When White Moths are on the Wing


A day at the rabbit patch is a lot longer than it was, just a few short weeks ago.  The night does not come swiftly.  It falls without hurry. The elderberry is blooming in the young woods  Well hidden nests have hungry chicks instead of tiny eggs. . . and white moths are on the wing, for I have seen them in the twilight. 

Springtime is all but passed and summer all but here.  Screen doors and window fans have lost their charm these last few days.  In two days, the alarm clock-and most any clock in the house will count the hours in vain.  School will be over, even for music teachers- and summer is about timeless at the rabbit patch.  It is quite liberating to have a season without clocks and schedules.  I have plenty of obligations, living on the rabbit patch, but somehow, when you measure time by grass growing and tomatoes ripening it seems natural and quite acceptable.

Summer at the rabbit patch does not allow for rushing, unless a storm is coming across the fields.  Then there is a mad dash to the clothesline -and then to the front porch to batten down the chairs and any thing else that is liable to go flying in a summer storm.  

Otherwise, the summer is reserved for a season free of chaos and clutter of any sort at the rabbit patch.  In early summer, I will have a morning garden party or several.  I plan to spend a good part of my summer drinking tea in the shade of the sycamores with loved ones .  I will have long conversations with cousins not seen in a while and I have several neighbors that I want to visit with.  In the country, neighbors can be separated by farms and live a few miles away-still they are the closest ones to you.

In the summer, I have time to think great thoughts-and silly ones too, if I am so inclined.  I may be cleaning a barn out while I am doing so, or shucking sweet corn but I am not hindered in the least by such tasks.  The yard and garden alone require regular attention.  There is always something to be mended from the white picket fence to the barn doors-so summer lends me many options on how to spend my time. Therefore, I have no qualms with spending hours in the shade of trees on a regular basis-and I wish everybody could do the same.

The biggest advantage of the season will be spending time with my children, my first grandchild and my parents.  Everything else, takes a back seat in comparison to that. Age has an uncanny way of defining what really matters in life-it has done this for me anyway.

As spring retreats and summer arrives, my thoughts turn to such things with great expectations -and a determination to work, play and rest with a sense of balance.  The time to pick vegetables in the morning and eat them a few hours later is upon us-The time to gather with loved ones for an outside supper is here.  I know for sure, because the gardenias say so , the hydrangeas agree -and* when white moths are on the wing, summer is just a short while away.





15 thoughts on “When White Moths are on the Wing

  1. Your stories are always so refreshing, they transport us to the beauty of the nature that surrounds you and reminds us of the value of the important things in life, like family, friends and appreciation for our many little blessings each day.

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  2. I am now ready for summer…..I love how you described time being measured – by grass growing and tomatoes ripening. You have captured the busyness and the relaxed quality of summer to perfection and I would love to join you under your sycamores for tea :).

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  3. I enjoyed Lyla and your visits. Hope she was ok for her. Love this post and haven’t really thought about white moths….do love hydrangeas and gardenias.

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  4. You write the sweetest words! I enjoy reading about your rabbit patch thoughts. Memories flow in me as I remember my childhood. The air is fresh here in NJ today breezy and cool this morning I will watch the leaves fluttering and can smell the flowers as the wind gently moves them. Thank you for reminding me to see my surroundings and the special people I love more clearly.

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