Now, the Cherry Has Blossomed


Valentines day, at the rabbit patch, has been going on for a while now.  I have bestowed all sorts of little candies to my youngest sons this past week-and let us not forget the “almost red velvet cake”, that I made on Sunday.  There are a lot of ways to let someone know that you love them and I think they all count.  I love good chocolate, any day of the week.  I love sweet cards with sweet words-and cookies , heart shaped or not.  Not all endearments, show up in tinseled paper or packages tied with ribbon-and certainly not on just one day a year.  Sometimes, love shows up on dishes- with bunnies, painted on them.

Last night, my friend Rae, stopped by the rabbit patch.  She came bearing gifts.  I convinced her to let me warm up the remnants of our supper for her.  Rae could hardly wait for me to open her gifts, so I hurried up as best I could.  One gift was a plate, with  a mother rabbit and a bunny painted on it.  Oh!- the sweet union of dishes and rabbits, struck a most tender chord with my heart-and yet there was another box. . .a pair of salt and pepper shakers, disguised as little rabbits, was tucked inside.  I almost burned Raes’ supper in light of my gifts!  Rae was as cheerful a giver, as I have ever seen and it felt overwhelmingly beautiful, to call her my friend.

There was a heavy frost this morning.  The sunrise was spectacular.  Only a few flat clouds shared the sky with the sun.  The  early light looked like pure gold and lit the frost up.  Oh, I thought, how good it would be to stand a few moments in those golden rays, and so I did.

The cherry trees are blooming.  The trees are full of blossoms and I can not blame them-other than a few cold nights, Februarys’ mildness is convincing and has made me doubt my own notions about it still being winter.  The one thing I am sure of, is that the earth shows its’ love, too , by things such as cherry trees blooming.

Love is truly a many splendored thing.  It has many forms and one is no lesser than any other.    Whether it is in the blooms of a cherry tree, the light on a frost or rabbits on dishes, all are expressions of love, in some fashion.  Valentines Day is a good day to tell others that you love them. . . and so is every other day, as well.  After all the cherry tree does not show its’ blossoms for just one day.

33 thoughts on “Now, the Cherry Has Blossomed

      1. I cant but oh i would if i could!!! I enjoy my past plantings and their blooms and celebrate when i could still do things like that.gardening was my favorite hobby/obsession:)

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  1. A beautiful heart felt post. You have a wonderful friend in Rae, she had the enthusiasm of a child in her gift giving (how wonderful). Giving these gifts to you brought her and you such joy. Spring seems to think it is here in Arkansas also. I have my doubts, but perhaps it has arrived!?

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  2. I felt the warmth of love in this post on Valentine gifts and friendship and sherry trees blossoming. Where do you live when spring is so advanced? Here in Denmark these trees will blossom up in late April 🌸

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    1. I live two hours from the coast in North Carolina-and let me say this February has truly been different, than any I have ever seen. Theses flowers and trees are due in March and April-yet the mild temp most every day have given them great encouragement. What will April look like? thank you so much.

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  3. What a wonderful friend! I bet those bunny dishes are absolutely perfect. I have never seen cherry trees in bloom. I am sure they are an amazing sight. I feel like I have just been given a gift when I read this post. thank you!

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  4. Such a lovely Valentine’s day post — it’s one filled with wisdom that will apply even in July, or November. There’s nothing better than that!

    I just realized something else today. You and I are using the same theme. It’s interesting how different the look can be, depending on color choices, fonts, and so on. The red is so bright and cheery — I like it.

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  5. Love is truly a miraculous thing.
    It fills a space that did not exist before it came.
    And when a loved one leaves us, the space remains, filled to brimming.
    A heart overflowing must seek out vessels to fill.



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