Pimento Cheese at the Rabbit Patch

Pimento cheese is well known in the south, though it’s origin is in New York.  It seems that Georgia started a large canning facility for the sweet red pimentos in the 1920’s and the south took full advantage of that.  All I really know for sure is that the rabbit patch loves it-and pimento cheese is as easy to make as it is to eat.  There are many variations-and you can add what you see fit.  Bacon bits and pickles are commonly used add ins, but we like the basic recipe below-

16 oz. of sharp shredded cheese

8 oz. diced pimentos ( you can lessen or add more as you prefer)

mayonnaise, salt, pepper, garlic-all your preference on quantity

a dash of mustard

This spread is great on crackers for a snack or in a sandwich, it makes a meal.  If there’s a chill in the air , serve it like a grilled cheese-you won’t be sorry.  At one time, before occasions got so fancy, little pimento cheese sandwiches were served at every bridal or baby shower I ever went to-including my own. And beware-store bought is not the same thing.


The rabbit patch serves this when good friends come by-and it’s always better that way.. . of course, it is great for a picnic too.


* From “The Color of Summer”


13 thoughts on “Pimento Cheese at the Rabbit Patch

  1. Love pc..Have you gotten Will to eat any? I grew up with pc and chicken salad in the refrigerator..but Mari and Will really didn’t want any. Of course, I had VERY little mayo in either one. Whoever made it always put aside some for my brother and I with only a very small smidgen of mayo. To this day, neither one of us likes mayo but my children like..how that happened I don’t know…..another favorite was cucumber sandwiches . I make mine now with Philadelphia vegetable cream cheese spread, onion and garlic powder, chilled if I have time and in quarters…if really hungry, just make as a sandwich…Thanks for th memories.

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    1. I can’t remember if Will ate a grilled one or not. Jenny did. It has been a while since I made it there. Your cucumber sandwiches sound good. Yes, cucumber sandwiches and peanuts, chips cake squares-normal fare of yesterday’s parties. Now they need financing! Thanks for this-you added sweet moment to my day! xoxoxo


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