryan.  

Now, I knew, before this crisis, that “plans” are often futile.  We simply can not plan, for what we do not see coming.  I did not see this coming-not to this extent.  Of all the things, I imagined the future could hold, a pandemic was not one of them.  I do not care, how old we are, we “have not seen everything.”  

At least for now, my family is well and adhering to the policies in place, with great fortitude.  I have even learned how to order groceries on line and simply drive to the grocery and wait for someone to put them in the car -and just leave!  You can order, all you want, but do not bank on getting all of your list.  Still, what a wonderful service and much more safe than entering the store.

Daddy has not had many good days, these last few weeks.  Mama and I talk off and on all day, but she has had a lot to shoulder.  My  own two week quarantine, ends officially tomorrow, and  though I will continue to observe isolation, from people and public places, I  do hope to visit my parents.  


While I was away …all this happened!

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34 thoughts on “Abiding Faithfully . . .on the Rabbitpatch

  1. So glad we all have social media to connect with our loved ones. I have not been able to visit with my daughter and her family or my church family. This is a sad time. Hang in there – we will all make it through this if we keep to ourselves. So glad you are not alone on the rabbit patch.

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  2. Those pictures of your beautiful grandchildren made me smile. So very sorry you can’t visit them. I know just what you mean about thinking twice before making a cake. I am doing the same thing with our supplies. We are down to our last pound of butter, and I want to make it last as long as possible. Every scrap of food is kept track of and considered. Glad you will be able to visit your parents. And, alas, yes, this is a marathon, not a sprint. I did see it coming, but I never imagined it to be this bad. Stay safe, be well!

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  3. Well …one thing is sure…when we do get to meet our “new” grands we will be amazed at how much they have grown and changed and how very much they have missed us too.
    I think all of this is a bunch of bunk but we don’t really have a choice but to conform and pray we all come out still a free American country. God is certainly getting our attention.

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    1. I like the way you put it Faye- God is certainly getting our attention- just last week, I watched on TV how people in the UK( which is a non-church going nation now) were participating in church services online. I was enthralled.
      When I was in the US, I was struck by the large number of beautiful churches on the Yale campus but so few attendees in each of them.

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  4. Thanks for sharing the sweet pictures of the grand babies 😊 These are times we count our blessings ❤️ Stay safe and be well, my friend 🙏🏻


  5. We are also abiding Michele. I do have a hint for you to check if your toothache is sinus or indeed a toothache. Hang your head upside down by bending forward. If it is sinus that will pound in your teeth like crazy.
    Also if it is teeth and your face is swelling it is probably abscessed and you might want to call for antibiotics as that can be a bit dangerous. For the pain you can put ground clove in the tooth or clove EO. Clove is a numbing thing and does help for a bit. Can you tell I used to work at a dental office? LOL.
    I hope it gets better soon!

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    1. I used to work for an orthodontist! I do use clove oil-the pain is better, for I had antibiotics-what a miserable time. I do believe now it was a tooth. I will remember that tip though. Salt is wonderful too. We keep finding things in common. I love it! Stay safe and well dear friend . . .and snow? wow! It is spring here. love Michele


  6. I can hardly believe Lyla is turning five already. How that time has flown!

    I’m thinking lately about how much these “new days” resemble the old days.
    When things were tight and we used sparingly.
    When visits elsewhere were not so commonplace, their rarity increasing the excitement.
    When folks spent more time at home, and did things like clean the yard and bake, and found ways to busy or entertain ourselves..
    In keeping with the situation, there is solemnity for those affected gravely, however there seems also to be a subtle bright side to all this slowing down, staying home, maintaining correspondence.

    For the toothache, I recommend whiskey. Put a shot in your mouth and hold it on the affected area and it will dull the pain. Swallow afterward. Repeat as necessary until you don’t care if you even have teeth.

