“The Best is Yet to Come”

It is a very cool morning and quite early-barely light, as I write my first words of this day.  Some hours, I love more than others . . .morning hours are some of those.  I gather my thoughts as I watch the day bloom with light .  Hope wells up in my heart like a fountain and there is a sense of well being.  The grandeur  of  a sunrise, humbles me every time.  It is  just never “old hat”.
I said before, that I had never seen such an early spring-now I say that  have never seen such a long one, too!  In the south, spring weather is usually a brief affair.  . . a few weeks of pleasant days and then it is hot!  I am not sure what to make of it-and neither do the irises, nor the privets nor the fireflies, for they are all doing now, what they usually do in mid June.  So are the thorned vines.   My last diary entry was left as “waiting for the dust to settle” .  Some of it has.
It seems that I am soon to be semi retired.  I did reach that golden age of 62 in April, after all.  This will mean a much tighter budget.  . .and God forbid a calamity of any sort arise.  I do not mind being frugal.  It is about second nature to me.  My elders drilled the “sin of wastefulness” in me, til at last it stuck.  That ought to come in handy.
I love pretty things as much as the next person, but I do know the difference in want and need.  What I do need, is more time with my loved ones, for the grandchildren grow wildly fast.  There is my mother, who deserves more than I give her  – and my sisters and there is nature . . .and I can afford  all of that!  Maybe in some odd way, “I hit the “jackpot!”
Now, on the way to that conclusion, a lot happened.  My thoughts were muddled and so I cleaned and painted the linen closet. My laundry room got a thorough cleaning.  Flower pots got painted and  so did the back door.  The territory around the rabbitpatch is almost something to brag about.  Each  completed task seemed like a small victory.  
In grief, I do not move.  When I am hurt, I sulk.  When I am sad,  I wallow in my misery and can barely think about supper. . . but worldly concerns, make me work. I suppose everybody that drives by the rabbitpatch knows I have had something on my mind, lately!    . .and  “lo and behold”, the rabbitpatch looks so happy! 
Mothers’  Day was a a happy occasion.  Delores, Dana and I spent the night at Mamas’,  Connie is a nurse and had to work, so she celebrated early with Mama.  Jenny said that Lyla made her a card and put it under her pillow. How, sweet, I thought.  Another sweet story is that Tres is back at the rabbitpatch! 
Tres finished  school and took the summer off to work.  How glad I am to have him sleeping under my roof again.  Thank Goodness, he had enough gas to get here, for he came on day one of the “shortage”.   
Now the work week progressed, without fanfare, which is the best kind of week, to me.  Children gather fragrant blossoms along the edge of the woods and hunt for turtles at recess.  (none of them would dare even bother a creature, but will sit and watch them, instead.) I have several students that sell fresh eggs and how proud they are of their speckled dozens.  I hear stories of new kittens and well mannered dogs are walked by older students daily, on campus.  A new puppy came to visit one day. Many students don crowns made of clover, these days.  All is not lost, I think. How hopeful, the “heart of a child”  can make you.  How good it is to think, that no matter how many dire circumstances, that modern man creates . . children still make jewelry from  flowers and search high and low, for kittens . . .in months like May. 
Time has passed in all sorts of happy ways, since that turbulent week, a fortnight ago.  What seemed so impossible, has lost its’ punch.  The truth is, I was facing things that I hadn’t any control over the outcomes. We  like to think we always “get a say” in all things – and we usually do.  We get  so used  to that feeling that when something, we can  not prepare for, pops up, we are shocked-and  are liable to be rattled, when it does. 
Now it is said that “hindsight   is  20/20”.   Looking back, what really happened, was simply a change of plans.   . .my own plans. Maybe, my plans were not the ones, intended for me . . maybe they were too shallow . .or too lofty.  I am choosing to believe, that no matter the reason . . “The Best is yet to come.”

26 thoughts on ““The Best is Yet to Come”

  1. I’m left in the dark, not been watching the news for the last two weeks and was wondering what you were referring to that “happened a fortnight ago”…..please enlighten me.

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    1. I found out that I would be working part time next year-would therefore have to draw retirement, just decided to list the house- can’t buy another one wiithout a good job . . .etc but all wll work out. haha! thanks, Michele

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  2. Tres home for the Summer.,,.how wonderful. This has been a longer Spring that I can remember and it is still on going. 50 something tonight but the days are finely jumping up to 80’s. The Grands are all playing ball for another week or so. GT is in baseball…E&A are into softball and B&K are in T ball. It does get difficult when they all play at the same time. A lot of back and forth from one field to another. At least they are in the same park.
    I weeded the hoop house …one more time….now need to remove the cover that the ice storm messed up. It may not get replaced…greenhouse covers are not in my budget.
    Hang in there…You are right… The best is yet to come.


  3. Best to you, Michele! Hugs and good wishes from Maine. Even in modern times, with so many things to make our lives more comfortable, it takes grit—and wit—to get by. I just finished watching a wonderful British show called Tudor Monastery Farm. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tudor_Monastery_Farm) Oh, my word! Life in the 1500s was not easy. Life expectancy was thirty-five, and famine was always a threat. But folks still found time for foderol and fun. Christmas was celebrated for 12 days. As someone who has a tendency to fret, I found myself strangely calmed and inspired by this show.

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      1. I never think of myself as battling MS, it is an uncomfortable thing with which I cohabit. I have only ever mentioned it in passing, so dont worry if you didn’t know, it isnt the most important thing about me!
        Enjoy winding down a little.


  4. It sounds as if you are navigating a time of a lot of change, and some uncertainty about your future. I have faith that it will all work out eventually, and that you will have more time to spend with your family and loved ones. Please keep us posted….you’re got this, Michele!!

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    1. Do you know how much I was hoping to hear from you? You are my voice of reason-I am a fan of your wisdom! I believe things will work out but what a shock! I hope all is well with you. I am so glad to hear from you. This made my morning! love Michele

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  5. “How hopeful the heart of a child can make you”…such wonderful words to imprint upon our own hearts! Children simply seize the moment…Wishing you blessings in this transition of change in your life. i do believe in your way of thinking…the best is yet to come! God does know best. He opens the doors and the windows we could never have found on our own. Always, they are the right doors. His timing is perfect; his wisdom so beyond anything we could ever imagine.

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    1. Linda, I am so glad to meet you. Your words inspired me and how refreshing to know you are in this world. Please know that I am in the habit of being tardy to say thank you. I hope to do better-but I am sincere, in my gratitude for your comment.

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  6. I love to read every word you write because it is always so refreshing. You really know what is important in life and how to leave useless time and effort alone. Always keep writing!

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