A Sweet Reunion and Some Sorrow


With school starting on Monday, I had a nice long visit planned to Elizabeth City.  I left on Thursday.  It had seemed like “a month of Sundays” since I had been last. 
Before I knew it, I was in the  quiet village by the laughing river. The crepe myrtles were blooming along the streets and the magnolias  still had blooms, though they were sparse.  I was sad to see the place by the old bridge where the  “lemonade stand” used to be, was vacant – but of course, things are different now.   
 Lyla and Brynn danced around for ten minutes. when I came in.  . . I did too.  Lyla told me her heart had “nearly cracked” due to my long absence.


 Every day was sultry with showers that popped up  in the blink of an eye.  One day, Lyla and I made brownies.  One day, Lyla asked to listen to Andrea Bocelli  and that made my heart fill with gladness. . . and one day, Lyla and I took a walk.   It was hot in the sunshine, but there was a good breeze, and in the shade, it was delightful.  We stopped to visit with Tres and later ended up at our rock.  Several little boys were fishing for “snakes and sharks” there, so we  did not dare interrupt that business.   Lyla said the river was happy, that day .  .. and  she was right.  Oh, how good  such golden moments  are. 
Now little Brynn, is a lovely, cherub like child.  She too, loves dolls and her kitchen.  Besides that, she is as busy as can be discovering all sorts of things.  She scampers by at an endearing trot ,with curls bouncing, on some mission or another  -and quite merrily.  She is liable to be anywhere, but if the gate to the stairs is unlocked. . . well, she heads north!   and so  there is , a wild scramble amongst us and vows are made to do better with that gate.  When Brynn says “Honeybee”. . .  in that little tinkling voice . . I fall hopelessly, head over heels -again.  
Little Ryan is walking!  Sydney sent us videos, so we could see for ourselves.  Jenny and I were both moved to tears.  We could not decide, who was cuter Ryan or Brant, for the look on Brants’ face, was pure joy, when Ryan walked in to his arms.   How beautiful  it was to see . . and to share it with Jenny . . .and Tres was coming for supper.  What beauty, I have in life.
 I have heard that kings count their money in a storehouse.  I  would just as soon count my wealth, strolling by a “happy river” , for that is how I measure riches.  On paper. I may be a pauper . . . . but that is the only place.



Now, school starts on Monday, and I do have a job to return to.  My schedule is altered, so I will work from home some-and on campus other days too.  Most of my work will be outside, for I will do the usually end of the year dance semester, at the beginning.  This is the safest way to teach, I think.  I have been ransacking my closet for the coolest clothes to wear, as the August heat can be brutal.   I still need to look professional as I am quite old fashioned, on that subject, so what a quandary! 


Our beloved Champ died on Tuesday.  We knew he wasn’t well and would pass soon.  Tres and Christian, “Champs’ boys” were with him.  They buried him in the rose garden, (that I call the “Quiet Garden” , in memory of a favorite author of mine, Gladys Taber).  It was a somber day for all of us.  Champ finished his season, on this earth, leaving us all better off than we were, before him.  He was as loyal a dog as I have ever known. 
Christian has a makeshift studio in the oldest barn, and would practice at night, often quite late.  Champ would not come in the house, til Christian did . . .even if it were raining.  When Tres came home, Champ was beside himself with sheer happiness.  No matter, if Tres was engaged in conversation, or changing the oil in a truck, Champ would sit faithfully, with his eyes on my son. 
 We are a dog loving lot  and  so every one of us mourns along with Tres and Christian. 
True, faithful friends come to us, more seldom than we think.  Time has a way of teaching us this sad truth.  Champ never compromised one iota on his faithfulness.  If we failed him in any way, he did not hold it against us.  He loved in a  truly unconditional way, something  humans can rarely do, honestly.  Champ did a lot more than just being a “companion”. . .Champ was our friend.
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47 thoughts on “A Sweet Reunion and Some Sorrow

  1. Ah Michele, this post brought tears to my eyes. The love of little children is so precious and I love the stories you tell. I loved Lyla’s saying that her “heart nearly cracked” because you were gone for so long. So sorry to hear of the loss of Champ. Often there are dogs or cats in our lives that are just extra ordinary little pets – that break our hearts when they are gone. Good luck at school and try hard to keep yourself save from this covid-19. I will be praying for you as you begin working again. xoxoxo

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear about Champ. It sure sounds as if he never lacked love and care from his Humans – and returned it threefold. All the best luck and protection as you return to work.

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  3. I’m glad you had a lovely visit in Elizabeth City before school starts. That’s special that you want to be dressed property to teach. I’ll bet the students will remember that. Farewell to faithful Champ.

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      1. No worries – I’ve been behind too, though you are in my thoughts. The best friends are the ones you can connect with any time and find yourself in the same place you left off. much love, in lak’ech, Debra

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  4. Oh…I just finished reading Garth Stein’s book The Art of Racing in the Rain. It was a Readers Digest select some years back. The most beautiful dog story I have ever read. The dog,Enzo, is the narrator telling his story and it is a heart breaking love story. You will love it. Pleas find it.
    Now…about school starting. Don’t you think it should? There is so much confusion about it over here.Some of the public schools are trying to back out. I don’t know how parents can go back to work and have their kids home on distant learning. My grands are in private school and yes they started last week. Gabriel has already had his first football game (,5th grade no less.) Of course I missed it because they are telling us ‘old’ folks to stay out of sight still. It was out of town so I really didn’t mind but this whole situation is staying completely out of hand. I’m not sure where it will end but I am sure it will after the election. lol Do stay healthy and I do love you.

