While the Fire Burned Brightly


 The October climate deserves a crown.  For the last few weeks, any given day could have been a post card-with bragging rights.  I watch the dawning of the day, on my drive to work.  Light changes with hues of orange, lavender and pink and all shades in-between.  Finally a golden light proclaims that a new day is born.  In the evening an equally impressive, sunset paints the sky, so beautifully, it will stop you in your tracks-such is the way of October.

The rabbit patch is carpeted with a soft layer of leaves now, and I don’t mind that.  The huge sycamore leaves do require attention more frequently as they are quite large and tend to curl upon drying.  They cause you to wade through them and so I have been in the habit of building autumn fires, where the tomatoes used to grow. The oaks do not warrant such measures til Thanksgiving.  Frost has not yet fallen on the landscape, so the leaves on the ground do not yet make a flamboyant  statement.

While the fired burned brightly, last night,  I took notice of the night sky.  The stars do not show  up in the great numbers they did a few months back, but they seem much bigger.  Now, the constellations are easily recognizable. There is just enough moonshine now to light the path I walk.

A wild kitten is very curious about the fire and will keep me company-as long I keep my distance. The flames and warmth, seem to put us both in a trance, of sorts.  It acts as a natural tranquilizer and strands us both in silence.

Supper is late on the days I burn leaves and branches.  I do not dare leave something cooking on the stove while a fire burns brightly in the kitchen garden, for  small fires have a way of  making one forget everything else in the world-especially time.  Pine cones, which are handy for starting a fire, produce flames that are blue and green.  I am convinced that  even the most diligent can not bear to look away from the fire when pine cones are burning.

 I can not harbor resentment in the presence of a fire brightly burning in the kitchen garden.  Under a sky scattered with silver diamonds I feel small, yet  not insignificant.  My perspective shifts and I have a sense of well-being as the flames seem to induce a trance, of sorts.  The cares of the world  seem to “go up in smoke”  along with the branches from the old apple tree.

Nature may be the best  tranquilizer of all, for sky and water and fields and mountains . . . woodlands and  even, old rocks and garden fires, all lend a sense of peace, I think.  Somehow, nature survives calamities and being mistreated, without malice.  Nature seems to spend its’ energy on restoration,  instead of  seeking revenge . . or even justice.   Nature is not greedy nor wasteful.   It is  a worthwhile sermon, to consider and  it serves me well, to consider  . . .while the fire burned brightly.


22 thoughts on “While the Fire Burned Brightly

  1. You make it sound like a place far away, when only you’re a few miles down the road. Love October, but I never seen the beauty such as you.. you are truly special with your writings..

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  2. As usual I am late to the party. Just now ,in the evening..almost bed time, I am reading this and seeing it is from 2016. 2016…oh my…that is the year the sky fell. I may have read it before but goodness it is just as fresh as if it was from this morning. You really do need to publish all of your blog in a book. You really do. Love you.

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  3. Happy October to you too. I am glad you posted this again. I would love a fire too on a cold day and perhaps would forget my chores while watching a good fire burn. I hope Jenny and the babies are both well.
    Lots of love from one rabbit patch to another,

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