May, the “Sweetest Month”


 A fair  morning, when the birds are singing and little blossoms are making promises . . .and a soft breeze sweeps the territory  . . .beckons to me  -to linger, there in it.  The yard is a bit uncivilized now, for it has not been mowed in weeks.  I love the wildness .   I may be the only one, that does, but some how the wildflowers that that spring up, seem grateful and glad, that I dare to let them bloom.    The only things, I really quarrel with are poison ivy and thorned vines. 

In the evenings, I have been spotting the first of the rabbit community, appearing.  They are a skittish lot and likely to startle me, darting from under a garden bench.  The boxer is on high alert and bravely defends me .  He has never harmed a one of them, but chases them playfully, back to the young woods, that the rabbits call “home”.  There are fireflies too. 

June has always been the time of fireflies.  Country folks take notice of such things.  These last few years , things seem to bloom and grow “out of season”.  . .and it seems the peach tree is easily fooled.  I can not blame the lovely peach tree,  nor the fireflies, for I  think, that time flies whether you are having fun or not.



Now I do not measure time,  by keeping up with minutes.  I like to do things til, I am finished or do things “for a while”. A sundial would be the best clock for me.  I know, by shadows when early morning, isn’t “early” anymore. ..and they also tell me when to start supper.  Of course I spent my childhood outside and so such things are quite natural to me.  I keep track of the calendar, for the bill collectors are  reliable folks.  And now . . .all of a sudden, “they say -” it is May!

May is called “the sweetest month”.  I am fickle, but for now I declare it is so.  The iris blooms and the cape jasmine will soon follow.  The birds sing merrily in the morning and the fragrance of the  wild privet fills the air.  Clover is starting to bloom .  I love the sweet, green scent of clover.  May is a wonderful time to bring a baby home, too.  My own Tres was born in May, on a mild, bright Sunday morning.   I could not wait for the sun to shine on him and  so we stood for a while, in the sunlight of May, before we went in the house.  I always remember that in May.


The rabbitpatch  territory is almost tidy!  Every day, I do a chore or two.  The tasks range from trimming the roses in the “Quiet Garden”.  to stacking tin and yes, cutting vines, AGAIN.  I have stepped in fire ants (several times), and have scratches from thorns, everywhere.  Still, the rabbitpatch looks “tended” and I declare it may have been the geraniums, that sparked my heart, to even begin!  

I was shocked, when my sister, Delores, mentioned that “Mothers’ Day”, was this Sunday.  I should have known, for I had noticed my “Mothers’ Day” rose is loaded with blossoms, ready to unfurl, at any moment.  I have had this  “wild ” rose for almost a decade.  Peggy, a friend and neighbor, of Mama, saw it growing on a ditch bank, on her farm and sent it to me.  Every year, the bush,  I named “Miss Peggy” blooms profusely . . on Mothers’ Day.  How lovely, it looks on the old plcket fence, with its’ tendrils spilling on to the grass, splashing pink blossoms, like a joyful fountain.


Hence, Delores’ announcement, we have plans to celebrate our Mama, on Sunday.  I do hope, we will “brighten her day” for the last few weeks, have been like none before them, for her.  She puts forth a gallant effort, but she has lost “the love of her life” – a love affair, that lasted sixty four years altogether.  In addition, Mama has had to face all the” business” , that comes with someone, dying . . in the “foreign”ways to her, of  this modern world – and the corona virus even complicates that.  Can you imagine, marrying the boy, that you crushed on, when you were fourteen?  You move from your parents’ home, to marry him, a few short years later-and think how the world has changed since 1958.  You are married for 62 years-and for the first time ever, you live alone.   . .well. that story, belongs to Mama, 

I think all us feel like a part of us has “gone missing”.  You feel “lacking” in some indescribable way.    I told Jenny, that it seems like our family, has been  “fractured”.  Still, though . . .I have a peace -“that does pass understanding”. 


A lot of people are having a difficult time with isolation.  Let me be clear-that I miss my grandchildren .  I have enough chores here to keep me busy. I love the grocery pick up, for I can still cook.  I love to read and I am doing on line puzzles, which require a deep concentration for someone as inept as I am with puzzles.  The boxer and I spend more time together than ever  and clothes are not put in the dryer.  Supper is never rushed -and there is always something blooming on the territory.  I like solitude, in general. . .   and, I do not feel alone in the midst of trees, nor a flock of sparrows. The old field is good company and I greet the clouds as they pass over, and wonder where they have been. These habits were natural to me, as a child and have remained with me . . .I do have a rose bush named “Peggy”, after all.

It is a good thing, that I am odd, in this way, for a rural setting does not  come with sidewalks full of dog walkers and strolling couples.  If by chance, there is a siren, then folks stop what they are doing, for we are not used to commotion.

Of course, country dwellers do have large landscapes and big skies.  I can not imagine how I would fare cooped up in a third story apartment.   . .nor owning a small business, in such times.  . . nor having no one to miss seeing.  So, I can not complain.  . .most especially in the company of sparrows . . .and “Peggy” blooming her heart out.



