A Time To Rest

12801520_225350421145801_4568637826967462597_nThere are a lot of ways to spend our time.The rabbit patch provides plenty of options. I rise early, but not quite “ready” and so I use a bit of time just preparing for the new day. I hardly ever listen to the morning news as it seems the most of it is about things that went wrong in the night. I feel bad for everybody involved and their parents too. I remind myself that I can’t fix any of it, but it bothers me still-so it’s best for me not to be in the habit of letting the whole world in to “Sweet Home” all at once.  I prefer to wonder instead, if the peach tree, with all of its tiny pink promises might bloom today. I hear the birds making a ruckus in the yard declaring the glory of the heavens and the sound seems to urge me to  send hopeful wishes out to the whole world. I read something beautiful for good measure- and it makes a difference. I leave the rabbit patch with its serenity and comfort, determined to bring some of its goodness to the world.    My own world isn’t as big as I once thought it to be. In youth, I had lofty intentions of having an important impact on the planet-but as it turns out, I do well to be  a good neighbor and friend-and as it turns out, that is enough. That is what I can do for the world. I think the world could use some “cheer” and we ought to do our part. It’s a pleasant task, after all.   My return to the rabbit patch provokes a celebration of sorts, for Cash and Christopher Robin. They both spend a fair amount of time “showing-off” for a while-especially Christopher Robin as he has a new collar and is quite proud of that.    I start cooking as soon as I put my pocket-book down. The minute the stove “gets on its own” I check the laundry status. It’s always the same, so I put on a load.    I have noticed the days are remarkably longer and soon I will not be able to ignore the untidy yard. Evenings at the rabbit patch are born in stillness. Quilts are still necessary and the country air can not yet boast about honey-suckle and jasmine.  ” Jack Frost ” will show up for a while more with his “bucket of shine”, so it is not time to plant.   It is still a time to rest.    After “supper” is over and the kitchen “put back”- I have coffee,which does not hinder my sleep as it does for some. I try not to watch TV-but if there’s a good black and white movie on the classic channel, then I am happy to indulge. The plots are usually simple and usually end “happily ever after”  like a good bedtime story ought to.   I stay up long enough to sit quietly  for a bit. I think of the things that were right in my world today. On the best of days and the worst of days too, something has to go right. If I have any difficulty remembering that, then I go out and look up into the last of the winter night skies. The constellations jump out boldly in winter and I like that.   The peace of the night settles in my heart like a lullaby. . . “remember the best, it is time to rest.”

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