Cakes and Other Nice Things


Seldom is a week as full as this past one was, for me.

The week started off with Brynns’ second birthday party. Mama and I had spent a night there. Brant and Sydney were there with little Ryan-and so were Tres and Sarah.

Lyla decided she wanted to sleep with her Nana and I on the pull out couch. Jenny thought it was an awful idea, but Mama and I agreed with Lyla. It will be a sweet memory. I thought. That night, Lyla wanted to sleep with her soft little bear, who just happened to have a balloon tied to him. Jenny said no firmly, to that. Mama was asleep and I almost was, when Lyla climbed out of the bed and retrieved her bear, from his lonely corner. I didn’t let on, that I saw it. It is a startling thing to wake with a helium balloon looming over you-but Mama laughed later.

On Sunday, more folks came that loved Brynn-and so she had quite a day. This was Mamas’ first venture out , since Daddy died and we were all glad to have her join us.

It rained the first few days of the week-and at last it got cooler.  The floss flowers celebrated by opening their delicate blossoms, with all their heart.  The loosestrife is fading fast, but the stalwart rose-of-sharon, still blooms.   . .and the wild mulberry is starting to don those bright fuchsia  berries along the edge of the young woods.  Leaves fall leisurely now revealing empty nests and corn fields are a warm tawny brown.  There is a different smell for each season.  Early autumn has the smell of leaves and in the country there is a faint smell of smoke, most days.   
In the farmhouse and barns, we have always done a thorough cleaning, just as in spring, in the fall.  Just knowing shortly, we will be shut up  in the house, makes me want everything clean.  I started early this year, before there was any chill in the air.  As it turns out . . .that was a good thing.  I got a call last week from a young man interested in the house.  I had been thinking, I would put the house back on the market. 
The memory of almost selling the farm, had at last dimmed enough, that I could entertain the notion, again.  I still have boxes, awaiting their destiny, to prove the thing happened.  Of course, Daddy got sick and had I moved, I would never had been able to be with him and Mama as much, so in some way, I really consider the fiasco a blessing now. 
With the farmhouse not getting a bit smaller and the territory not slacking a bit, in its’ needs and me not getting a day younger, the thought had crossed my mind, to sell.  The young man and I set an appointment for Sunday.  With little Ryans’ first birthday party, scheduled for Saturday (two hours from the rabbitpatch)  my work was cut out for me.  Thank Goodness, I had started early.  Christian and I worked diligently every evening .  By the time Mama and I left on Saturday morning, the house was in good order, with very little left to do on Sunday morning.   
Ryans’ party was at the beach, where Brant had been working on a cottage this past week.  All of the same loved ones were there, from Brynns’ party – and Sydneys’ parents and brother, as well.   It was a delightful time  without a single dull moment.  Brant and Sydney asked us to bring things to fill a “time capsule” for Ryan to open on his eighteenth birthday.  It seems so far away, to think of that, but I know it will slip up on us suddenly, in the blink of an eye . . .much like his first birthday.   Ryan concluded the celebration with his own little cake to discover.  He played in the cake and wasn’t interested in eating it.  We all had fancy cupcakes.  Tres thought I was quite messy, for he saw  icing all over my hands . . . but it was really paint, from my work at the house! 
 So dear Brynn is two and Ryan is one.  . .and it is shocking to me-and more so than my hair, which is the color of a silver dollar, since I left it to its’ own devices!  I just had gotten used to the fact, that my own children grew up! 
 Sunday dawned “bight and beautiful”.  Christian and I did some last minute things and by the time the young man came, I was having an afternoon coffee. Several family members came with him, and my heart swelled in gladness that he had them to lend their wisdom.  They were a friendly lot and it didn’t hurt one bit, that they liked the rabbitpatch.  Time will tell if things work out.  It always does.  




34 thoughts on “Cakes and Other Nice Things

  1. Rabbit this was just perfect for your Mom’s first time out. Bless her heart. That first step is hard even when it is a family gathering. It gets a little easier with each time out.
    Now…about the house …fingers crossed …except we both know that is just an expression and has nothing to do with plan’s working out. You are one in a million…hang in there.

