“As for me and my house . . .”

Since, I wrote last, every window at the rabbitpatch, has been shut.  I was caught completely off guard by the remnants of “Zeta” and so the thing showed up like unexpected company.  Friday morning, before light, strong winds woke me.  I was startled by their force and had not “battened down the hatches” nor stored a drop of water!  I have got to do better about the weather reports.  I have avoided the news for a long while. Sadly, I have lost faith in the accuracy of the headlines, but I did used to get a decent weather forecast. 
Thankfully, the terrible wind was gone in a short while. At sunrise, those first long slanted rays, were born in stillness and revealed   branches and pumpkins and porch rockers, strewn about the yard.  The air was almost cold.  That is why, I shut the windows.  Since then, the air has stayed cool and a friendlier wind, blows constantly.  I have washed every blanket in the house and taken advantage of my dear clothes line. 
Since, I was home this weekend, and in the absence of my grandchildren,  Halloween passed like any other day.  . .unless you consider the moon.  It was as bright as I have ever seen it.  It drenched the territory in moonshine and transformed everything in to a thing of beauty.  The cotton field behind me, seemed to glow.  Saturn and Mercury were beautiful colors and always Venus shines.   . . as does Mars.  There was the big dipper right where I expected it to be, over the oldest barn.  I stood there a while til the cares of this world dimmed.   
With the clocks having been tinkered with, I was up extra early on Tuesday.  I left for work and had traveled about a mile, when the car just faded !  The motor was purring, but the motion just left til at last it stopped, stranding me  -and on such a lovely morning.  Thankfully, I live on a rural road, but it is also “a cut through road” and like everywhere else I go, folks seem to be running late.  The only way the car would go, was reverse and so I backed all the way back to the sanctuary of the rabbitpatch.  Though, I didn’t have a single close call . . .I came in shattered and startled the boxer.
I called the school . . and then I called Tres.  Tres is very mechanical.  His personality is a carbon copy of my own dad.  I knew he would guide me on my next move and what to expect.  Daddy was an expert mechanic, but though I favor him and have many of his traits, I did not inherit a single bit of any mechanical ability.  I did know it was the transmission. 
I have always driven older cars and lawn mowers.  I used to tell the boys, “there is trash in the carburetor” or “it could be the alternator” but I had no idea where such things were located. I asked Christian if he had  any friend, who was a mechanic . . .any one at all?  Of course, he did not, for his friends are all artists, chefs or glass blowers!  Christian is a carbon copy of me. 
To make this long story short, I spent all day trying to find a mechanic.  Apparently, no one around here fixes a transmission, instead they just  replace it.  I had thought to put an old white towel under the car, and as it turned out, there was a leak.  The fluid from the transmission on that towel,   left me convinced of that.  “Lord willing” . . .at the end of the day, I had found a mechanic, considered an expert, with Toyotas, willing to repair the transmission or replace it at half the cost of any one else. 
Christian and I were both mentally exhausted, for we had spent the day way out of our comfort zone, weighing the  costly decision, with little to go on. “Money does not grow on trees” at the rabbitpatch.   It washes through like water and just like water, you just can’t hold it in your hands.  I admit, that money has bothered me on many occasions and it sure did on this day.  But, a few years ago, at the height of ” a storm” -It suddenly dawned on me, that no matter what came up, we did always come through it.   . .even when it seemed impossible. . . and it was not due to the odds, or human logic, even.  God does not care about the odds, it seems. nor the fallacy  of human reasoning.   I reminded myself of this  every time a  repair quote came in, that was at least a months’ wages. -and quite feebly at first, whimpering like a child. How awful it was to step into familiar traps, I thought. I reminded myself of all the earthly battles people are facing, fiercer than mine, til at last I felt ashamed and vowed to do better,  As the light faded, Christian asked me  if I was okay and I was able to say . . “yes, it is just a car repair, after all.”    

I have never had too much interest in politics.  I have little patience for the “double talking”  .  I do not tolerate  “Silver tongues” amongst ordinary folks  and I am sure politicians are born with them.   . .but this is a different season.  I have been an avid student  for months, now of how the government works, the folks in office and those who want to be.  As it turns out, just like my transmission, something is broken.  Finding the truth, is like looking for that needle in the haystack.  It is no wonder to me that folks are angry, for we are all feeling desperate, which is a terrible thing.  We have become a suspicious nation, with good reason.  The seeds of fear were planted with precision and grow as wildly as those thorned vines on the rabbitpatch.  Frankly, I am bewildered at “the state of the union”. 
I do not find pleasure in writing about anything ugly, but we have a “huge elephant in the house” and I can not ignore the dark shadow, he casts.  “Time will tell” as it always does, what the next part of the journey holds.   . .“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”.  

