Just Before Christmas, at the Little Rabbitpatch

Just now, the day is dimly lit and so quiet.  The boxer and the soft gray cat have had their breakfast.  Christian is leaving for work . . .and the Christmas lights are shining brightly. 
Morning is one of my favorite times.  Oh!  What lofty notions come to me in the morning.  I start out contemplative and reflective.  I think of my loved ones-even those long passed.  In this way,  I remember them.  I suppose this is a kind of tribute.  The gifts they gave me, have lingered all of my life, after all. . . .  and then, suddenly, I am planning tasks . . and supper! 
The little rabbitpatch is now, decked out for Christmas.  There are little fairy lights on boughs of cedar at both entrances, several wreaths and solar lanterns hanging in unlikely places.  The cowbells that adorn the crepe myrtle, are tied with long ribbons and look as merry as anything.  The little house on Bonnet Street, is not the only place full of Christmas spirit-so is Mamas’ house. 
My sisters and I met there on Monday .  We” decked the halls”-and put up the tree.  We had a good meal and Mama made Delores, her favorite cake for an early birthday celebration.  Niece Hayley is now engaged! so we threw out some wedding ideas for sister Connie . . and we planned a birthday trip for Mama in February! It was  lovely time, altogether. 
Back at the little rabbitpatch, Christmas music wafts through the house softly-and almost constantly.  I like the old carols best.  There is such an over abundance of distractions from the holiness of  Christmas, so I take what measures  I can, to avoid the worldly clutter.  . . and there is so very much clutter. 
 I have always tried to stay focused on the spiritual meaning of the holiday, but this year especially, I have ramped up my intentions.  Truthfully, I regret having not celebrated with any gumption, the past two years.  Grief, busyness and loss , now seem like lame excuses to dismiss such a holy time. This year, I will do better. 
I went to Elizabeth City, this past weekend.  How good to see “the littlest women” in the family.   
Brynn was sick with an awful something, about the whole time.  Oh, how tenderly she was cared for.  Jenny had pineapple juice, chicken broth and honey on hand at all times. Lyla brought water and a soft Christmas blanket, whenever Brynn whimpered. 
One day, Lyla and I took Aunt J, some special treats.  On the way back, we took the long way, to see Christmas lights. I hope we can do that again before the holiday season ends.   When we got home, Lyla made a “wish on a star”-it was really Venus and I told her, but she decided to take a chance and wish anyway.  I did too. . . .just in case.  She did not wish for a toy . . .and neither did I.  To me, that moment was a bright, silver one. 
On Monday, Brynn still had the hacking cough, but her eyes were bright and her little cheeks had a rosy glow.  Jenny kept Brynn home because of that cough.  I left on Tuesday, for I had to work on Wednesday. 
Saturday was a happy day.  Tres and Sarah are spending Christmas in Florida with Sarahs’ family.  Sarahs’ parents are so excited.  Sarahs’ mom has already sent pictures of some mighty fancy baked goods.  I could just feel her joyful excitement as I saw the pictures.  In light of this trip, I hosted my first occasion at the new rabbitpatch.  We had a brunch.  Tres, Sarah, Mama and Kyle came- and Christian came after work.  I finally used my Christmas China and how lovely the table looked!  It was a simple, but extra special way to spend the day.
Another thing . . .and if folks laugh as they read this, I will not take offense.  The first rabbitpatch, is under contract-again. If I sound less than enthusiastic it is only because, I am.  I certainly hope to sell it . .and maybe, the third time is a charm after all.    
Just now, I am going through the motions, as if it really will transpire, however, I am well versed in how quickly things can change, in general.  With that in mind, I have developed the awful art of second guessing everything.  It is tiring and since truthfully, there is really no certainty to anything under the sun, it is a fruitless practice.  I am questioning my lofty notions, that I have dwelled on for a few years now . . or are they sensible ideas?  Somedays, I feel overly cautious, on how to proceed- certain that calamity is just around the bend-other times, I feel like following my heart (or my gut) certain that I am on my course.  
Now, everything, that has ever knocked the wind out of me . . . I never saw coming.  The things that robbed me of appetite and sleep . . .well none of them ever happened. 
When peace seems as fleeting as a flock of sparrows, I remind myself of that.  Surely, I am one of Gods’ most fickle servants!   
While I was pleading-or whining, in my prayers, I asked God outright to let me know SOMETHING!  In about three minutes, a small rabbit hopped down the sidewalk and right in the “plum House” yard! 
It was the first time that I had seen a rabbit since, I left Farm Life. I haven’t a clue, what to make of it.  . .if anything . . but it was something.  It seems.  looking back, that many times, my answers are veiled and do not come to light til later on.   Time will tell, as it always does.      


