Autumn Wind


We all woke up early this morning.  Outside the window, I could see the day was bright and clear.  The dogwood looked especially dashing wearing all shades of red against the blue expanse of sky.  I could see there was an autumn wind blowing-the trees were tattling loud and clear about that.

Winds, change with the seasons.  The content  of the wind in April is unlike the November wind this morning.  The autumn wind casts leaves in a chaotic fashion.  The smell of the leaves already scattered tends to give the air a distinct scent.   I remember smelling leaves in my childrens’ hair when they had played outside. There is also, a chill in the wind this season that demands a sweater or jacket, depending on where you live. Lyla and I will wear jackets today, while we are out, in the autumn wind.

 This is the best day so far for cooking soup-and so I will.  Though I am not sure that Will is going to touch it, I am making pumpkin soup for lunch.  Tonight, friends are coming for supper and I always look forward to cooking for a crowd.  I will get started on things as soon as Lyla and I come back from strolling the now familiar route by the river.

 Yesterday,  we made several new feline friends and saw an old canine friend, too.  Lyla waves at  all of them, and says in her baby voice. “hi”.  I think this is a good sign that she is learning already to respect the animal kingdom, and it cheers me to consider that.  She also loves flowers and if we pass one, she wants to stop and smell it.  She has yet, to pick one or disturb it in anyway.  She has never seen such a thing and so is content to admire respectfully.  I think it may work out that way in all areas of life.

The Afternoon

When the pies were made and beans were cooking, Lyla and I went out for a while.  The air was still chilly, but the wind had become a mere autumn breeze.  Someone somewhere was burning wood, which I guessed to be oak.  There were very few people or animals out.  We saw some mockingbirds squabbling and I wondered if the sudden chill had upset the birds in general.  The uneventful stroll was beautiful, none the less.  We got back, just about the time you needed to turn a light on.  The kitchen smelled wonderful and I thought how much I love walking into a kitchen when something was cooking.

I can “fancy” life up as much as I  please, but the truth is, my needs are  not nearly as complex as I tend to make them out to be.  Today was a day to make pies and take a short walk with an autumn breeze blowing-and it was as good a day as any.   


9 thoughts on “Autumn Wind

    1. thank you-have a lot in common. It was a nice day-simple and peaceful. One day I am going to learn how to do the simplest things on this computer and join you and your sweet mission. I apologize that I have not made it a priority-please know that this in no way reflects my admiration for your work.

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  1. This description “the trees were tattling” and the final paragraph about the joy of simple things compared to the more complex needs we create for ourselves were the gems of this post for me. Also, how lovely to be able to walk with a wee loved one and witness the world afresh through her eyes. That was a joy my grandchildren gave me for many years. Now they are teens and young adults, and the source of joy has changed, but they still offer it.

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