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24 thoughts on “May, the “Sweetest Month”

  1. My goodness, Lyla is a breathtaking beauty!
    And the other two right behind!

    I remember not long after my mother died, someone who had walked the path the year before told me “It’s like a little of the light has gone out of the world.”

    Indeed, she was a bright shining spot in my life.
    The feeling ebbs with time and tide, until we remember we are never really in the dark.
    Even the deepest night is aglow with light from the heavens.

    Take care Rabbit,


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    1. thank you Scott. I know you had a wonderful mother. I guess we will always miss those that loved us so tenderly-and knew us so thoroughly. I still miss my maternal grandmother, who died when I was ten. That proves the significance of love, I think. Isn’t it beautiful to think of? I love your heart, Scott. Michele

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  2. Oh Rabbit…we are sisters from different Mothers. My Mothers Day rose is fixing to pop in full bloom by Sunday I’m sure. It too was a wild rose moved from the road to the side fence. Sometimes it needs a really good trim before the guys can mow…without getting cut from head to toe. And the day lilies are moving from bud to bloom at the same time . Spring may be having trouble in the temp. cat. but the flowers have said…We are on.
    I thought of your Mother this morning. My cousin’s husband just passed and she is having a difficult time. They were best friends and I know from my own experience how hard it is put in mind that your best friend has moved to another land .They say time heals all wounds but not really. The grass just grows around the edge of the hole and sometimes we tumble into the hole when least expected..
    As for this virus thing…I’m getting hopping mad .We have been sold a bill of goods that just stinks of control. Of course I am sorry for the people who are sick and especially those who have left and couldn’t say good-by …but enough is enough and it is time to do something different…Like give our grands a great big hug.

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  3. Thanks for the kind mentioning of Mom, Miss Peggy
    . I do think about Mr. Earl alot. He was a sweet man. I miss seeing your mom. And I sure miss my mom and dad.

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    1. How wonderful to hear from you!! Your mom and dad are part of some my fondest memories. I always loved going to your house. Your mom gave me all sorts of things when I moved here-and your dad made me a bat house! I am glad you visited and now you know that I remember Miss Peggy. love Michele Darlene


  4. Your descriptions of the rabbitpatch and garden delight me. Thank you. My life is very different. I live in a third storey apartment, and never feel cooped up because from our lovely balcony we have views of an enormous sky, trees to the horizon and from here we can see my daughter’s house. Half a block from the outside door there are beautiful parks. I thought I’d miss the garden we left but at 82 we are content with our little citrus trees, a few herbs and a pot or two of pansies.

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  5. As always, you weave peace around us, and we are blessed.

    You have fireflies??? I don’t think we’ll have them for quite a while, but maybe my memory is faulty.

    Your grandchildren are stunning. Thanks for those darling photos of them. Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mother.

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  6. May is my fav month, not for our wedding anniversary nir because it’s my birth month. No, it’s my fav month for all the way you describe it, beautifully. Everything is truly coming to life in May. And I must say I’m inspired by your attitude toward life, no rushing it, let it come to you. Enjoyed this posting very much.

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  7. You weave the most beautiful stories of the rabbit patch. I myself love living in the country and I have several beautiful roses growing on the fence. I remember my mother’s sorrow when my father died. It was something she could not accept after 62 years of marriage. She is gone now, but I still miss both of my parents. I love the rose named Peggy – since that is my name. Perhaps I should name my bushy red rose by the corner of the house Peggy. Always love your wonderful stories of the. Your grandchildren are precious little souls.

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      1. My mother missed my father when he died – it is hard to spend so many years together and then your partner in life is gone in an instant. Yes, we will see those we love again one day and that helps. Hugs and prayers for your mama and your family.


  8. Dear Michele, my internet woes have kept me from the patch and I see that in the meantime, you’ve lost ‘daddy’. I’m so very sorry to read that news after the fact… I haven’t even been through the other posts yet to get a sense of the timeline. What is a timeline really, in the face of such a long history of life & love? I always love the way you refer to your parents with such tenderness. I pray the Lord comfort you all on the days when that’s necessary… Sincere condolences friend.

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  9. We who live in the country are lucky to have the solitude and the continuity of the seasons surrounding us at this difficult time. I have felt blessed that way since this virus challenge started. In our household we are doubly blessed to not have to work yet our retirement income stays the same, and to live in a house that is paid for.
    Your poor dear Mama. I married my fourteen year old crush also. How difficult this transition must be for her. I hope she doesn’t feel isolated like so many elderly do right now. Hope your Mother’s Day with her is good medicine. xox

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    1. We are both so blessed. I feel the same way. How nice you ask about Mama. Thank you-she does have a few of us close family members, who are extra cautious and so we visit. I so hope all is well with you-and how wonderful that you married your crush!

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  10. I’m glad you are there to cheer up your poor mother. I can’t imagine how hard it must be on her to lose her life partner and true love. I hope you are able to comfort each other in your loss.
    And yes, I do think that the shelter at home orders are much easier on those who live in rural areas, because their day to day life isn’t so very different. I’m so glad I have my house and my yard, and any thought I ever had of retiring into a condo have gone out the window! Take care, Michele, and happy Mother’s Day!

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