21 thoughts on ““As for me and my house . . .”

  1. As someone whose budget is as big as a minute, I sure do understand. Best of luck with getting the car fixed. When it comes to politics…I am heartsick but not surprised. As a Franco-American in Maine—I am a descendant of French Canadians—I am all too familiar with prejudice and discrimination. Language suppression, voter suppression, Klan intimidation all happened in Maine. Even when I grew up, Franco-Americans were scorned by the larger culture in Maine. This is a roundabout way of saying that I don’t have very high expectations of the larger culture. However, I do live in hope, and the dedication of the ballot counters around the country fills me with admiration.

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    1. Oh- at last, someone else said it and well. I feel misplaced in society and wonder if it is being older, but no, not entirely. I am so sorry you have had such experiences, for you are such a sweet and valuable asset to this country-and I say that sincerely. You might be surprised how much I talk about you-Jenny swears we must be eighbors! haha! x Michele

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      1. Oh, this comment made my day. How lovely to think of being your neighbor! I think and talk of you, too. While the Internet surely has its downside, the upside is the blogging community and the many lovely friends I have made all around the world. Priceless, especially during this time of the Pandemic.

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  2. Amen and Lord God have mercy on us as a nation and as your people.

    Oh Rabbit…I feel your pain dealing with old cars. Mine, which was my Mothers, always has something that needs fixin. But…so much has already been spent on this old car I wonder if its time to replace or or just continue on as it soon will be a new car in an old body. Money doesn’t grow on my trees either and what little there is seems to be spoken for already. But…you and I are here for the long hall and we manage to do what needs to be done…..like the green house repairs. Yesterday I managed to replace the cover on the little hoop that covers garden stuff and replace the corner on the big hoop house. There is more to be done and I’m crossing my fingers for some help this weekend but if push comes to shove I’ll get that done too. Woe is me!
    Now …if we lived closer we could be a team . You know I love you and think you are amazing…carry on dear.

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  3. “I stood there a while til the cares of this world dimmed.”

    Good advice for anyone.

    And maybe the car just needs a little transmission fluid added.

    It will be easier to fix the car than to fix the political system.

    All my best,


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    1. Haha! your truth made me laugh. I do have to get a transmission, but a used one with low mileage showed up and for a thousand! (including labor) It is better than the four thousand quotes. Now the political issues are just too much so let us take to the woods every chance we get.

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  4. It’s like a breath of fresh air to read the happenings at the Rabbit Patch. I’m praying love wins. According to how you live, you’re a winner too my friend. Last week I received news that I’m going to be able to purchase a tiny home. Currently, my R.V. has been wonderful for 4 years; however, my sons and family would like to see me in something more stable. I’m going to say that God came through~just like he always does for me in getting some funds I needed. A few broke things need fixin’. It was built in 1961 and is a total remodel down to studs. I may not have money for furniture, but my pup and I will be warm. Amid all this positive news in my life, I received news of two tragic deaths. My heart broke. And I know they’re rejoicing in heaven. The world will keep on turning and anger will be boiling. As for me, I will do as you. I took a hike in the woods and was overcome with thankfulness for my blessings. All the leaves falling around me gave me comfort in shedding my worries. Even if I feel bare and alone, he is preparing me for a new season. In our seasons of loss, daily headaches (car repairs are no fun), monetary worries, and even blessings and fun, isn’t is amazing that we can lean on faith and the promises from God that will never change? And we know how it all ends. 💚

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    1. What exciting news about a new home!! Iam so happy for you!! I am going to pray that you get furniture too!! God will make sure you have what you need-as you know. I loved your thought on falling leaves. I am sorry about your loss of loved ones. x Michele

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  5. It is never fun to be stranded when something about your car malfunctions. So glad you were able to find a mechanic. I noticed the storm was coming your way, but I had no idea the winds would be so fierce. Politics – such an unpleasant subject. The lies and the hatred is so disturbing. It is almost impossible to listen to the childish banter of politicians. Like you – “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” Love and hugs to you and your family.

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  6. I’m so sorry about your car! But glad you were able to put it into perspective, and find peace. As for the election and our nation, I agree that fear and anxiety are everywhere, and that’s not a good thing. I’m praying that we can get past our divisions and begin to treat each other with basic human decency once again!

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  7. Michele, you are not alone! I am not mechanical and last month an unexpected car repair bill set me back into the teary zone, but with so many others facing completely dire circumstances I’m with you – it’s just a repair bill! Something to be happy about: Andrea Bocelli has a new CD out today (“Believe”) It is extraordinary hope-and-joy-filled! Blessings – Virginia

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