Peach Tea and More Wild Geese



Lyla and I spent  the best part of Saturday morning, feeding the wild geese.  The geese know who we are now, and scurry to greet us.  They come quite close to the stroller and this delights Lyla.  The geese are a cautious lot, but Lyla is already well practiced in such matters and observes quietly, as she does with the rabbit community.  It was a lovely way to spend one of our last summer mornings . . .this year.

Will and Jenny took Lyla to Miss Claudias’ for a visit and lunch.  I stayed home and made peach tea.  I had not spent any amount of time with Miss Thelma, Jennys’ neighbor and decided to go see her, bearing gifts.  Miss Thelma is ninety three and her husband is ninety six.  Miss Thelma always reminds me that her beloved husband, Mr. Ennis is a hero-and by all accounts he is.  He served in World War II, and has stories to tell.  Mr. Ennis thinks Miss Thelma is beautiful and tells me each time I visit.  I always have a lovely visit with them, and this time was no exception.  Miss Thelma and I sat at her kitchen table to drink the tea.  Her dining room table was full of letters and flower seeds she had collected to send to family and friends.  It touched me to see her hand written letters with little bags of promises tucked neatly inside.  The kitchen was a fine place to visit and Miss Thelma loved the tea.  Miss Thelma has lived in Elizabeth City for more than fifty years.  She taught in the schools, for almost forty years.  The tea reminded her of of Christmases, long ago, with her best friend, Edith.  Miss Thelma said they drank tea  together, and ate cheesestraws most every day during the Christmas breaks.   I hope to surprise her this year, with tea and cheesestraws, one afternoon in December. 

On Sunday

This day, I attended the “morning service” at the rabbit patch.  I drove home early, in the morning to prepare for the first official “showing” of the property.  I had been in Elizabeth City about ten days-that is a long time to leave two sons tending to things.  Alas, all was well with the exception of a few dirty dishes, which is always the case.  I went to work straightaway washing  those and told Christian to look for cobwebs.  . . that is always the case, too.  I was quite pleased with the condition of the house and also that not one herb or geranium had perished, in my absence.

As much as I hated leaving Jenny and Lyla,  I had missed Kyle and Christian-and my boxer, Cash-and the cats, Christopher Robin and Moon Shine.  Our reunions are always sweet and this time, even Christopher Robin did not seem to harbor resentments, as he usually does.

I have never sold a house, through a realtor and had no idea, that I wasn’t suppose to be here, when prospective buyers visit.  In the future, I will be nowhere in sight, but on this day, I greeted the family and quickly followed with an apology.  They were friendly folks and said they were glad to meet me, after all.  I did manage to stay out of their way, mostly.

When it was all over, I came in and explained the process to the boys.  I told them that the house and grounds had to remain clean at all times, so we would not “be in a bind” when an appointment arose, in the future.  Kyle said, he wanted to move out!  It was funny, but the truth is,  I am not so sure if either son will move with me.  They are certainly old enough and I am sure, neither has had the heart to  leave as they feel it would strand me, given the size of the house and property.  What a complicated affair as one thing hinges on another, in every circumstance.  It makes me quite curious about how all will end up, but thankfully, not fearful.  I do not pray in vain-none of us do.

The afternoon was void of details, and that suited me just fine.  One of my favorite old movies was on. Holiday Affair, is a Christmas story, and I thought, of Christmas again, as I did with Miss Thelma.  I love the Christmas season and it felt pleasant to think of something besides this business of downsizing.

I saw the August moon rise, when I went out to say good night, and it was beautiful.  Clouds were sparse, but made quite a production, as they drifted by.  The moon shine fell in splashes all over the territory. “giving it the luster of mid day”, I thought.   I felt humbled by all of the beauty I am shown.   . .and at that moment, nothing seemed complicated, but instead, all sorts of things were possible.

 Dear Diary, I am glad for wild geese.  I am glad for friends and peach tea.  I am glad for reunions  after long, happy visits. . . and  I am glad to stand in the light of the moon and have my heart well in gratitude for the goodness of such things.


When there were peaches at the rabbit patch.


39 thoughts on “Peach Tea and More Wild Geese

  1. …”…one thing hinges on another, in every circumstance”. Very muchly, and especially so when moving house.

    When we sold our beloved cottage where we’d lived for over 30 years, in order to move closer to our daughter and son in law (at their request – or maybe I should say begging insistence), the price I felt I personally was paying, was high. I was leaving behind not just my beautiful cottage which I loved so much that the thought of leaving it was exceptionally painful, but also the graves of my mother and father – which I visited regularly and had a quiet time there, and a chat with them. But also daughter No.1 and my three grandchildren (her children).

    It was a terrible choice, but in the end we had to go where we were needed most. But parting from my cottage was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. So I can relate to all the ‘getting ready’, the painting, the de-personalising, the smartening, – etc etc. and the panic which goes on when you get a phone call giving you 40 minutes warning that potential buyers want to come and view – and you then behave like a crazy woman on some sort of high, polish in one hand, duster in another, lighter in your pocket so that you can light the scented Yankee candle jars in all rooms so that everything smelled absolutely wonderful. Special cushions on the bed, vintage cotton bed linen dressing the beds along with those extra pillows which the husband has been warned that he’s not to sleep on EVER!, because they were only for viewing and had been pressed to within an inch of their lives! Polishing the taps (faucets) so that they shone like they would if it were Buckingham Palace! Everything. Every last thing had to be thought of and everything eventually became like a well oiled machine and I’d got it down to 30 minutes to have the cottage and every room in it looking like it was fresh out of the bag. (And both the dogs out of the house, on a loooong walk!)

