Where the Dove Lives

Though one forecast said different, the day of our picnic dawned fair.  One weather station said one thing and another one, said something different.  Either way rain was heading our way sometime around mid afternoon or much later in the evening .  The station that had claimed a rainy dawn, I discounted altogether .  I wondered how the radar, could spin such various  tales. 
I picked up groceries, put them away and had painted a large metal trashcan by nine am.  I proceeded to plant petunias and scrub the kitchen floor.  Mama got here around eleven, as I was cleaning the bathroom.  I still had to make a cucumber salad and put those very lovely tablecloths out.  Jenny, Will and the little girls arrived in time to help me tie up the loose ends .   Brant, Sydney and Ryan drove up to find most everything was in place.  How beautiful it looked, under the old sycamores, I was thinking, when Will called me  to look at the sky.  It wasn’t even noon! . . but the southern horizon was dark.  Within moments, wind and rain swooped in, turning things over and making us scatter. The wind blew the rain sideways. making the shelters, useless. We saved everything, thankfully  and crowded in to the rabbitpatch kitchen.  Will made a few mad dashes and ended up soaked.   Christian rescued the table cloths and the cooler.
We ate in a disorderly fashion.  We had to hunt for the pickles, which were with the ice cream toppings.  I had to laugh at how all of my careful planning had turned to chaos so quickly. 
While we were scavenging for things like forks . . .the sun came out!  I suggested a walk around the territory-mainly because I wanted all to see the fruits of my labor . . and to show Lyla the starlings .. . and where the dove lives. 
Brant fell in love with the place, all over again, wiled by its’ charm, as I am.  He kept pointing out all of the beloved nooks, the vast views of fields and woods, the many birds and the peace of the place til, I too, was “head over heels” myself, all over again.  Of course, I was second guessing my decision to sell the farm. 
I was just about to list it officially, when my job status changed. Certainly, I could sell, but also as certain, is that I would have to have another home.   A reduced income impacted that piece of the puzzle, with brute force.  That is why I said. “one thing hinged on another”.  Now, my head and my heart , are at odds again!  Must I always land in a brier patch?   “Peace will come “, I remind myself.  It always does . . .as sure as rain. 
That night, the rain returned,  Claps of the loudest  thunder , had us all jumping.  The thunder did not last, but the rain did.  It rained most all of Sunday, too.  Along with the rain and the loudest thunder, came a brisk , almost cold, wind.  It felt like October!  Mama and I left on Monday, for Raleigh.  It was to be just an overnight visit.  Sydney had a meeting on Tuesday and we would tend Ryan.  “Tending Ryan” is easy business.  He still love tractors and now, building blocks.  He sings songs now too.   . .and has all but quit eating  the cats’ food!  Mama and I came home on Tuesday and I went back to school on Wednesday. 
This was our last week of the year and the last days of my job, as music teacher.  I have mostly come to terms with circumstances, but how odd I felt, packing up things.  Memories  were darting and flashing like fireworks, as I filled boxes.  I could hear the Christmas concerts clearly as I walked to the car. 
To combat the nostalgia, I wondered , “what beautiful things await, next year?”   I pictured a table laden with gifts, for me to open.  They held things like,  more liberty to walk in the woods, to see your loved ones, to read more and to write more . . .and many had delightful secrets.  It may seem childish, but it worked.  We all imagine our futures, at times.  I am going  to imagine and declare, one of beauty.  Besides, we all “walk by faith, not by sight” whether we believe it or not. 
Now, for two days rain fell hard and fast.  I do not remember ever seeing such a spectacle.  Not even hurricanes, have rendered the rabbitpatch so soggy.  These were not showers, for the thunder was like clockwork and you couldn’t see past your hand.  Since this weather came just behind the day , we almost had a picnic,  fields were covered in water and ditches spilled over the country roads.  Every rain catching bucket I have is filled to the brim and any  other vessel that  could hold water,  does at the moment.   I can only hope that the beloved swallows are hungry, for mosquitoes are sure to follow, such an event.   And so . . .for me it is summer.  It is the time to stroll by that laughing river.  It is time to tell stories and build castles.  I will paint roses and cut thorned vines . . and sit on Mamas’ porch and I will cast off any sense of rush (barring another fire).  Maybe, I will  plan another picnic.   . .and I will dream  – and I mean  to dream  boldly .


17 thoughts on “Where the Dove Lives

  1. I love your closing lines…to dream, and to dream boldly. I believe that God wants us to hold steadfast to our dreams…and they matter to Him. Sometimes, when things get turned up-side down, we see things right-side-up. Just like that sudden rain ruining your picnic, and then the sun came out again. Suddenly, you are outside again on a glorious excursion with everything washed fresh and clean. You are aware of all the beauty around you, and you understand that weather it rains and pours, or the sun is shining brightly in your life, God is there. And really, in the end, that is all that matters.

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    1. Thank you Linda-I am afraid and ashamed that I think I am guilty of not dreaming big enough in my life. I intend to do better . I found your blog and subscribed-Is that the same as “following”? I loved what I read. I knew that I would.

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      1. All dreams count…big and small, even little whispers of something that stirs in your heart. 🙂 Do not regret your past Dreamer self, for there is much wonderment there. Cherish it all and know that so many dreams came true…I can tell that from your writing! You may have been a much bigger dreamer than you believed yourself to be! 🙂

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  2. I think your Rabbitpatch loves you too much, Michele. She doesn’t seem to want to love anyone else! I’d say, let the old homestead love you a little longer and when she has pressed all she has into you, it will be time for changes.
    I’m a dreamer too. I think dreaming helps me cope better with life. Yes, it certainly blunts some sharp edges off life too so go and dream all you want.


  3. I can’t imagine the shock of a last day at work when you’ve been going full tilt for so long. I read it closely to experience some of your emotions. I also thought of all the children who have been blessed by your teaching. They must have been inspired by your love of music that will live on in their minds. You are standing on a new threshold, and God will bless you there.


  4. I loved that line, “what beautiful things await next year?” That is such a good way to look toward an uncertain future. Yes, things will be different now, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be good in their own way, perhaps even better than what came before.

    As for your rained out picnic, I think those are good reminders that the best laid plans are no more than suggestions. We’ve all figured that out in the past year, haven’t we? But how nice that you all still enjoyed the delicious meal and the company of your loved ones even so. Being flexible is the key, and you have illustrated that perfectly! Take care, Michele….and thank you for sharing the rabbit patch with us!

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  5. thank you Ann. I have wanted to retire since Lyla was born. The thing came as a big shock and impacted every other plan about moving and selling the house and also income, A lot of big things! Still, I am hoping all works out, in a delightful way. It may be just what I wanted. Maybe it is the best thing yet! Some days, I am scared and some days excited, You always make me feel comforted. What a gift. It is no wonder, that I am your fan. love Michele


  6. I love these words ..” we walked by faith, and not by sight..”
    I know that there´s always a great reason behind every changes, so I am sure there is something “big & worthwhile” waiting for you to uncover.
    Your stories and sentiments always brought me to humble meditations.
    Life can be cruels, just like a heavy rain crashing our parties and picnics, but for sure…nthe sun will shine on.

    I am sure the music still leaves on even if it´s your last day at work.:-))


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