    All my best,


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    1. Scott-if there was a ever a time to drink whiskey, it was then! I am better now. I had antibiotics thankfully. The pain and swelling are gone. It was an awful time. Yes, Lyla s five now-such a hallmark to me. I can not believe it. Ryan is trying to walk! It will be a while, but that is hard to believe too! Daddy is doing poorly, so I will go today, now that I have been through the two week very strict quarantine, to stay for a while. I have thought , like you, about some of the “old ways”. In all this tragedy, maybe we will learn something. Take to the woods every chance you get and stay well, dear one. love Michele

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  7. Your writing and your pictures brought such a serenity to my heart. Thank you, Michele. I’ve been in isolation (except when I go to the parks) for close to 5-6 weeks now. I just followed my Inner Guidance and played it safe. I’m so relieved to hear all of your family are well and healthy. Thank God!
    I too question what we globally will be like when all this is over. Will we be a world of OCD’ers washing our hands until they crack, wearing gloves to do the grocery shopping, hesitating before we hug someone, never ceasing to think about germs? I never was germophibic before, but now? I am. I look at what is transpiring and my soul shudders knowing the world as we knew it is forever gone.
    I pray for your toothache to abide. I pray you do not have to go to your dentist at a time like this. Take good care of you, Michele. All this will pass and hopefully this world will be a better place for it! Much love to you! xo

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      1. I am SO relieved to hear your toothache is better, Michele! Good for you taking care of it. I am seeing from all this incomprehensible mess, that people are not so willing to run to a doctor every time they get a sniffle or have an ache. I believe in the curative powers of herbs and alternative medicines, and it seems, people are learning (rightfully so!) how to take care of themselves instead of giving medicine all the power to treat them. An alternative to antibiotics is Colloidal Silver. If you want to know the brand I use, just ask. Personally I’ve not had much luck with it but my cats have. Just passing this info on to you! Have a great day!!! xo


      2. thank you Amy-I ave never tried the silver, but am quite interested. I use oregano oil-oh it tastes awful!! A tooth ache is MISERY!! I love to hear anything you use. love Michele


      3. Oregano oil I agree does taste terrible! As for the colloidal silver I use …. It’s called Sovereign Silver and can yes be found on Amazon. What I like about this brand it comes in a GLASS bottle.
        As I flossed by teeth last night, I made sure I did so slowly and carefully. Thinking of you, I said to myself I do NOT need to go to a dentist now. Oh yes anything associated with teeth is painful …. so many nerve endings are involved. At times when I have nasal congestion that is really bad, my upper teeth just ache. I get it. Love, Amy

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  8. Great post, ma’am.
    Happy birthday Lyla.
    Happy new tooth, little boy and hope you enjoy lots of icecream, baby Brynn.
    I am glad the Rabbit patch gives you so much to do.
    The shopping carts have always been a thing of contention for me, and though I use it every time I go to the shops, I have always looked askance at them.
    I have eaten a lot of dirt too and eaten street food in tropical countries with perhaps some flies having sat on them( though I didn’t see them). I guess we should be thankful for all those moments when we were exposed to that sort of “dirt” and “filth” for I am convinced they provide us protection now- God plans everything so much in advance, so when things hit us, we know not to buckle over.
    With prayers for all of you,
    PS, why are you in quarantine

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      1. We did a self imposed “quarantine, because Kyle came to stay two weeks ago-That ended today so I am going to my parents to stay-Daddy is not doing well. I just wanted to be safe as I could. We will still remain strictly isolated. People do not adhere as carefully as they should, but I will say in our little community, folks do try. I love you friend-Michele

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    1. Yes! I agree! God does have plans for us. Everyone in the us is to practice isolation and are told to stay home. However my son Kyle came here to stay two weeks ago, so we did a self imposed 2 week strict isolation to make sure -especially since I care for jy parents. Thank you dear and stay well! love Michele

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  9. Such a lovely post…. Like you Michele I wonder about when we will be able to hug again or sit with family casually not having to think of how close we are to them….. things that were so natural.

    I read a post today from another blogger and she spoke so beautifully about trusting in the Lord during this time quoting Psalm 91: 3-6 I won’t print it all out but it was so apropos… Anyway, hope you are feeling better soon. Diane xxx

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    1. Here, we are all staying in-at least my family. The cases are low here, but I can not take a chance with my parents. I can not imagine city life just now. Groceries are limited too. I miss my children and grand kids-but we are in close contact. Pray for the world and stay safe. love Michele

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  10. I am glad you are safe and getting used to being in. We have been home for a month now and the death toll here in eastern France has been so bad I worry that normal life will ever resume. It is hard not to be fearful, but the sunshines, the cat purrs and we have to have faith! 🌞

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  11. Another nice story that paints a perfect picture of our odd lifestyles at this very strange time. During ‘9/11’ the airplanes were absent from the sky. Now, and probably forever, handshakes are gone, unless you’re a brave person with 6 foot arms. Once again, I feel at home with your stories and the pictures were a bonus. Happy Easter! (How’s the toothache?)


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