The Evidence of Things Not Seen


For a good while, I had been looking forward to seeing  the famous November moon over the rabbit patch.  Last night, I planned a very simple supper, all because of the grand event.  I started watching the sky, determined to see the moon rise over the field.  I was going to stand in the shine and lift my prayers.  I had some wishes and dreams to tell the world, too.  What I got was one more lesson on faith.

At first, I thought the moon was just running late. The field behind the old barn was dark-and so was the sky.  Clouds had settled in and showed no sign of hurry.  They brought with them, a hush, much like the snow does.  I heard a single leaf fall now and then.  I kept looking where the moon ought to be.  Surely, the brightest moon in the last thirty years could shine through the dense clouds covering the big dipper-and the dog stars too.  I couldn’t see Venus either.  The sky did have an odd, faint brightness about it.  I could not see the moon, but I knew it was there.  I saw evidence of its’ presence .  Somehow, that was enough.

Tonight, the moon rose over the rabbit patch.  The big dipper  and the dog stars did too.  Venus made a pine look like a Christmas tree.  The field, when bathed in moon light looked almost holy-and to me it was.  It was  all the evidence of Things not seen, that I need.

I made my way back to the farm house in the company of the wild kitten-who  at last, has a name.  Wouldn’t you know- I named him ” Moon Shine”.

23 thoughts on “The Evidence of Things Not Seen

  1. We also were disappointed by not seeing that huge moon also, but I too did notice a brightness despite the clouds. Your story reminded me of my faith in Christ. I can’t see His presence in my life but I experience his brightness ❤ and know that one day the clouds will part and I will see him face to face! 🙂
    Moonshine-Perfect name for that wild kitten. 🙂 Oh, I am glad you have befriended kitties lately, beginning with Christopher Robin, who introduced you to the wild one! Love you! Please keep writing! It has been my only way to visit lately!

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  2. We were bless to see the moon at the rising and setting. Even tho the main event was Sunday, the moon is putting on quite an encore performance. Last night when I saw it, it just took my breath away. How could one after seeing that moon, sunsets, sunrises, let alone all things in nature and the precious babies, …..I could just keep going, not believe?!?!?
    Love Moonshine

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  3. I love your post! I also could not see the moon, it was a cloudy Monday night, but then last night a clear sky and a huge moon appeared between the pine trees! What a delight! I love the name for the kitten! I hope he will get more and more tame before the winter!

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  4. I make it a point to see every moon.
    How about you?
    My life is lived in phases of the moon.
    Moon phases and solstices make sense to me.
    Not so much calendars.

    Great name for the kitty.

    Seek peace,



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