Roses and Strawberries


The “sweetest month” is here. . .and it came bearing gifts.  Roses are blooming and strawberries are ripe- and the world is better for it.  The beauty of May is showing up everywhere and refuses to be taken for granted.

The strawberry fields are ” alive and well”.  They are happy places for all ages. Nobody leaves a strawberry patch empty-hearted or empty-handed.  Most people end up picking enough to share.  Twice this season, I have been gifted with a basket of the sweet berries-both occasions made a nice difference in my day.  Strawberries are pretty to look at and their familiar  fragrance is nothing short of delightful.  A  kitchen full of strawberries is a happy kitchen.  A meal that ends with strawberry shortcake, is a good one.  There are plenty more options  of things to do with strawberries and none are bad.  Last night, I made a strawberry bread pudding and it felt like a holiday at the rabbit patch just because of that.

I used to grow my own strawberries, but I couldn’t get enough to make a pie because the rabbit patch community seems to like them as good as we do.  I am generous by nature, but to say it was a “fruitless” endeavor is about accurate.  I did throw the scraps of the berries out last night and the first-born bunnies of this year found them quickly.  I have only just started seeing baby rabbits these last few weeks.  Cash, my boxer, and I go out at the twilight time and watch them . Cash has too much pride to be mistaken for a “rabbit dog” and  so does not hinder their play.

The smell of roses is heavy in the early night air now. The “Quiet Garden” is bragging like “nobody’s business” and without shame.  I best like small flowers, but the rose is one of my favorites.  It is hard not to love a rose.  I love the fragrant varieties best, but any rose is worthy of  adoration.  Roses seem to have a language all their own-one that is felt, not spoken and not easily forgotten.

Redbirds are all over the rabbit patch and everywhere else now-a-days.  Cardinals are a noble bird.  They will perch in flowering trees with “airs” as if they are lending some prestige to the tree-and they do.  A male cardinal must be a very brave bird.  It matters not if he rests in an old magnolia or on a ditch bank-he is easily spotted with his flashy feathers- which ensures the safety of his wife.  Cardinals  mate for life.

 In a world full of schedules with quick ticking clocks and all sorts of obligations, it is good to remember that the  roses, redbirds, young rabbits and strawberries of May, come without demands and price tags.  Things in the wild do not honor such systems- and the world is better for it.


20 thoughts on “Roses and Strawberries

  1. What a lovely post. Your writing is very descriptive. I can see everything your describing in my mind and it’s wonderful. You are right – nature takes its time and so should we!


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  2. This read brightened my day for sure. Your words and imagery transported me to outside on a beautiful spring day where I could see, hear, and smell it all. I definitely felt demand free in those few minutes reading your post. Thank you for that.

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  3. Strawberries! Yes! It is John’s favorite flavor. I saw berries in the local market, but I’m going to wait another day or so. We had rain, and I was afraid the berries would be water-logged. I’ve seen blooms on our two rose bushes, but I haven’t been close enough to smell them yet. That’s something to look forward to.


  4. Such a pretty and calming, yet fun post! I have never made strawberry bread pudding, but I certainly will try it right away! I do make “regular” bread pudding with a New Orleans type sauce! Do you mind if I reblog this post on kindergartenknowledge? I would so much like to share it!


  5. Beautiful post, it is still spring in my little gardening corner so reading your words has transported me a month or so forward in time, my strawberry growing is also a little hapless … last year we had the grand total of around half a dozen berries ~ the rest were eaten by the local wildlife …including K9 who loves them with a passion LOL and do you know what ~ I enjoy seeing the birds relishing their bounty 🙂


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