Unchanged Time

10286968_226969860983857_2229955252922814156_o Time will not change in the rabbit patch.  Life will not be hindered in the least as the coming and goings of that community do not care what hour it is. A rabbit patch is no place for such nonsense.  Oh,  to live in a rabbit patch!    I have never understood the benefits of “daylight saving time”. I will not argue about it now, but will continue to harbor some resentment.   The birds are noisy this morning and seem to be making great plans. They are country birds with a lot to do. The bird feeders are unattended and lonely often here at the rabbit patch. Only sudden changes in weather draw a crowd. It is as if the birds would just rather do things themselves!   My friend, Rae lives “in town” and has a complete feeding station in her backyard. The city birds put on quite a show at that place.  In the summer, where clocks don’t live, she and I passed a few hours watching the antics of the birds with great amusement. Of course, she had given them names, being on such friendly terms. She takes bird-feeding quite seriously-and her birds seem happy about it. When the shadows fell low and the birds had long been gone-the holiday was over. I drove home in ” moon shine” many nights, feeling pleased with myself for “using time wisely”.  Morning birds have a morning song. They sing in celebration. They work frantically and sing about it. They make squawking sounds when they are fussing-much like people, I think. If an argument gets too chaotic, birds just fly away, like people ought to, I think.    Once, I was sitting out back of “Sweet Home” filled up with despair about a turn of events. Birds were flying with their music loud. They seemed to be drowning out the sorrow I was lifting up and I didn’t like it. They seemed to take no account of my  pitiful state and I was sure the heavens didn’t either with all that ruckus going on-so i gave up.   While i was sitting there, trying to complain, I had taken notice that the barn looked shabby.  I found some paint and cleaned up a small section with white-wash. It looked better, but I thought to paint birds too-and then I thought, what about some cheerful words?  I never  have a plan when I write anything just because I want to write. I didn’t  have a plan on that day either-I ended up with a verse and it is still there today. “The heavens declare the glory of God”!.  When it was finished, I looked up. Things had changed. Light had shifted creating evening shade and the birds had all flown taking their music with them .  I did not know  when all of  that happened!   As I was cleaning up the paint and brushes, I realised that somehow  I didn’t feel so bad, after all.  The time had changed and so had my heart without any gallant effort on my part-and I liked that.



4 thoughts on “Unchanged Time

  1. Summer, “where clocks don’t live,” I love it…and those birds “flying with their music loud”, such inconsideration! 🙂 What a way you have with words that makes a heart smile and be filled with sweet wonder. Thes posts are just getting better and better. Thanks Michelle. ❤

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  2. I too like ” where clocks don’t live” which is where I am now, retired after 40 years teaching, except when I must watch those pesky hands tell me I’ d better hurry!!! I like DST, more sunshine!! Enjoyed your words today ( not that I don’t always!).

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