When the Creek Rises-Part II

“The creek had risen” and my ears were ringing, as I read the email, saying the closing, that was to happen in a mere three days was off.  I had worked for several weeks on the little cottage situated on a corner lot, where “the sidewalk ends”.  That very day, I had proudly announced to Kyle and his friend, Bo, that I had put the last of the essentials in place.  Now, I can “ice the cake”, I said happily.  With my friend and landlord, very sick, I had spent some money and labored like there was no tomorrow, besides.  The thought of losing the ONLY rental that I could barely afford AND  take my pets . . the thought of moving everything back . . .was daunting.  I called Jenny and she read the contract.  This really is not allowed to happen, legally she announced.  Tres was devastated and had his ire up, as well. 
I was just stunned.  The next morning, I called the realtor and with no answer, I called the realty team.  Later, we learned that the realtor was quite ill, but the company made sure that I retained the rental and joined forces to sell the house .  This was of great relief to me and satisfied my family.  Two days later, I slept in the cozy little rabbitpatch cottage on Bonnet Street”.  
I knew full well how  the daylight fell on the place, but I had never been there past the twilight time, so I sat on the front porch and watched this new world. I saw   when the sky blackened.  I saw a few stars shining, unhindered by the streetlights.  The neighborhood was very quiet and the folks start turning the houselights off just after dark, I noticed.  It has been unseasonably warm and I felt so disoriented with all the changes, anyway, that I could have sworn it was an evening in June, instead of late October. 
I stayed out for a long while, pondering the events as of lately.  I did feel relieved that the realty company were so supportive , but I still wished that things hadn’t become so complicated for so many folks.  I was sad for the ones that were sick and for  their families.  I was sorry for the wild scrambling the realtors were in the midst of.  I certainly pondered the unfamiliarity of everything for me. 
Was this little rabbitpatch  a very temporary dwelling or could I expect to see spring arrive there?  Truthfully, we never know the future for sure, but must so many things change so suddenly?  My job had changed, my income reduced and now living in a small town, in the absence of field and wood.  So many ways for thoughts to ramble!  It didn’t help a bit that we are without internet-and me locked out of my diary, anyway. 
The house was as silent as could be, which really made the night seem more somber.  I did have a place to rest, after supper . . and loved ones to bless.  These things consoled me and I chided myself for making such a big production over a few twist and turns.  I knew that God did not see these past six months as chaos, but instead, as  an orderly plan.  I reminded myself, that true reliance on God, is not born from a sense of human power, but from recognizing our lack of power in many circumstances.  I should be observing what transpires and gleaning from the experiences, what can serve me.   . . .when   “the creek does rise”. 
I went in and read til I fell asleep.  


10 thoughts on “When the Creek Rises-Part II

  1. My oh my! What a terrible upset. So many changes, and change—even when it’s good—is often hard. (I follow a lovely blog called “Change Is Hard.”) Fingers, toes, and everything else crossed that the realtors come through and that the house sells soon. We will all be waiting to hear.


  2. Keeping you in my prayers in these days of so much transition.. You are a wise one to sit upon the porch and focus on the stars. Like us, God knows each one by name. There in the stillness of the night, He hears our every prayer, and we are so blessed with His great abiding love. We do not always have a compass to show us the way, but God is always there beside us on the porch…or wherever we may happen to be.

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  3. Dear Michele, transitions can be hard and painful. No wonder you feel this turmoil. As an old midwife, I am reminded of the transition stage in childbirth when women sometimes say they have changed their minds, and do not want to have this baby. And the joy they experience when their baby is in their arms.

    I pray this time will soon pass and all will be well again. Thank you for sharing your journey. It gives me courage and hope. xx

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  4. I’m sorry to read about your challenges, Michele. But glad you have the support of your family, your faith and the realty office pulling hard for you. Things will come out right in the end. ❤


  5. You’re an inspiration to us in these vulnerable and challenging times you’ve so graciously shared. Your words, “I reminded myself, that true reliance on God, is not born from a sense of human power, but from recognizing our lack of power in many circumstances,” explain faith. My prayers are with you in this transition time. Through it all, I sense your peace. Prayers and hugs sweet, Michele. 💛🙏🏻

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  6. You are incredibly good at putting things into perspective, Michele! These are turbulent times in your life, but you do have a good support system and and even better attitude. Keep the faith, and things will be okay. Thank you for sharing your story with us so honestly!


  7. So glad the reality company is backing you up! What turmoil! I pray you are able to hunker down into your new little place and you being there will make it a home, in no time at all, I’m positively sure.


  8. You turned that little house on the quaintly named Bonnet Street into a little home. You worked on it and filled it with love and hope. Not many in this world have that gift of turning a house into a home – but you do and you used it generously. Whether that becomes your permanent address or whether it goes on to welcome another heart is a secret God holds close to His Divine heart for now. As you have so accurately observed, what is mess and chaos to us is an orderly plan to God. Done out of love, even making a house livable and returning pride to it, is likely part of what He wanted you to do. Granted, we could all do with less uncertainty and certainly no upheavals, if possible, but God sees differently.

    You’ve done all you can for now, Michele. I guess all that’s left is to be still and let Him life the veil on the next part.

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