When Fields Lay Golden


Now is the time to hear the song of the wild geese in flight.  Leaves are hinting in subtle  ways that their glory days are not far off and the chill in the wind causes me to consider the condition of the wood stove.  It is also the time when fields lay golden until evening, when they become an expanse of warm russet.  In either state, a field says it is autumn.

There is something therapeutic about looking at large open spaces..  It rests the mind and can provoke us to have the deep thoughts we have been putting off.  This may be the longing people answer when they are drawn to the ocean or the vistas of the mountains. 

Yesterday, I left for Elizabeth City, the minute school was out.  At that time, it was a warm October day.  It was a lovely drive past pumpkin stands and houses with chrysanthemums on porches.  There is about a mile that the drive takes me past fields that are vast.  The late day sunshine fell on them and lit them up .  Now and then, leaves took to the air and it felt at those times like I was  driving in a parade that celebrated October.

Saturday Morning

It was still dark, when I woke up.  I went out anyway armed with coffee.  There was a cold wind blowing and rain had fallen in the night.  There was no evidence of the squirrel community, but a cardinal showed up and did great justice to his species, as he was a very bright red.  

I did not feel inclined to tarry, as the cold wind was steadily blowing.  I went in to read.  At some point, there was light and everybody was awake and hungry.  After breakfast, Jenny and  I took Lyla to a farm that had a pumpkin patch, a corn maze and several small animals.  The wind had settled to a light breeze and the morning had warmed to a bright and beautiful day.  Lyla came home with a small pumpkin and I had several ears of bright yellow corn to contribute to Will and Jennys’ new porch.  It was a good way to spend a morning.

Afternoon Strolls

We ate lunch outside in the fresh October air.  Afterwards, Lyla and I  took a walk, as is our habit.  I have learned a fair amount of new street names, though I can’t yet remember their exact location.  I do know, that on Raleigh Street,  there is a rose bush with a very sweet scent.  A friendly little boy with a dog, named Noah, live on Woodruff,  and play under a huge old magnolia tree.  We walked an hour and went down many little streets, but not for love nor money, can I tell you the name of the street with the  big  yellow cat that lays under a dogwood.

Jenny got a lot of things in their place, and Will worked in the yard again, while Lyla and I were sauntering through the village-like community.  It is a beautiful thing to watch a young family “setting up housekeeping” and even more endearing, when they are your own.  More than dishes, go into a new home. Maybe the hopes and dreams of the young couple, outnumber the furnishings.

In the last light of the day, a flock of wild geese  flew over the laughing river and filled the air up with the sound of autumn. . .  for  when fields lay golden, the first frost is no longer a fortnight away. 

24 thoughts on “When Fields Lay Golden

    1. Jessica-this comment touched me so, that I couldn’t even respond at first. I want to be a writer! I have felt this a good year now, strongly. Your comment meant so much and I think of it to be inspired . Thank you sincerely-your own words did me so much good.

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      1. Seriously girl, reading your words is like picking up a novel. I feel myself transported almost, into your stories.

        You ARE a writer. Right now. In this moment. I’ve never even met you, and the honesty in your writing brings about such a connection with the reader.

        Go for it, girl. You will sell big. I truly believe that. ❤️😊🎉

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      2. You are a dear one-and I am crying at the encouragement you give me. You are a precious gift for me. You may not realise it, but you have helped me in a big way. Thank you again for the tremendous inspiration you are to me.

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      3. Oh Lord have mercy… Crying? Then this is surely a joyous occasion!! I always cry when I’m immensely happy!! You can do this- I have faith. And, I’m right there with you. I have 2 books written that I’ve been too chicken to publish. WE can do this. I believe❤️😊🎉

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      4. Oh, I just meant I want to be a writer, too. The writing is somewhat easy. It’s the publishing that’s tricky and also being brave enough to let all those thoughts and feelings go out into the world. I wrote my books before I started blogging and I wasn’t ready to let them go quite yet. Blogging has been great because comments provide feedback with ups the “I can do this”. Those books may stay put. But I love how writing can start where we are. You’re writing is a gift. I’m trying to figure out what exactly it reminds me of. It sort of reads like that movie, “The Notebook”. 💜 LOVE that. You have this talent of bringing out the grace in ordinary things. I can’t get words around how much I love your stuff…


  1. What a beautiful title you gave this piece. My heart also responded to this line, ” Now and then, leaves took to the air and it felt at those times like I was driving in a parade that celebrated October,” probably because I’ve recognized the experience and the words, though I’ve never documented them as wonderfully as you.

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  2. Your page always leave me in trance–I felt like I am being swept away to another dimension.You really have a great gift for writing. I want to write like you. Telling stories from the depjths of your heart, from your candid wisdom and incomparable insights.
    A visit to the Rabbit patch always teaches me to slow down, taking a moment to look around to see the world in a different world.
    thank you so much for being in my circle.
    It was a great read this morning.

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    1. this was a sweet “good morning”! Thank you for some of the dearest words of inspiration. You have really made me happy-sincerely and fully. I like the unique way you see the world too-You capture such beauty in your pictures-you tell a beautiful story your own way. Thank you again for the kind way you started my day. and I am thrilled to be in your circle.

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