It Happened on Bonnet Street

Snow on the little rabbitpatch was a lovely sight to behold.  The cottages on the Bonnet Street , grand or not, all had lights shining from their windows, making the place  charming and cozy.  There wasn’t a bit of movement and so silence filled the air.  Kyle and Christian went out with the boxer and then the world wasn’t as quiet.  I made snow lanterns while the boxer leaped about.  The boys had a wild snowball fight. We must be the only children on the block, for not another soul was in sight.  We came into a house full of the smell of fresh baked bread.  That was a nice day. 
That night the powdery snow became ice.  We did not lose power, thankfully.  Jenny told me the adventures they had with snow.  The girls could not get enough of it and were exhausted by evening.  Brant has to work in such conditions, but Sydney and her parents made sure that Ryan enjoyed the day.  The pictures they sent proved it was a memorable event, for all of them.  They built a snow family, with a cat-and when Brant arrived, Ryan had sled rides.  It is safe to say, that not a single one of the grandchildren went lacking in joy, this day! 
I do not work on Mondays, and schools were closed.  I have a lot of reading to do for my job and a bit of paperwork. There are also a few little projects to do in the house.  An extra good supper is planned, for I have the extra time.   
My youth was full of bigshot dreams.  Life winnowed them out, until at last, I ended up right where I ought to be.  I wouldn’t have guessed how much pleasure could be derived from just tending the house and cooking for my loved ones.  I never thought big enough to understand the joy of growing flowers or having pets or writing about such things.   No one ever says, ‘I want to be a grandmother, when I grow up”, yet it is one of the best things that could ever happen to us. 
Today I sit in another drafty, very old house as content as I can be.   . . and thinking about what to cook for supper.  It does not take “fame and fortune” to live happily, as it turns out.   
By Wednesday, only remnants of snow, in shady nooks, remained.  There was sunshine-clear and brightly shining -but it has been cold ever since the grand event. 
Believe it or not, another winter storm  is in the forecast for the coming weekend.  There is a chance of snow again.  Snow or not, it will be brutally cold.  Kyle asked if I would make crepes again, at the prospect of snow. 
Thursday, was a busy day.  I left school, later than usual,  then I had several tasks to accomplish.  I felt unusually tired . . but it was the headache that stopped me altogether.  I do not suffer with headaches . . not even occasionally.  It was the worst headache, that I could have imagined.  My eyes hurt, so that I could not hold them open.  My ears hurt, my throat hurt- so I went to bed before seven! The next morning, which was Friday, I woke with body aches and weakness.  The headache was better.  A test confirmed my suspicions  . . I had covid.  With the headache reduced to just an awful memory  now, I just feel like I have a cold-or a mild flu. 
As I was remembering my elders, that morning, I thought first of Aunt Josie, for it was her birthday.   Aunt Josie, my moms’ sister, had married quite young.  She married an especially handsome man who was in the army and off she went so far away, from everything she knew.  Aunt Josie was either very brave or  madly in love (or both)  to  go halfway across the country-away from the farm-away from her family.   Back then, folks did not travel as they do now.  Both Kansas and Texas seemed like foreign soil, when I was very young. 
Maybe, I was four or five, when Aunt Josie came back to the farm.  By then, she had two little sons.  There had been so much cleaning and scrubbing going on, that I was quite certain these people were quite special . . and they were.  I still remember meeting them for the first time in Pop and Grandmas’ living room.  I do not remember when, but my cousins, Chuck and Chris became more like brothers to me than cousins.   They remain that way, to this day.
Aunt Josie was a cheerful aunt with a beautiful smile and the handsome uncle Charlie, had a distinct laugh.. . and he laughed a lot.  Aunt Josie had learned some new dishes, that were quite unfamiliar to us country folks.  She made goulash and spaghetti!  In the summer evenings the adults would play cards and listen to Hank Williams, while we  untamed kids ran wild as rabbits.  . .left to our own devices.   
Aunt Josie and I were close, to her last day . . and I still miss her. 
 The wind was blowing with a vengeance, when I woke today.  It was eight degrees and there was but a slight dusting of snow was on the rooftops. 
I wasn’t going to make snow lanterns anyway. 

