The Color of Summer


I will not soon forget the summer.  I have  been on the rabbit patch a bit more than a decade now and have never seen a summer the likes of this one.  Yesterday, the weatherman claimed that this location was the hottest in the state-and I believe it with all my heart. It was reported that it had been 116 degrees with the heat index .  I hope the burrows in the rabbit patch are deep where the earth is cool.

I have spent the best part of the last few days inside.  This is not my habit by nature, but it is as of lately.  I have worked in heat all of my life, but this summer is “a horse of a different color” .  It is quite helpful that my interests are many and vary greatly.  The confinement of the last few days has led me to do the things I usually do in January.  I have been reading and painting old furniture.  An old table and a dresser are now “sitting pretty” with a fresh coat of white paint. I am also working on a wooden tray.  It is white too, but I intend to paint flowers and a rabbit on it-if the heat doesn’t let up, tomorrow.  

I also decided to wash a small collection of glass  that I have.  I find washing pretty pieces of glass quite therapeutic.   Only the summer allows me to spend a Tuesday morning doing such things.   There are only a few pieces and they are in shades  of turquoise, blue, periwinkle and aqua.  There is an old bottle, a bird and even a small antique oil lamp in the collection.  One piece came from Egypt and the piece beside it, from an old barn.  I washed them all and took great satisfaction in the way they sparkled in the sun that spilt  in the window.  The sunshine through the glass made a watery rainbow of blues and greens-this I thought is the color of summer.

The latter days of summer are a good time to wash the heavy linens used in winter.  A clothes line is quite handy for this.  I have a line full of soft blankets now, that were hung in the early morning , when the day was new and the scent of the mimosa filled the air up.  The practice of using a clothes line is fading fast-and with it will go the pleasure of sleeping on line dried sheets.  Hanging clothes out is a peaceful task-and you are liable to solve a problem or say a prayer while doing so.  I have done both.

I will make pimento cheese today .  Summer is an especially good time for that.  It is a simple process and I may think about Christmas while making it.  Cash and Christopher Robin will lay in front of the window fan hoping  that I will cook chicken in some form next-and if I do it will be in the morning, only requiring warming up later. The only exception is if it is fried.  When I was a child, my grandmother and every other woman in the county cooked on summer mornings.  We had a big dinner and a good rest in the middle of the day.  When dinner was over, a table cloth was spread over the entire table til supper when a fresh pan of biscuits and dessert was added to the meal.  We did not have an air conditioner in those days-of course it wasn’t as hot then.  Food was mainly fresh without preservatives also, but we stayed alive anyway.

 I find that sometimes processes  themselves can be of great value.  I have never said a prayer when putting clothes in a dryer.  Soon enough, summer will end and the details of life will increase at the rabbit patch .  Then and always,   I will be glad for the memory of  a Tuesday  morning spent washing little glass objects in shades of blue and seeing the color of summer because of it.



11 thoughts on “The Color of Summer

  1. Loved the post. I wish I had a clothes line – you inspire me to find a place to put comforter in the sun. I’ve also been told the sunshine offers some purification. You also have me thinking about the absence of music around here. I sold my piano before moving 2,000 miles to WA and I’ve been missing it. These days there are so many cheaper/lighter options. Perhaps there is a keyboard in my future. Even with the heat, it sounds like you’re getting a lot more done around the house than I am! 🙂 in lak’ech, Debra have an awesome day!


  2. I’m glad someone else enjoys hanging out washing as much as me! I find it depressing to use the tumble dryer knowing it’s using precious electricity when nature has the power to do it better. I quite like fetching it in in the evening too. 😊

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  3. I love hanging my laundry on the clothes line too. It is one of the activities that affords me a few minutes of wonderful sun and breeze even on extremely hot days like we have had lately. I heard there is break coming up soon! The wind will turn northeast for a bit and the temps will drop down to the upper 80’s instead of 90’s. What a sweet relief that will be! Thanks for having us all in for a visit again though your stories of your days in the rabbit patch. You always lighten my heart a bit! ❤ ❤ ❤

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