Love is Truly the Greatest


There is no sign that a river ran through the rabbit patch garden just a few short days ago. These last few days have been bright and beautiful, and have erased any evidence of such an occurrence.  The only  proof of the crime that remains  is no one has been in that garden in a good while. Grass and weeds are claiming territory and they seem to mean business.  Supper has been late  this week on account of that,  and laundry has been done at odd hours.

I was ready to give up on the garden, but a small pepper changed my mind.  There it was right at the end of the row in plain sight, hanging from a small plant-so I went in and started pulling grass.  It came up easy and the next thing you know, I had finished that whole row.  I am now about half way done. I have done a bit every day after work and I am down to the “short rows” as my Pop used to say, meaning  I am about to be finished.  There is no rest for the wicked nor a gardener-but a gardener does eat better.

The world in a garden is quiet. Cash  and Christopher Robin fell asleep while I worked in the dirt. I smelled the gardenia bushes mixed up with scent of the earth and felt happy.  I thought how good the  vegetables were going to be and started thinking about feeding the people I loved.  I thought that soon the kitchen would smell like a garden and how I love that.  I caught the fragrance of elderberry blooming in the rabbit patch as there was a spring breeze blowing my way and it bore such tender gifts, just liked it meant them for me.

I kept pulling grass and thinking about things I love in my life.  The more I thought, the more things came to mind-especially the people I love.  There’s a lot of reasons to love people.  Sometimes we love a person because they have helped you or they have been generous in some way. We love people that we admire .  In a broad sense, I love everybody as I ought to-some people just make it easier than others to do such a thing.  I realised how blessed I was to have so many people all around me, everywhere I go that I love, easily and with all my heart. I think what makes a person so dear to me, above all, is the way they treat others .  When I witness acts of kindness to strangers or the ability to have compassion for others it touches me deeply. I admire people that treat others with respect and value.  It says more than enough to me about the condition of their heart. They “wear their sermons in their shoes” .  I think how easy it is to love those that are like yourself.  We call them “friends”-and they are.  We like the same things and enjoy one anothers’ company.  It is lovely, but it doesn’t require any great effort. We get something back, after all. Well, this has been written about before, but it came up when I was in that garden .

When I finally looked up, it was almost dark.  The night air was cool and the breeze was just a sweet memory.  Killdeer were flying about as is their habit.  Lights were on in the kitchen window and I couldn’t see the difference in weeds and vegetables anymore.  

Cash led the way to the backdoor of the farmhouse.  On the short walk back, I knew two things-there would be a garden at the rabbit patch this summer, after all and that of all the things that truly matter in life- “The greatest of these, is love.”


23 thoughts on “Love is Truly the Greatest

  1. I love Gardening I’ll have to find some indoor Gardening to do. I love your blogs. Amen and Jesus says here’s a new testament. Love thy Neighbor.

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  2. I “loved ” your story. I also feel that gratitude for all the people in our lives and the blessings each day brings help us to grow more seeds of Love in our hearts’ garden.

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  3. For some reason a garden is a great place to reflect. I am not sure if it is the oh so basic task of digging in the dirt, the smell of it, or just that it uses every one of our senses. Love this post and the way you connect it to practical living! Please keep them coming.

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  4. It’s easy to love those who do good deeds, acts of random kindness or other great things. It’s harder to love those who don’t do these things. If we can love everyone for who they are (fellow passengers on this planet) then why can’t everyone else do the same? Don’t we realise yet that we are all unique and no-one can dictate how another must feel? I’m so glad I stumbled upon the Rabbit Patch as you are truly a like minded person and I look forward to further visits to the Rabbit Patch.

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    1. what a nice thing to say! and you are right-humans ought to extend grace-we are all going to need it sometime. and too, caring for one another-even those that do horrible acts . I just feel sad that somehow they got to that point. Thank you so much and best wishes on your journey. You are always welcome at the rabbit patch!

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  5. Barbra Streisand puts it so well in her famous song: “People.” She tells us that people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. I believe her, and have been into people from all walks, shapes, sizes, ethnic groups, and cultures for all of my life. My beloved Mother insisted on it, and I’m thankful she helped me to know what love is. I even have a “Free Hugs” shirt. If somebody needs one, I don’t have to know them to give one. We are all spirits in human form, and as such have a connection I enjoy exploring further. I have a lovely family, and more than a handful of friends. But above all else I am a kindred spirit with peoples from all over the world. It’s a blessing to be a part of humankind, and it feels right to be so!

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    1. how beautiful-what a lovely practice-and God bless the mother who taught you so. I feel the same about all the souls on the planet-we are in this together and ought to care for one another. I am so glad you visited and glad to know you and hear that beautiful story.

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      1. Love, love your way with words. Hope we can get together this summer so you can show us what you have done since we were there. I know you will be on the road visiting but please take a day for us to visit. The way you describe things is amazing. You really are special!!!!

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      2. I love you and you and I are going to have some time!!! Hey-Jenny is here with Lyla this week! Maybe that could work-she is on the way frm Wilmington-has been at Brant’s-Thank you! love that you comment-we will talk when she gets here and I will call you!


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