Time Well Spent

I rarely leave the little rabbitpatch on Bonnet Street.  I go to work.  I go the grocery and I visit Mama and the grandchildren.  I love to be home.  On Saturday, I broke this habit and ventured more than a few country miles, to attend a brunch honoring  our “bride to be”, niece, Hayley.
  Mama, sister Delores and my other niece, Dana and I, all rode together.  After a pleasant drive, we turned down a winding lane, in awe of the massive house, looming ahead. Emerald wheat fields were on either side of the historical home,  Old trees completed the scene.  Two roosters strutted about.  It was as beautiful a place as I have ever been. 
We walked up on the fantastic porch to be warmly greeted by the grand lady with the grand house.  I was so stunned with the beauty of the place, I could hardly speak.  The foyer was a generous space.  Fresh greenery and flowers were placed in all directions.  The brunch was lovely and Hayley was so happy.  Sister Connie was too.  She and the grand lady have been the best of friends for a long while. 
I thought of Connie and what a special time this was for her .  She too, is facing a new season. I am glad that Hayley will be her neighbor .  I know that Hayley will be just fine-and so will Connie.  All of the guests were friendly , but I was especially glad to see dear Stephanie. 
I loved her the first time I met her-and her darling son.  We have so much in common.  Stephanie is very bright and has such interesting conversations. 
I knew that Stephanie was as in awe of the place, as I was.  We were both delighted when “Lady Jackie” offered to give us a tour. 
Every room was decorated perfectly.  The staircase in itself was a work of art.  Jackie certainly had a flair for  choosing just the right pieces, and  I was convinced her home should be show cased in a magazine.  As we toured, she shared the history of the home, which was also impressive.  I just loved that house . . and  the “Lady Jackie”.
When we all finally left, the first thing that I said, was “I feel like I have been on a holiday!”
The next day, I decided to make pasta.  I have never done so-and do not have a single gadget for the endeavor.  I like doing things by hand, but goodness the kneading was a work!  The dough is stiff and requires at least ten minutes of vigorous kneading.  I served it last night.  It was good enough to make again.   . .and I do not intend  to buy a machine. but  I do intend to practice more.    . .I have also been making ice cream. 
I do not have any sort of churn, but a hand mixer works.  There are just a very few ingredients necessary, but how lovely to make whatever kind you desire.  The hardest thing about it . .is waiting  for it to freeze!   
These simple things-along with rooting all sorts of plants- have really helped me avoid those awful doldrums, I was experiencing. 
The closing for the house, is scheduled for Thursday, therefore, that has kept me busy too.  I have at least another load of things to collect, and then I want to clean the place up a bit. 
Conclusion to a love affair, is tricky business.  Being very sentimental, does not help, one iota.  When I moved there, fifteen years ago, I could not have possibly imagined, that so much love, would spring up, in my time there.   . .and that is what I tell myself now about the next place.  I might just fall in love again . .   .it wouldn’t be the first time. 
Now, on   the eve of the closing, I am exhausted, excited and grateful, all at once.  Had it not been for my sisters, Mama and niece Dana-and Christian, I could not have accomplished all that had to be done. 
I came home today, to about fifteen flower pots filled with flowers from my grandmother, neighbors passed and a dear aunt.  They also raked the yard!  I am so awed by their love. 
I am also grateful for the years I had with the first rabbitpatch.  I learned so much while there and did a lot of healing, too.  It seemed to demand a certain “way’ of living just to be there.  I coined it “the rabbitpatch” way, for I did live amongst a thriving community of wild rabbits.  They owned the  young woods in the far corner, after all. 
The remnants of a farm served as a shelter for many of my loved ones.  I also met some of the finest folks.  The soil fed us and I declare now, that I have seen  raw and pure beauty.  I have trod on a blessed path and did not find it lacking.  Oh, what parting gifts, that path provided! 
Living on that rabbitpatch,  really –was time well spent.


30 thoughts on “Time Well Spent

  1. Bittersweet! No wonder you were in the doldrums about leaving. Still, there comes a time…And smaller homes can be cute as a button. My mother lived in a small cottage in a small Maine village. There were four rooms—two up and two down. Anyone who came over thought it was the sweetest place they had ever seen. Her yard, as big as a minute, was bursting with flowers. Big houses, as you described, certainly have their appeal. But to me, small and cozy are best.

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    1. Dearest Beverly-I know you have been a dependable friend-and so loving. It means so much to count you as my own. It has been a hectic time, full of business-ugh. With the state of this world though, not much to complain about in my simple life. Please send me you number- I would love to hear your sweet voice. x Michele or “your rabbit”.

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  2. Dearest Michele, the ending of a chapter can often bring both joy and sadness, perhaps even grief – which is just another form of love. Hence, it’s not always an easy thing to move on to a new phase of life. I too am facing a possible closing of 1 chapter. The winds that hide in the trees seem to hint that, though I can never be sure of being right. And just the other day, I came across a quote by a Catholic saint I’m not familiar with; I think he “came by” my heart to help me transition to this new chapter. I’ll share the quote here in the hope that it will help you some.

    Help me to journey beyond the familiar
    and into the unknown.
    Give me the faith to leave old ways
    and break fresh ground with You.
    ~ St Brendan

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  3. My senses were almost overloaded with your marvelous descriptions. You were living high in the best way and facing reality which pulled on your heartstrings. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. It is God-blessed living, which I find inspiring. I’m praying for peace for you.

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  4. Times of transition are never easy, Michele, but seem to be part of God’s plan for us. You are doing so well, and I enjoy reading about your journey to wherever you are going. Thank you for your wisdom.

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  5. Wishing you blessings in your new home! Thank you for sharing this beautiful journey with us. Wherever we go and whatever we do, the past travels with us as well. It helps to guide our steps to new adventures. We may change our shoes, but the walking path before us is still lovely. Ahead, there are wildflowers that grow and birds that sing in the tree branches. God is there with us along the path, and He always leads the way.

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  6. Ahhh yes… change is not always easy to manage and being sentimental myself, I get it! Some of the things I miss most about our house in Canada were the fir trees I’d planted as seedlings and which cam from my grandparents’ place. The beech tree seedlings that had come from my parents’, and some of the other gifted-growers that had wound their way into my garden. The first people God created had the task of tending a garden, so I figure that people like you & I are in good company Michele! Hugs as you ‘dig in’ to the new Rabbitpatch!


  7. Here it is June 16th today. I imagine you’re up to your ankles in alligators by now, between the real estate sale, a bride-to-be, and I can’t recall if you are still doing the spring concert at school. Such a contrast from a year ago, with so many challenges and things up in the air.
    I’m so pleased things are settling into place, and there are only happy things to look forward to!
    Good things come to good people.
    And you’re the best.

    All my love,


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