Roses and Strawberries



The “sweetest month” is here. . .and it came bearing gifts.  Roses are blooming and strawberries are ripe- and the world is better for it.  The beauty of May is showing up everywhere and refuses to be taken for granted.

The strawberry fields are ” alive and well”.  They are happy places for all ages. Nobody leaves a strawberry patch empty-hearted or empty-handed.  Most people end up picking enough to share.  Twice this season, I have been gifted with a basket of the sweet berries-both occasions made a nice difference in my day.  Strawberries are pretty to look at and their familiar  fragrance is nothing short of delightful.  A  kitchen full of strawberries is a happy kitchen.  A meal that ends with strawberry shortcake, is a good one.  There are plenty more options  of things to do with strawberries and none are bad.  Last night, I made a strawberry bread…

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5 thoughts on “Roses and Strawberries

  1. Fresh strawberries are the best! Around here they are ripe in June. I don’t grow them myself but about 30 miles away is a you-pick place and they have wonderful strawberries!
    I have never made strawberry bread…I bet that is good.

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    1. I buy strawberries now at the pick your own spots too. I think strawberry anything is good. In my recipe section, I think I have a recipe like bread pudding-simple. thank you dear-i am very behind AGAIN!


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