I Hope This Finds you Well

12717946_226006977746812_6238446392449395488_nI am thinking a lot these days about words. One of the most comforting thoughts that I have had recently, is that though the world changes at an alarming rate, for me any way-some things do not lose their value or place. Words are one of those things that are  of dependable worth.  There are so many varieties   now of communication-and I do miss some of the less modern modes  of exchanging thoughts-but the value of words will never decline, and I like that.  I remember as a child, writing letters to my cousin. She was only a few hours away, but telephones were party-lines in my earliest memories of them-and they weren’t installed for children to chat. Getting a letter from my cousin was one of the best things about the mailbox that I knew of.  Sometimes, mama would get a letter from a relative and she would have a ceremony of sorts, when she read it to the family.  Friends and I wrote to one another as young adults-now 30 years ago that’s been!  I do not remember when or how that custom was abandoned, but what a loss.  It is odd to me with  all of the conveniences  and all of the”instant”-with everything faster than before- that we are too busy to even send cards to one another. I am ashamed that I can’t recall the last time I did such a thing !   Now, my mother continues this beautiful practice and so today, my son, Christian will find some love in the mailbox for his birthday.  I do feel that writing from the rabbit patch is a good habit for me, and I have a notion that it may inspire me to be much more diligent about future correspondences.  I like to share the sweet things I find in a day.  Today, as I was rushing to complete a task that required an errand, I looked up from my parked car, to see a calico cat sleeping in a window sill. There she was without a bit of hurry in her,gazing out the open window. I watched her as I waited and the peace of those minutes, about made me drowsy. Driving back, I saw daffodils dotting the edges of fields and woods. I wondered who had planted them long ago. An old abandoned house had quite a few to brag about. Someone used to love it-the daffodils are the proof of that. What a nice legacy.   There is a rosemary bush that I walk by pretty regularly. I do not pass it without complimenting it on that sweet green scent it lends the air. Today there were a few little purple flowers decorating it for spring.  It was a lovely day we had today and I tried to take great notice of it. The treasures of this season, like ” a word fitly spoken” have a  beauty that will not change with time-and I like that.


5 thoughts on “I Hope This Finds you Well

  1. Again, your lovely words make us stop and reminisce, then take a moment or two of our day to notice the beauty of our spring foliage. The beautiful flowers and scented plants; soon, my favorite of all in spring will be in bloom for only a short time and that is the gorgeous wisteria. How I love to fixate my eyes on the beauty of lavender growing wildly in the trees. Thank you for sharing.

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