Now, the Cherry Has Blossomed


Valentines day, at the rabbit patch, has been going on for a while now.  I have bestowed all sorts of little candies to my youngest sons this past week-and let us not forget the “almost red velvet cake”, that I made on Sunday.  There are a lot of ways to let someone know that you love them and I think they all count.  I love good chocolate, any day of the week.  I love sweet cards with sweet words-and cookies , heart shaped or not.  Not all endearments, show up in tinseled paper or packages tied with ribbon-and certainly not on just one day a year.  Sometimes, love shows up on dishes- with bunnies, painted on them.

Last night, my friend Rae, stopped by the rabbit patch.  She came bearing gifts.  I convinced her to let me warm up the remnants of our supper for her.  Rae could hardly wait for me to open her gifts, so I hurried up as best I could.  One gift was a plate, with  a mother rabbit and a bunny painted on it.  Oh!- the sweet union of dishes and rabbits, struck a most tender chord with my heart-and yet there was another box. . .a pair of salt and pepper shakers, disguised as little rabbits, was tucked inside.  I almost burned Raes’ supper in light of my gifts!  Rae was as cheerful a giver, as I have ever seen and it felt overwhelmingly beautiful, to call her my friend.

There was a heavy frost this morning.  The sunrise was spectacular.  Only a few flat clouds shared the sky with the sun.  The  early light looked like pure gold and lit the frost up.  Oh, I thought, how good it would be to stand a few moments in those golden rays, and so I did.

The cherry trees are blooming.  The trees are full of blossoms and I can not blame them-other than a few cold nights, Februarys’ mildness is convincing and has made me doubt my own notions about it still being winter.  The one thing I am sure of, is that the earth shows its’ love, too , by things such as cherry trees blooming.

Love is truly a many splendored thing.  It has many forms and one is no lesser than any other.    Whether it is in the blooms of a cherry tree, the light on a frost or rabbits on dishes, all are expressions of love, in some fashion.  Valentines Day is a good day to tell others that you love them. . . and so is every other day, as well.  After all the cherry tree does not show its’ blossoms for just one day.