The Light of the Moon on the River


Very Early in the Morning on Thursday

I like to go out first thing in the morning, not long after waking.  If weather permits, I  always do so and have my first cup of coffee.  in this way, I come to know the community of small animals that call the territory home, as we do.  This morning I saw a band of squirrels working feverishly.  My presence did not seem to make a bit of difference.  They were too busy to glance my way, let alone give a morning greeting.  A robin watched with me and I think he too was impressed with the agility and speed of the squirrels.  They dashed about rapidly as if  they were terribly late for something very important.  I am glad I am not a squirrel, I thought.

I hadn’t been sitting long, when a bookmobile pulled up and parked near the corner.  My daughter has not lived in her new house long and so it was a pleasant surprise. This may be “old hat”  for many people here, but we do not have this service in Farm Life, and I had not seen one since my own children were little.  If I were a resident, I’d have signed up this morning!

The Latter part of the day. . . 

Jenny had errands to run-one being a check up for Lyla.  All was well and I like the friendly and sensible doctor, who said Lyla was “perfect”.  I napped with Lyla after lunch. I didn’t mean but to lie down, but I fell asleep, while Jenny unpacked some things and placed them in their new homes.  Lyla and I took a stroll in the early evening and I met two sisters who built small homes that are joined by a living room.  It is a neat arrangement and it reminded me of the beautiful bond of sisters-and family in general.  The economy we face in our later years is daunting, so these sisters got creative and somehow it encouraged me.

When the Moon Was Rising . . .

I called Kyle and Christian in the evening.  All was well at the rabbit patch and Christian did feed the kitten, which I will call “Ruth” if it is a girl. 

 Before bed, I took Lyla out to see the the light of the moon on the river beneath it.  The Pasquotank  river was so still,  it seemed like a huge mirror.  Lyla was very quiet and watched the scene intently.  There is a certain look she gets on occasion and I do not speak when I see it.  She is thinking great thoughts or at least giving great consideration to something.  She and I watched for a while- or a year.  At some point, she raised her little finger,   pointed up and said “moon” , for the first time.  

The content of the most ordinary days holds some splendor it seems, if I but examine the moments that made them.  It is not a difficult task and most often beauty just leaps out and presents itself.  Whether the moonlight falls on the river beneath it, or illuminates an old oak growing by a ditch bank, makes no difference. The day does not withhold beauty from any segment of the population, but  instead is generous with all that seek it.


18 thoughts on “The Light of the Moon on the River

  1. Once again you drew me in…..I wanted to see the bookmobile and wished we had one out here. I grinned when you said you took an unintentional snooze….I have done the same with my grandchildren. As I read this, the moon is shining brightly through my living room window and I can just imagine you and your little perfect Lyla watching the same moon. It did my heart good.

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  2. What a tuly beautiful post. You have a unique way of presenting a picture, painted with word, so that we can all see, through a window built in time, exactly that which you are describing.
    It’s a beautiful, God gifted talent Rabbit. .. … and I love tha you have it.
    Much love ~ Cobs. x

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