    I don’t envy you Rabbit, but I do wish I lived next door so that I could come round with my polish, duster and lighter and help you when you got the 40 minute warning of a viewing. And …. you could then come and hide out in my house as we watched the people arrive to view your home. We could check them out and rate them on how likely we thought they were to buy your house for the asking price.

    Where are you planning to move to Rabbit, once your property is sold? Nearer to dear little Lyla and your daughter perhaps? Smaller? or maybe the same size?

    I so wish I lived there Rabbit, for I so want to help with all the hard stuff, and to comfort you with cups of tea and squidges when you’re beautiful home is finally sold.

    Sending my love and thanking you for another wonderful read and insight into your life on the Rabbit Patch. Enchanting, totally enchanting.
    love ~ Cobs. x

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    1. you just helped me trmendously! ha! how great is that description-how harrowing the whole ordeal is! Oh how I wish you were here! well pray and send your love as you do-and that will do. I do want to move to my daughters, as that is where I am needed. I have found the most adorable cottage ever just behind her house-tiny but just right. I can not move til I sell-oh I am sure things work out as they ought to but how I hope it is soon!! I love you and your beautiful heart. love Michele

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      1. Moving to where you’re needed is a good thing. For you wouldn’t be moving there unless you needed them too.
        I’m so happy for you Rabbit, and I’m praying, wishing and willing a buyer to come forward and fall in love at first sight with the Rabbit Patch. I don’t want you to have a long wait. And I really don’t want you to lose any money on your property because all the money is needed.

        Praying for you Michele, with an open heart and with words which explain and request politely.
        Sending you my love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  2. We lived in our house for 45 years, and we never did get it properly ready to show. It sold in something like five days. The sale didn’t stick. Back on the market it went, where it sat and sat. At least the rooms were bare after we moved. Flippers offered us a price we were willing to accept. They replaced the kitchen and made some other changes, but no one bought it for months. We are thrilled to know that very nice people moved in, and they get along well with our former neighbors. God was looking out for all of us. I think of you often and hope this period will not be terribly stressful for you.

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    1. thank you -everyone says selling is a nightmare-oh well! today I m painting two closets and have a small easy picnic shelter to tidy. Of course the washing machine is on the blink and that has to be dealt with-I do not even worry. It is too much so I can not move til it sells so I may see it snow here again! and that is ok. I wish it could sell today. love Michele


      1. waiting is far from passive-you are so right! I have a beautiful life-right now and I just try to truly go day by day-I am so very curious though! It means so much to know folks like you are cheering me on-thank you so much-love Michele


  3. I love reading your Saturday and Sunday. Your tea with Ms. Thelma is something I love to do with a friend. We have lived in this house for 25 years. My husband just retired. Well, it was nine months ago. We don’t foresee any move yet. I don’t want to think about it now!

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    1. stay as long as you can-but before you get desperate- I have been thinking about this for two years- It is a mess to deal with-one more piece of advice-get rid of what you do not need or love -Mine has hit me hard-work work work!! but I am almost finished!! thank you dear friend! love Michele


      1. Hi Michele, thank you for the advice. I’ll start doing my part – get rid of what I don’t need. I went through several cycles of getting rid of clothing and books. I have tons of books. I have a lot of work to do also. Good to hear that you’re almost finished!

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  4. Dear Michele,
    I got to know your name at last. 🙂
    Could you share your recipe for a peach tea ? I have never had any or heard of this.
    I love the picture of your peach tree.
    I am glad you could visit the 90 year old neighbors of hear of their love, one for another- such is the stuff great marriages are made of, instead of the – he didn’t do this for me, she doesn’t do this for me’ thing we hear often. I hope where you move, you can make another rabbit patch, with your favorite rabbits, grand daughter, wild geese, long walks, an eye for nature, wild and domestic animals and a heart ever open to welcome a stranger.

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  5. Once again Your post transported me into an other dimension.
    I love the way you write.
    Selling and moving is never easy but you will make it through .
    My grandparents are in their early nineties and very bravely just sold their lifetime house and looking for something smaller and more handy for them to move in.I suppose what it is most terrifying is leave your memories behind but you don’t,nobody will never take those from you.You only leave the place where you build them,but they belong to you not to e house and with you they will stay❤️
    I moved myself 5 times in the last 15 years.

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    1. thank you so much-your poor grandparents!! it is sooo much work-but I bet they will as me, adjust and in the long run-be happier-I sure hope so. you are so right about sweet memories-treasures stored in our hearts. your comment is so nice-love Michele

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  6. Change is oh so hard. I am so glad (I read your conversation with Cobs) that you have your eye on a cottage that you already love! Will continue praying that everything falls into place as it should!
    Your peach tree is wonderful!

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    1. oh thank you-please do! the cottage is adorable and has been a favorite of mine for over a year! very small but fenced yard and flowers-and right behind Jenny! he owner just told me randomly, she wanted to move back to her home state-she is 80 and has been a designer for ethan Allen! well we shall see- more details if it really happens! thank you Faye! love michele

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  7. I think I will be very sad when you leave rabbit patch. I guess you will have mixed feelings as well. I am pretty sure, you will make any old building you live into a magical world. Reading your stories is like reading Alice in Wonderland. By the way how do you make peach tea?


  8. Aww, Michele. For some reason, I got choked up during this post. The sweetness of your granddaughter, neighborly tea, and then your thoughts on the future, your boys, and everything. I wish I could have watched the movie with you also, sounded lovely! I appreciate all that you share. Amy

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  9. If you get the chance and remember, please thank Mr.Ennis on my behalf, and that of a humble and grateful American family, for his service to our country.
    Every Veteran is a hero.


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