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    1. Thank you dear Beverly-However things go with this, I will put the house back on the market soon. It was wonderful to have Mama with us. She is doing as good as we could hope now-we all still have a ways to go. I am still shocked that Daddy is gone. Thank yo as always for being my friend-love and blessings-Michele


    1. I am looking for a smaller rabbitpatch as I need to downsize. Hopefully, I will get closer to my grandchildren. Time will tell and God will direct. thank you dear Caitlynnegrace and do nor worry, The rabbitpatch is a way of life and there are always stories to tell. love Michele

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  2. Wonderful narrative. I almost feel as though I’m in the house enjoying the changing seasons and all the festivities taking place there. Sell the ‘Rabbit Patch’? I bet you don’t. 😉


  3. You have been a busy lady! The grand babies are adorable 😍 I hope the man and his family fell in love with the Rabbit Patch. It always feels good to know the next owners will love it as much as you❤️

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      1. The storm seems to be mostly passing us by. Not that I want Maine to get hammered, but we sure could use the rain. I know just what you mean about looking in the mirror. Who’s that old lady looking back at me? 😉 Actually doesn’t bother me that much. With all the cancer in my family, I am oh so grateful to be edging into old age.

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  4. Loved the pictures of your family. There are so many memories to make each day of our lives. So glad your mother was able to join in the fun. I hope Rabbit Patch goes to a family that will take care of it. A beautiful post Michele. Love and blessings are sent your way.

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  5. Ohhh Rabbit … what a wonderful week you’ve had. A Birthday for a little one is always such a joy to the heart.
    A viewing for the Rabbit Patch … I won’t ever admit to wanting you to sell the home you live in, for you ARE the home you live in … but, saying that, since YOU are the home, home will always be where you are – so I will always feel at home when I visit you. (ahhhhh…. that’s such a great feeling).

    I’m so happy to hear that Mama had her first trip out to Brynns Birthday party – gathering with her family, who all love her very much, was the perfect thing for her to do. To be surrounded by love and the joy of little ones, it was made for that moment. I continue to pray for her and you all.

    Sending you much love and. as always, a whole big bunch of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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    1. Hearing from you always feels like a tonic-now that you are back especially. A lotof readers have been concerned about me leaving the rabbitpatch-I a just need a smaller one, the way of living will be in rabbitpatch style-old fashion and sentimental! haha! I love you der one=your rabbit always.

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  6. Ock! Kacey turns 22 next month! (don’t forget: you and I are the same age!)

    Shall we call it providence or karma that someone should contact you now about the house?
    Just as when you landed there, it isn’t on the market and promoted by realtors, dragging a string of looky-loos through the place. It sounds like someone was attracted to the place to begin with, and brought along an entourage for family approval. Now, at a time when the roiled, cloudy waters of our river are settling a little.

    The house has served you and your family so well and faithfully over the years. Now it is looking to serve another family. To have the floorboards rumbling to the sound of tricycles and have the screen door slam on the average of every eight minutes in the summer. To have mud tracked in and two loads of laundry on the line and every manner of flower and bug and who-knows-what brought into the kitchen for presentation or examination. To have puppies and kittens brought home with a long, sad story and “Can we keep him?” To have skinned knees and scraped elbows and wood slivers and broken hearts tended to. To have bedtime stories read until little eyes close gently.
    Parting is a sweet sorrow, but your little house has promises to keep.

    p.s. You sure got some beautiful babies there!

    All my best,

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    1. Friend, you always bring such light to me. . a gentle, shine. I do love your idea of a home, for it is so. The place and the house have served us well. Oh when we were all there-and Grandmama too, what a blessing -and it still is really. I love that it has promises to keep. One of my favorite poems- I bet yours too. x Michele

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  7. What a lovely family time! I’m glad your mother was there to enjoy it too. As for the potential house sale, it does sound promising. If it’s meant to be, it will happen. I’ll be praying for you, Michele!

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  8. Ahhh Michele…I have been away to long and yet it feels like I visited here just yesterday. There is such a timeless quality about the Rabbit Patch. I am so glad to hear your mom is getting out and about and I loved seeing the photos of your precious family.

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