19 thoughts on “It Happened on Bonnet Street

  1. Oh that headache is the most gosh awful. I have just finished having one …but no I didn’t test…didn’t need too and also think the test is part of the problem. A blizzard is talked about for the East coast .. Are you in line for it.? What about heat? I don’t see a chimmy on the little house on Bonnet Street. Something teerrible has happenred to my fireplace and I have been afraid to start a fire. If it gets much colder I may change my mind. Something came across my FB the other day. I tried to send it to you but failed..Some artist in some far away land had made beautiful fabric butterflys. Of course I thought of our friend, who we miss terribly.

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      1. Somehow I missed this post. I don’t recall getting an email notice, the way I usually do with blogs l follow. Anyway, so sorry you caught COVID. Glad you are able to recover at home and don’t have to go to the hospital. Take care and get plenty of rest!


  2. What a lovely remembrance of your Aunt Josie. I’m glad the snow was so much fun for the kids. I hope yesterday’s temperatures were better than up here- single digits and fierce winds. Brrr… Best to you, Michele.

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  3. Snowfall is like a holiday, isn’t it? I love the snow-family, esp. the cat! ❤
    Sorry you got Covid… I had a headache after my last booster and that was bad enough, so I sympathize. Hope you are feeling much better today. Stay warm!


  4. I loved your snow adventures. Hope you will be over COVID quickly.

    John’s sister had her picture in a big Long Island newspaper because she was skiing on the street where she lives.


  5. Your posts are so calming and grounding. Thank you for sharing them, Michele! And I have to say that I think the new Rabbit Patch is every bit as charming as the old one. I’m so sorry you got Covid, but glad you’re feeling better now. And hoping that the immunity will last a long time!


  6. Lovely always! i am glad all of your family enjoyed the snow…including you! 🙂 We enjoyed our snow also in Virginia. The grandkids do have fun! Glad you are better…wishing you blessings this New Year! 🙂

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  7. Michele, a other beautiful blog about experiences far outside my own. Thank you. Your Aunt Josie sounds like a real treasure. I am sorry for your loss, although you have such beautiful memories.

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  8. Your new home sounds wonderful. You know all your neighbors were probably enjoying watching your outing in the snow. Maybe someday they will join in. Crepes – my grandchildren request them when they come to visit! There is no sweeter word to the ear than “mom” unless it’s “grandma”!!
    Love your new home!!

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  9. OMG! I can’t believe I missed out on the excitement of snow on Bonnet Street! I’ve been so derelict in my reading, I’m ashamed. I’m thankful for the blog which allows me to go back in time and see such wonderous things.
    I am now in a similar state as that which you describe for yourself. No one ever said “I want to be a widowed grandfather someday.” but here I am. Widowed or not, I agree that grandparentship is one of the greatest rewards of a good life. I had some dreams, too, when I was young. It’s funny how they did not include a drafty old Ark on a stony patch of farmland, nor the simple life of a humble recluse artist.
    All of those years I thought I was in command and steering a solid course, never realizing the winds of fate would choose my destiny.
    Now that things have settled out and I have a clearer view, I am awash daily in the simple euphoria of bright life itself. Retiring from work this month, I am as giddy as a schoolboy with the prospects that await me.
    Be well my friend, and kiss those babies for me.



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    1. Oh, Scott-I am so filled with joy, for you. I realise now that I have landed in this place in life, that I have never known or had much power along the way. I have to laugh. Somehow, I can say, heartbreaks and all-all things have worked together. Congratgulations on retirement! I am waiting in the wings. I have been paing off as much debt, as I can-and learning more about simple living. Practicing some old ways of doing things -freeing myself as best I can. Live well and happily and write when you can. a fan, always-Michele


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