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    1. Dearest Beverly- I am soooo behind that I may not catch up this time. I do not know what to say about schools. right now we have lost the mayor, my friends husband, my Mamas; dear friend and her husband has it now -all in a week!! I am cautious . I know you pray for me and I for you. God bless you and yours. I had to get a new cell and a new number. I will call you with the same area code at least. thank you so much. I love you and am so glad we met.


  5. Oh my dear friend I love the stories you tell of your life . I’m so sorry about beloved Champ . I know the pain of losing a beloved pet . I wish we could’ve visited more while you were here . This stupid virus just makes life very hard on us old ladies . LOL !

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  6. Sorry to learn of your loss– pets are the best of friends and they never live long enough, imo. One always yearns for ‘one more day.’
    Your reunion with your family sounded wonderful – this pandemic has heightened our sense of appreciation and gratitude for the things that really matter.
    Best of luck for the semester ahead.

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      1. I think older teachers should be allowed to stay home.
        We Get an infrared thermometer to check kids temperature , get every class to wash their hands before you teach them and wear a mask always outside your home.

        We have to take this very seriously as teachers are now on the front line and the older you are the closer the front line is . Much love x

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  7. A nearly cracked heart… words of joy from grandchildren. I’m glad you were able to spend time with them. I’ll be thinking of you back to school. Sad news on Champ. Best to you, Michele.


  8. Walk on, Champ.
    Condolences to the family, and especially “his boys”.
    This is always one of our hardest lessons, and one of the most important and impactful.
    Cherished people or cherished pets, we are reminded again to do all we can, to love one another, to live and laugh, during those precious, finite living years.

    All my best,


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  9. I am so very sorry about Champ! I know that they become one more precious member of the family, and their loss is deeply felt. They truly are unconditionally loving and can teach us many lessons without any words…
    I hope you will all find comfort in the many happy memories to treasure and knowing that he had a happy life filled with love. You and your family have gone through a few dear losses over the last few months…
    There is a saying “when our loved ones pass on, they go from living among us to living inside of us”. My love and prayers, Amira ❤


  10. So sorry to hear about your beloved Champ. Had to wipe away a few tears. They are family, after all. I’m thrilled to hear you were able to spend more time in Elizabeth City with the grands before school started back up. I hope everyone can stay safe with the new protocols for school openings. These are some challenging times😷 We just completed our DIY remodel of the bathroom and bedroom and I am so relieved to have that done! It has been our full time project since February. Now we can enjoy the rest of the summer and my favorite season, Autumn 🍂 Be safe and take care, my friend 😊❤️

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  11. Aaah Michele…I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Champ. Dogs can hold such a special place in the hearts of a family. I am so glad to hear you were able to see your family…what a gift. I will keep you in prayer as you start this school year. Prayers for safety and the ability to adapt to whatever needs adapting too! Lotsa love from Iowa!

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  12. Michele, this brought tears to my eyes. Happy this was the first post I read this morning. Champ is a beautiful soul. Wonderful you had the opportunity to be with your family – I’m going to do the same in a few hours. Enjoy your week ahead.


  13. I’m so sorry I missed this post, Michele! And I’m so very sorry for your loss. I hope your memories of that dear, sweet dog will help. You’ve had a lot of grief this year, and I’ll be praying for you.

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  14. Dearest Rabbit….
    Things might change, the world turns continually, stuff happens but one thing is sure – your heart never changes.
    I feel your heart in every post, and know you from those posts. Each one is beautiful and each one teaches me about another tiny thing which lives within your heart.

    This post is as beautiful as the rest. The joy of grandchildren is incredible, and the memories of days past brings me to recall days gone by in my own life. I am so, so saddened to read of the loss of Champ. I know the pain caused by the passing of a faithful, four legged friend, so felt the sadness of the dismal cloud like heaviness in your heart. His body, (his overcoat) may have gone, but his spirit lives on.

    I’ve missed you sorely and am so very glad to be back in blogging land. Friends reside here, and I’ve missed them all because life simply got in the way. I’m so glad to be back in this land of fabulous people and feel blessed to be able to visit you again.
    Sending much love and many hugs ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. My dear dear friend-my heart leapt in joy to see this. I cried happy tears, for I have wondered where you were and if you were ok. I have never quit praying for you. I hope you know you were deeply missed and our fears grew as time passed. Beverly, Faye and I mentioned you over and over, for that is how much we love you. Hearing from you made this day especially beautiful. Welcome back and we must never lose touch again. love your very happy rabbit.!!!

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      1. Dearest Rabbit …. I’m so sorry that I caused you, and Beverly and Chicken so much concern. Please know that I love you all and I would never want to be the cause of worry to you all. I’m here, and I hope to stick around for a long time. However, if I can work out how to do it, I will email you and send you my personal email address, so that I will always be around if you want to write and check up on what I’m up to.

        I shall go straight away to work out where to get your email addy, and I shall send you an email from my personal account. You’ll know it’s me, because I shall make myself known in the subject bar for the email.
        Love you dearly. xxx

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  15. I’m sorry about your dog, Michele. I’m not a dog person, but I’ve heard many times how a dog can creep into hearts and stay there forever. Champ is one lucky dog. He will always have a loving home in your hearts.

    And thank you for this reminder of the true meaning of wealth. I’m always aware of it now, but sometimes, you just need that tinkle of a tiny silver bell to tell you just how blessed you are to have such a wealth.

    You were that tiny bell for me today.

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