Peach Tea and More Wild Geese



Lyla and I spent  the best part of Saturday morning, feeding the wild geese.  The geese know who we are now, and scurry to greet us.  They come quite close to the stroller and this delights Lyla.  The geese are a cautious lot, but Lyla is already well practiced in such matters and observes quietly, as she does with the rabbit community.  It was a lovely way to spend one of our last summer mornings . . .this year.

Will and Jenny took Lyla to Miss Claudias’ for a visit and lunch.  I stayed home and made peach tea.  I had not spent any amount of time with Miss Thelma, Jennys’ neighbor and decided to go see her, bearing gifts.  Miss Thelma is ninety three and her husband is ninety six.  Miss Thelma always reminds me that her beloved husband, Mr. Ennis is a hero-and by all accounts he is.  He served in World War II, and has stories to tell.  Mr. Ennis thinks Miss Thelma is beautiful and tells me each time I visit.  I always have a lovely visit with them, and this time was no exception.  Miss Thelma and I sat at her kitchen table to drink the tea.  Her dining room table was full of letters and flower seeds she had collected to send to family and friends.  It touched me to see her hand written letters with little bags of promises tucked neatly inside.  The kitchen was a fine place to visit and Miss Thelma loved the tea.  Miss Thelma has lived in Elizabeth City for more than fifty years.  She taught in the schools, for almost forty years.  The tea reminded her of of Christmases, long ago, with her best friend, Edith.  Miss Thelma said they drank tea  together, and ate cheesestraws most every day during the Christmas breaks.   I hope to surprise her this year, with tea and cheesestraws, one afternoon in December. 

On Sunday

This day, I attended the “morning service” at the rabbit patch.  I drove home early, in the morning to prepare for the first official “showing” of the property.  I had been in Elizabeth City about ten days-that is a long time to leave two sons tending to things.  Alas, all was well with the exception of a few dirty dishes, which is always the case.  I went to work straightaway washing  those and told Christian to look for cobwebs.  . . that is always the case, too.  I was quite pleased with the condition of the house and also that not one herb or geranium had perished, in my absence.

As much as I hated leaving Jenny and Lyla,  I had missed Kyle and Christian-and my boxer, Cash-and the cats, Christopher Robin and Moon Shine.  Our reunions are always sweet and this time, even Christopher Robin did not seem to harbor resentments, as he usually does.

I have never sold a house, through a realtor and had no idea, that I wasn’t suppose to be here, when prospective buyers visit.  In the future, I will be nowhere in sight, but on this day, I greeted the family and quickly followed with an apology.  They were friendly folks and said they were glad to meet me, after all.  I did manage to stay out of their way, mostly.

When it was all over, I came in and explained the process to the boys.  I told them that the house and grounds had to remain clean at all times, so we would not “be in a bind” when an appointment arose, in the future.  Kyle said, he wanted to move out!  It was funny, but the truth is,  I am not so sure if either son will move with me.  They are certainly old enough and I am sure, neither has had the heart to  leave as they feel it would strand me, given the size of the house and property.  What a complicated affair as one thing hinges on another, in every circumstance.  It makes me quite curious about how all will end up, but thankfully, not fearful.  I do not pray in vain-none of us do.

The afternoon was void of details, and that suited me just fine.  One of my favorite old movies was on. Holiday Affair, is a Christmas story, and I thought, of Christmas again, as I did with Miss Thelma.  I love the Christmas season and it felt pleasant to think of something besides this business of downsizing.

I saw the August moon rise, when I went out to say good night, and it was beautiful.  Clouds were sparse, but made quite a production, as they drifted by.  The moon shine fell in splashes all over the territory. “giving it the luster of mid day”, I thought.   I felt humbled by all of the beauty I am shown.   . .and at that moment, nothing seemed complicated, but instead, all sorts of things were possible.

 Dear Diary, I am glad for wild geese.  I am glad for friends and peach tea.  I am glad for reunions  after long, happy visits. . . and  I am glad to stand in the light of the moon and have my heart well in gratitude for the goodness of such things.


When there were peaches at the rabbit patch.