This Old House and Every Other One, Too


I just love old houses-this one, and every other one too.  This one needed a roof when I bought it.  There was a busted pipe under the house and the water heater did not work. either.  There was very old wall paper and old carpet too. I needed a big stove and by todays’ standards, a small refrigerator.  Of course, it was love at first sight, for me.

As I write this, my son Tres is replacing the bathroom floor down to whatever a “floor joist” is.  He started on Friday and should finish tomorrow.  Kyle and Christian have helped him along, as well.  We have had water at times-and at other times, not.  There is a ceiling and another floor , to do next.  I have been mowing all afternoon.  We had “store-bought”chicken for Sunday dinner.  This is why not to buy an old house, if you are a single woman and no “spring chicken”, as well.  One of Christians’ friends recently said “you need a crew, to live here.”  He is about right.  

Finally, after making several “big productions”-my kids have inspired me to find a smaller and more practical rabbit patch.  The problem is, every one I find goes with another old house-smaller, but old.  I started out looking at big houses again, convinced It would come in handy on Christmas Eve -and Thanksgiving , too.  Finally, I stopped that notion.  I do not want my children to worry about me as they are busy building their lives. I have convinced myself to be sensible and downsize-  when the repairs are done.

I do not understand my love affair with old houses.  Often, they are abandoned, neglected and dirty-but they have window seats and built in china cabinets too!  The door ways may be arched and heirloom roses may grow by the windows.  If, there are old trees, I fall head over heels with no recollection of busted pipes or windows that won’t open.  I know where the Christmas tree will go and where Christopher Robin will nap. By the time I leave, the walls are painted and curtains are hung.  

Heaven help me-and I know It will, find a little cottage on a rabbit patch, that doesn’t need a roof.  

31 thoughts on “This Old House and Every Other One, Too

  1. I share your sentiments as I also had to downsize last year, leaving behind my secret garden & bunny heaven where I was living before in a turn of the century home, lovely but full time work…

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  2. I hope your new rabbit patch is closer to me than your old one was, and I bet it will be, too! We also often consider selling our little farm because of all the work involved but we hate to let the donkey and horse go! 😦 Ours isn’t old and quaint like yours but the setting is nice. We have woods on 2 sides, a field across the street and the beautiful Currituck sound a 5 minute walk away, not to mention some wonderful neighbors- even though one couple is also preparing to move because of all the work involved wity 10 acres…. I love you, Michelle, and always enjoy reading about the goings-on at the rabbit patch…. Makes me miss you, your family and our rambling walks and talks at your kitchen table or around your rabbit patch.. I love my busy full life but do wish I had more time just to catch up sometimes. Take care and please keep writing. That is my way of catching up with you for now. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. I will pray that God guides you to the new perfect rabbit patch for you. Old homes are a lot of work beautiful but can be a money pit. We are glad we did not move from our ranch style home years ago as it is easy for us to keep it up. It was built in the 50’s and over the years we have remodeled it and right now we are heading into another remodel this time the bathroom! My daughter was here today suggesting we add a few handicap features to the bath tub shower. She said you will need this down the road she is right of course but I sure don’t enjoy thinking about that, LOL good luck to you!

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  4. I grew up in a Sears-Roebuck craftsman bungalow, built in 1910, and somehow I find that I can’t get rid of the notion that old houses are best. I live in a house now that’s only 10 years old, and even though it’s lovely, it’s never felt quite homey enough. Hopefully, the farmhouse should do the trick!

    I sure hope you find the perfect little cottage for yourself, with old trees, a new roof and solid floors!

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  5. Changes are so hard, especially when we are trying to find what is right for us. Your home sounds beautiful, and it must be a hard to make the decision to downsize. Wishing you the best in your new adventure. You will find the perfect place. Praying for God to guide you.

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  6. She’s 106 years old this year.
    I won’t leave her until someone pries me away, or I go out the “coffin doors” feet first.
    I love every headache she hands me.
    I will never be bored!



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  7. Praying you find the perfect new Rabbit Patch. I understand your love affair with old houses. Do you think it is because we are just born “fixers”? At least I am always positive nothing is to far gone to be redeemed. That seems to be my view of houses and lives :).

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    1. goodness yes! I have been thinking about that aspect. Also, I have sweet memories of old houses-thank you-prayers are so appreciated. I am just sure things will work out in the right time. I always end up where I ought to, when I ought to. I think we all do. thank you!

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  8. New houses just don’t have the same character! Although a new rood is a thing of joy and beauty, I have to say, and speak from experience! I hope your new home search brings you something wonderful. You deserve it.

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      1. I understand why you want to downsize but I do love your house. It has such a warm cozy feeling and feels so homey. Is that a word? Because of its age it’s fun to try and image all the people who have lived there and how they lived. If only those walls could talk! I’m sure where ever your next rabbit is will be just as enchanting though because you have a way of making every visit feel like a Sunday afternoon. love you!

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      2. oh what sweet words-the yard and barns are a huge factor-It s a hard thing-I know every inch of this place like an old friend. I will be fine wherever I go-Christian said home is wherever I am-so dear to me. I love you!


      1. I in those days, there was no developer. individuals built a house to suit their budget, family etc. Then came the developers. And yep individuality went out the window. houses were built on a conveyor belt


  9. After a month no reading and writing, I start with yours. As usual I am smiling. I can picture you planning where the x’mas tree is going up. You have so much charm and i don’t see you in a small but brand new retirement village. Okay, maybe you don’t need 9 barns and 5 acres of charm, and maybe go for something that has a roof and slightly less than a century old. I dont mind fixing things. Especially when someone else is doing and “project managing”. I call it personalising it to my taste. So go forth and concur that needing a bit of work, slightly old cottage with a small yard.

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  10. Dearest Rabbit … I hope that wherever you find to make your new home, I hope that it takes only a little while for you to feel nestled in and at home there.

    It’s not easy to leave behind something which you love. I know. Mr. Cobs and I left our home of many many years to move 200 miles away, and although we’ve been in our new home for 5 years, my heart still aches for the little cottage which we left behind.

    But you, somehow you, I feel, will find somewhere which feels like home before you’ve even moved in. I think you’re going to find the perfect place for you.

    Sending love ~ Cobs. x

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