I Love You Like Rain

Rain fell  on the rabbit patch easter Sunday morning

artist-Susan wheeler

and everything got wet.  No amount of scurrying made a difference. The rain had come to stay awhile. 

The spring showers and the mud it created did stop our grand plans of Lyla’s first easter egg hunt-and we did not set up the outside table for desserts. I felt sad  for the youngest children that either hunted bright colored eggs in the rain, or not at all-but a holiday is still a holiday, whether or not it rains. 

The kitchen smelled like an occasion. We decided on a traditional easter meal of ham, potato salad  and the last of the string beans that were put up last year for such occasions. We were up early to pull it all off.  Soft lights twinkled here and there inside, and they chased away any thoughts of gloom. I was determined to have fresh spring flowers and so ventured out in one of the first showers of the morning. I ended up with a nice arrangement of jasmine,azalea and rosemary. Jenny pulled out her best dishes and the table was set.

Sisters came to Easter Sunday dinner. Will’s mom and her sister, aunt J, came in the midst of a shower with sweet potato biscuits!  Things got lovelier when they showed up at the rabbit patch. They talked as only sisters can, correcting one anothers recollections of past events. Several times, I realised that they would protect one another,no matter the odds. Their banter was harmless and I laughed at their way of conversing. Sisters love the same people- and one another,like rain.

The rain fell all the while-almost gently and quite steadily. It always sounds like a lullaby when it does so to me.  When I was young, the older folks in the family would often say, “I love you like rain.”  I was so accustomed to hearing that phrase  that it made good sense to me.  They also said things like “as right as rain”. Rain seemed to be a good thing and I took a fancy to it early on. When I grew up, playing in spring showers was a right for children, as long as it wasn’t thundering.  My own children did the same. There was always some complaints from some adult that declared we would surely catch our “death of cold”, but no one ever did.

This easter may not have dawned with sunshine. Children did not get grass stains on their easter outfits and easter eggs did not get the glory they deserved-but it was easter none-the less. The rain did not change the joy of gathering with loved ones for a holiday. Families gathered and we were reminded who we belonged to and who belonged to us. It was a time to say,  “I love you like rain.”

4 thoughts on “I Love You Like Rain

  1. I love Jenny, Will and Lyla like rain and by extension her family has become mine. Thanks for a wonderful meal and the joyful talk. Soaking rain as we came in but much joy in the house!!! Blueberry cream cheese pie so light made by Jenny and thanks Will for letting us share Michelle’s banana pudding!! J’s sweet treats…loved the whole dinner and time with Lyla’s family!!!!

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    1. It was a wonderful time! My heart is so grateful for your family and the sweet love you all extend to my daughter-and myself too! I do not worry about Jenny-she has family in Elizabeth City.


  2. You made rain sound soooooo good, l almost forgot the frizzy hair I got from it! We did have a good time together, and can’t wait for another get-together.

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