A Love Note From the Rabbitpatch

Many people place great stock  in a new year – and most especially this particular year.  I have never been any good at making resolutions,just for the sake of it, for I must  truly be convicted, to change a habit, or practice a new one…and I am  likely to do so in months like May!  Now, during the quiet time of Christmas, I did do a lot of thinking and self reflection.   
There is just no shortage of things to  ponder.  For a long while, I was about overwhelmed with “the current state of the union”.  I am still a bit shocked and so very disappointed too.  It seems everyone wants to take some sort of spectacular stance on every subject known to man.  The elders used to say, “you all would argue in a pie factory!”, when my cousins and I quarreled.  (instead of eating pie).   I think that sentiment rings true today.  To me, the world  got  too  loud.  . .and I  could not bear the noise so, I finally decided  to just “Be still”   -as it is written. 
Now being still, is not for the faint of heart. It sounds like it is such a passive event-but for me,  I must muster  determination  to quiet myself.  It is my mission to dwell on what is holy.   . . .and to live peaceably and without causing harm to this world.
When the time of thinking was over, I left for the gathering, in Elizabeth City.  Brant and Sydney came with little Ryan, that evening.  What a happy reunion, it was.  Lyla and Brynn were so glad to see their “baby brother cousin”. Watching the three of them clapping their little hands, in unbridled joy, at the sight of one another, tickled my heart.  We all stayed up past our usual bedtimes., in light of all that celebrating.
The next morning, as usual, Lyla and I were up before everyone else.  We are  always the “early birds”.  Every time, someone awoke, they were greeted cheerfully, as if the night had kept us apart too long.  After breakfast, Lyla and Sydney began work on a gingerbread house.  We had quite a lengthy list on our agenda.  There were two kinds of candy to make and cheese  straws, several special meals and a few walks in the “new neighborhood”.  Since it was raining and no end in sight, the strolls had to be abandoned.  Because of this, it seemed someone was always in the kitchen.
We had several days together- but, being greedy, I never get my fill.  How could I tire of those lovely folks!  Brynn trying to tend to Ryan.  Ryan following Lyla like a shadow -even the occasional squabbles, were cherished.  Brynn at two, was reluctant to hand over all that was hers’  freely to Ryan.  She would put up a fight for a little while, then smile sweetly and share , for she had established her independence to her satisfaction.  Ryan has learned to say “no” and uses it appropriately.  Even so, he remains mild and pleasant and very loving.  Lyla shut the door to the playroom on the day, that her dolls  were all sick.  That sent wails of protests from the little ones.
I watched the children play with great amusement .  It is another way to know them and what a delightful way to do so.
It rained day and night, the whole time of our holiday.  This did not hinder our happiness, though I had looked forward to  some leisure strolls. Several times, Ryan and I watched it rain through the window, together.  He stared intently at the large silver drops falling- in wonder . . .so did I.  May neither of us ever outgrow watching rain.
 Somehow, the days were quickly accomplished. Brant and Sydney left on Saturday.  I left on Sunday.    Though, I am satisfied with life,  it does seem to lack luster, after a gathering.  Regular readers know, I am likely to whine and pine every time, in the days after a reunion. 
I spent the next week  restoring order in the old farmhouse.  I went to work and cooked supper.  Headlines went from bad to worse. The discord of man is as rampant as covid and apparently just as contagious.  There are more ways than one to ail.    
Meanwhile, the night sky is lit up with stars the size of silver dollars.  The Handiwork of God is a stark  and mighty contrast to the handiwork of man.  In the early morning, there is that magical time, when the day awaits light.  It is another favorite time of mine. . .it is my   beloved “morning service”.   
How beautiful, truth is and no one is better at truth, than trees.  Their bare arms, covered only on frost, bravely proclaim, broken, jagged branches and the scars of former storms. The earth rests in winter and does not harbor hidden agendas and falsehoods, nor does it plot .  The earth rises to the needs of all that call it “home” without showing  privilege or discrimination.  Therefore, I will renew my pledge to seek peace and cause no harm.  This is the way I will  do battle. 