20 thoughts on “Just Before Christmas, at the Little Rabbitpatch

  1. “When peace seems as fleeting as a flock of sparrows” … I love that quote, so true, isn’t it?
    I looked up rabbit symbolism and found this: “In most cultures, rabbits are associated with positive symbols such as good fortune, fertility, kindness and gentleness, sensitivity, and intuition.” Seems like God sent a good ‘something!’
    Merry Christmas, Michele!

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  2. Dearest Michele:

    Congratulations to Hayley on her engagement!
    Congrats to you, too, and your new Little Rabbit Patch on hosting your first (of many!) occasions.

    “Mark my footsteps, my good page.
    Tread thou in them boldly.
    Thou shalt find the winter’s rage
    Freeze thy blood less coldly.”

    In his master’s steps he trod,
    Where the snow lay dented.
    Heat was in the very sod
    Which the Saint had printed.

    A very Merry Christmas to you.
    Tread thou boldly!



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  3. Yes the sighting of the rabbit was to let you be remitnded tha your Heavenly Father has “got this”. You will remember I had this same experience after my sons accident when on the first Mothers
    Day afterward my yard was full of chicadees. God knows what and when we need a nudge.
    Merry Christmas blessings to you and your dear family…Love you


  4. I have not been as active on WordPress as I used to be so I am behind on reading your wonderful posts! I always feel like I am reading an enchanting story when you write. I was wondering what happened to the Rabbitpatch and as I read your post I see you are trying to sell it. I can’t help but notice that your “little Rabbitpatch” looks adorable!! Now that my life is getting more settled I hope to be a more regular participant and look so forward to reading your upcoming posts. Merry Christmas!

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    1. I too have been less active on wordpress-Gosh , moving is a chore! Also I was without internet for almost six weeks-too long. All is well here, but not without complications. The buyers backed out in October. I found out three days before closing! What a nightmare! I had begun moving and so I carried on on, for rentals are few and far between. Nobody wants a dog either. I do have a contract now, due in March. If that falls through . . .I do not know what will happen as I can afford rent and a house payment. It was good to hear from you and thank you so much or your especially kind words. x Michele


  5. Happy Christmas, Michele. May the blessings of the season be showered on you and your loved ones. May 2022 be interrupted by moments of great joy.

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  6. God does give us answers, even a rabbit. I know I have said this before and will say it again, every time I look at your Little Rabbit Patch, I immediately see the house in the book “The Little House” by Virginia Lee Burton. You are where you belong. Best wishes, Michele.

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  7. I don’t blame you for being cautious about the new contract. It’s okay to save your excitement for the closing! And I agree with Caitlynne’s comment above: that rabbit was a sign that you are in your new home! There really is no point in worrying about things, because you are so right: the things we worry the most about never seem to happen, and the problems that cause us the most angst are the ones we didn’t even see coming. Merry Christmas, Michele!

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  8. Greetings Michele – I love your stories, so close to mine with a view from another angle. Another possibility has appeared for an “ultimate destination” I’ve been dreaming too. Like you, I’m cautiously invested, till I see some truth of a foundation. Minisa (1 Wind) reminded me that the end we’re looking for is our “place just to be” and Just Being here and now, with what is – is the way to let go to a Hand that extends the Divine Offering from above. THAT place, could be anywhere. I stand with your dream for the WHOLE to find COMFORT that there’s a DIVINE PLACE where we Belong, and it’s waiting with OUR NAME on it – we will KNOW. love, in lak’ech, Debra

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      1. Coffeyville KS – got my toe in during Christmas/New Years when no one was looking. A long lost sister found PERFECT and tied it down 28 days later. For auld lang syne 12/31 it was a long shot, and the NEW BEGAN. For all the beauty – what a mess. Now it’s the PILGRIMAGE home… prayers of blessing for every where I stop. For that I would know I’m covered. I have a wild idea… wondering how many bells it would take, or something like that… for a tiny choir to be a Music Calvary… drops by places people need to hear the calvary is coming… starts as caroling next Christmas. If you had any ideas for that? 🙂 THE TABLE where everyone is welcome togather is mine to offer – so that is the most important center of the house. 🙂 perfect little two bedroom – a garage to throw paint on canvas. 🙂 AND I can play piano as loud as I want – or ANYTHING even sing. I’ll make noise to HIGH HEAVEN for everybody. 🙂

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