Rabbit Patch Fever

5dc79847421102fc9487746a2419235fWhen  a fever comes to the rabbit patch, things go mighty slow.   It’s as if a spell  has been cast on the entire community that calls it home. Even the birds have hushed their cheerful songs and rabbit sightings are scarce. 

Cash and Christopher Robin abandon their usual play and take to moping. They lay by the morning table united in despair by the current state of affairs. Something hateful has invaded “Sweet Home” and folks aren’t acting right. They do not quarrel, but sleep by me-and what a comfort it is to have their company.  One thing I am certain of is that Cash and Christopher Robin are not “fair-weather” friends.

There is a window by the “sick bed”, so I watched the spring outside today and felt the warm sunshine coming through the glass. Some of the little pink promises have bloomed on the peach tree.  Sadly, last nights’ frost, ruined their debut. The daffodils did not seem to suffer a bit. They do not look like warriors, but they are!  The rose bushes are full of tiny green leaves-and tulips are waking up.  Finally, some sparrows showed up to eat fallen seed from that desolate bird feeder. That was a sweet sight. I took note of all these things happening on a Tuesday morning at the rabbit patch.  It was like getting in on a ” secret”- and it was a nice way to occupy the time.

I think it is a good practice to fill the heart with good thoughts, especially on the occasion of  a  few days “under the weather”. It helps keep things in perspective and probably does a lot more good than harm.

Soon, it is Easter and so I thought about that today. I do wish that that the dogwoods and azaleas would be in full attire on Sunday.   Some early-bird azaleas are at least considering the idea.

There wasn’t anything but tragedy on the television today. I couldn’t bear it, so I turned to my favorite books by Gladys Taber.  Her books are out-of -print  now and it’s a shame.  She was a columnist for the “Ladies Home Journal” and then “Family Circle” in the 50’s and 60’s and she wrote the “Stillmeadow” books. She wrote of things that I love-the home and the treasures within-and the art of “running a household”.  I am thankful that she wrote a lot about life when the children have “grown and flown” too.

I was just telling my daughter yesterday how unfamiliar this part of life can be. All of the issues of young adulthood come back again, it seems, but with less options. Once again, one considers housing needs -and employment in later years may change or be altered.  Aging, when considered, is quite sobering.  It is comforting for me to remember that the most wonderful and significant things in my life, I did not plan.  The things I most worried about, did not happen and everything I have ever needed was provided. Therefore, I convince myself that all will be well.

There will be a beautiful full moon over the rabbit patch tonight. The quiet day has become a quiet night.  Moonlight is something else I love.

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