Silver Linings


There is such a thing as a silver lining.  I have seen them countless times.  If every cloud does have one, then I have been in”high cotton” lately!  September has been full of clouds, fog and rain.  September was shades of silver.

October seemed to come suddenly.  It is a favorite month of mine and I am glad to see its’ arrival, but September seemed to pass in a hurry. I do hope that October doesn’t slip away in the same fashion.  Some of the prettiest skies of the year are in October, I think.  I love the big cumulus clouds against the clear and bright blue expanse. When the leaves turn shades of gold and scarlet, even those not in the habit of noticing nature, will do so-in October.  I love the wind that blows with a chill and sends the leaves dancing in mid-air.  October is a lovely time.

I was in Elizabeth City this first day of the new month.  I got up early and went out before the first light had come.  I will tell you, that the morning dawned as it does in April.  Birds were singing and a warm breeze blew off the river.   I had to remind myself that it was autumn, the time to bake pies!

I could see early on, that this day would be another one much like the last ones. Clouds were covering the sky and hid the suns’announcement of morning.  I like all kinds of weather and am usually content , no matter the outcome.  Lyla and I have walked in heat , cold and even a light summer  rain.  We have yet to walk in snow, but first chance I get, we will.   We walked yesterday under clouds that were heavy and spilt little droplets ever so often.  I told Lyla about silver linings.

Most often, things have not worked out according to my plans.  I am not talking about birthday parties and camping trips-but about the bigger events of a life, houses  and jobs -things of that nature.  The rabbit patch itself was a silver lining.   I was moving to another little town.  After weeks and weeks of hard work, and a few things already placed,  I had the electricity turned on and all seemed set.  On that day, the owner had a change of heart and all my hopes were dashed.  It took me some time to recover, but within a short while I found the rabbit patch-the place that made me paint birds and roses around pretty words on old barns-the place that allowed me to grow food and shelter homeless animals-the place that gave me words to write.  The rabbit patch opened my heart to silver linings and proved they are real.

Lyla herself is a silver lining of sorts.  I did not want Jenny to move to Wilmington.  She was a young , small town girl and I was certain, I had not properly prepared her for city life.  It was a most unsettling  time for me as I had planned on her staying closer to home.  I was sure the shadow that followed me, meant a  calamity of some kind was waiting to unfold at any moment  . .  instead, Jenny met Will  in Wilmington  and I often say I could not have “hand-picked” a better husband for my daughter, or a better father for Lyla . 

Many “lesser” things have been silver linings in my life.  Sometimes, we see them quickly, but often “silver linings” take their own sweet time in showing up. Some are easily recognized and other times they require  a most thoughtful reflection.  I am still waiting for some of them to make their presence known.

Lyla will have to hear the story again as she was mostly interested in a friendly cat that decided to walk a while with us.  When we got back from the walk, we sat on the porch in a swing and watched it rain- soft and gentle showers fell and all was right in the world for us. It made me think that just  maybe, there really is a silver lining behind every cloud. 


25 thoughts on “Silver Linings

      1. You are very welcome! You already do it 🙂 Write, that is, so many of us say…Oh, I could write a book about their life, but you are doing it I it is so picturesque, that I feel I am there! So, thank you for writing and sharing! xxx

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  1. I agree with Ruthie. I can see a lovely book, with little drawings and illustrations, perhaps in a different kind of paper, one that rustles really satisfyingly when you turn a page. Thoughts, stories, recipes. You have the material already!

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  2. There is so often a silver lining, though it isn’t always apparent immediately. Sometimes we also have to open out eyes to it, it’s so easy to focus on the negative. Even if the silver lining is something tiny it’s worth celebrating. I’m glad you found your rabbit patch.

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  3. This is beautiful and so so true. Many things in life have those silver linings and if we are patient, God will reveal the lining in His time. Most times I wish He would hurry and reveal them but I am learning as I get older that patience really is a virtue.

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  4. I agree it often takes reflection to see all the “silver linings” in life especially in times of disappointment or loss. Your post is always an inspiration to me. I’m glad you found the rabbit patch – or the rabbit patch found you!

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  5. ” but often “silver linings” take their own sweet time in showing up. Some are easily recognized and other times they require a most thoughtful reflection. I am still waiting for some of them to make their presence known.” Needless to say ‘I loved it, loved it, loved it”


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