A River is Running Thru It


I woke up this morning to the sound of rain falling .  It was coming down in a gentle way and the world was gray.  I was thinking how lovely it would be to linger in that state. Cash and Christopher Robin were in no hurry to find their day.  What a pity, I thought, to be a human-and then I thought about the garden. Surely it was drowning.

I declare that this spring has been as rainy as any I remember. I love rain, more than most people do, but it sure can dash a gardeners’ dreams of marinara sauce for the winter!  Such is the life of the one who tends the earth. I have learned a lot of life lessons in that little patch of earth .  The garden at the rabbit patch is like an old friend and I have no secrets from it.  I have prayed, cried and laughed in that garden. I have seen the sun rise on it-and the stars appear above it. There may be a “river running thru it” now,  but the heart of a gardener is patient and hopeful.  We learn to “wait and see” and we can accept the mystery-much like the way life works.

I had gardens in my youth, when the children were young.  They were mostly disasters as I couldn’t invest the proper time in them.  There was a lot of laundry back then-and supper is no small affair when you have five children.  We managed to eat out of the garden, but not much got “put up” for winter-and the well-stocked pantry is one of the greatest benefits of a summer garden.

There is a rumor, that gardens are for “old people”.  There may be some truth in that as now there are farmer markets everywhere.  There was no such thing when I was growing up.  If you had land, and didn’t grow a garden-well, folks might think you were lazy.  Of course, I grew up in a farming community where everybody had a big yard and a tractor.

I went out last night as always -and I looked at the garden. Light rain was falling.  Two bunnies were making their way through that swamp.  They were sandy colored and I knew my former pet, “Cookie” was alive and well and I felt glad.  She escaped a long while back and naps under shade trees , boasting about her liberty on summer days. I have taken a lot of bunnies that grew up and weren’t appreciated  for that-Cookie was one of them.  They had a little pen that allowed them to feel the grass under their feet and plenty of space to bask in the sunshine-as rabbits ought to.  I don’t like to see anything caged up.    My grandmother, lived at the rabbit patch in her last years. She would sit by the pen with iced-tea and watch them with amusement.  I miss those days right now.

The sun is shining on the rabbit patch like it’s making up for lost time this afternoon. I have promised the garden that when school is out in a few days, and the river running thru it is dried up-that * “I will stand and see, ask for  the old paths and where is the good way and walk there in.”


*Jeremiah 6:16

18 thoughts on “A River is Running Thru It

  1. Nicely rendered! I recall the times when my pet rabbit, Mira, was running freely in the garden. She was like a family member. It was a sad night when she died after being chased by my husky dog. She still lives on in my memories. Psst! I too like the rain! ☺

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  2. I’m still at the stage where life takes away from gardening time, as our cottage & it’s garden are renovation projects we still have a lot to do, but the quiet time I get to spend in the garden with the huge expanse of sky above (we live on the edge of the fens so the panorama is rather flat)feed the soul x

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      1. Thank you-if they just learn to listen only and become good at that-maybe they will listen to others. That would be grand enough-of course a violin never hurt anyone! haha! Thank you!


  3. I only came across your blog yesterday via Mrs P, but something about the way you write takes me back, somehow, to simpler days. It is charming, and it is a pleasure to read.

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  4. There’s a lump in my throat reading Jeremiah 6:16 but it comes from a heart so moved once again. I discovered this verse nearly a year ago and wrote my reflection on it. To be reminded of it today is no coincidence. How very, very glad I am for it.


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