28 thoughts on “A Love Note From the Rabbitpatch

  1. Very good Michele. Seek peace and do no harm. I am with you. I do not make New Year resolutions. God goes about his business and this beautiful world functions in harmony. Mankind cannot find that harmony, because they are too busy quarreling with each other. I tire of the rowdy people in this world and wonder why we can’t have a difference of opinion without hate and discord. Time with your lovely family is wonderful. I have spent some wonderful time with my family recently – it is always good for the soul. Peace, love and happiness to you and your family in this new year 2021.

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  2. You have a gentle and a loving heart and it is so necessary now. The world is frighteningly tumultuous now, nothing is as it was and there is so much fear that your calm good sense and pleasure in your family is a welcome balm. America seems a very foreign place to Europeans now and I am sure Europe seems as distant to Americans. I am grateful that this odd blip on the internet allows us to really hear each other without agendas or filters. Stay strong and gentle x

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    1. How your words moved me-soft and tender-is such a rarity now. Sadly, America seems a foreign place for me too. Covid is not the only thing that isolates us. It is still shocking to me. Stay well and do not despair-thank you, love Michele


  3. Seek calm…we do have to seek it because it sure isn’t out in the open. Just start the day with our Lord and ‘seek’ Him often during the day and then fall asleep on His shoulders for a safe night. Love you dear Rabbit.
    ps..i seem to have ‘lost’ our friend again.

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    1. My dear Beverly-such dear words-they act like a tonic on me! I think of you so often-Now where is our friend? I worry about her and most especially these days. My you find that “peace that passes understanding”- We sure need to! Stay well and know you are loved! xMichele

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  4. Beautifully written, Michele ❤️ I hope our country can find peace in the year ahead. I’m disheartened by recent events but forever hopeful that we can come together as country men and women and heal ❤️🙏🏻❤️

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  5. Family is the best place to learn and re-learn the vital lessons of love, forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance. It is where we learn to dialogue with one another, listening and speaking as we discuss and as we disagree. I think if we had a chance to have a look into the lives of people who foam and froth at the mouth, there’d likely be something gone wrong at the heart of their families. And that wrong flows into the future.

    If we could all learn to love and treasure our families as you do yours, Michele, there’s be less of dark days in our lands.

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    1. I have often thought this- I can not bear to think of the sadness that cause folks to do wrong. Instead of anger, I feel hurt for them! This is a double whammy! It seems you feel as I do-so I am in good company! Go wwell my dear and be safe. Thank you and love always Michele PS -I am so glad I met you!

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  6. I’m glad you had such a nice holiday, filled with love from the little ones. Time with grandchildren does make life so much better! As for the rest, I agree. It seems we are living in a world where “love one another” has been replaced with “an eye for an eye,” and then some. All we can do is not get sucked into the hatred, violence and immaturity. We can choose peace, as you do. Take care, Michele!!

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  7. I too do not make New Years resolutions, Michele. I too like you had a huge education and I came away from it choosing peace and love, harming no others. The more we act like this, think like this, be like this, the more this world will stop in domino effect the horrendous fighting and hating. It filled my heart with so much joy knowing what you shared about your family and how you spent time with them. There is nothing more precious then family. We walk together hand in hand, heads held high, and in much gratitude and humbleness, walk the Path of Love. Truth has won, dear friend. It is just going to take for the majority, life changing moments to realize love and peace are truly the ONLY way to live. Happy New Year to you!! Much love! xo

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  8. You have no idea how much I needed to read these words Michele. Your words have such a way of grounding me. With all the “stuff” going on in our country it seems my thoughts just head for survival mode….focusing on what is important (faith and family). You are good for my soul.

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    1. Dear one, I have come to a screeching halt in my quest for understanding our polotics-I didnot learn a single beautiful thing and it wounded me deeply. I became quite anxious and full of doom- It was too much but GOD is bigger and I take comfort in that. I pray you are well and take heart. love Michele -and thank you so much for your kind words.


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