Rubies, Diamonds and a Cat Named Moon Shine


Autumn has made its’ presence known at the rabbit patch-and it came bearing gifts.  The whole affair seems “royal” in nature-complete with a treasure chest of precious gems in every hue.  No one is excluded from the occasion of autumn.

Morning sunlight comes brightly and lights up the frost covered territory around the rabbit patch. Frost looks like diamond dust and is strewn liberally, for the Hand that casts it, is not limited in Its’ source.  This is quite obvious to me as I leave the rabbit patch and drive past fields and pastures decorated with shine.

The dogwood is wearing rubies, these days.  Every one of them are a solid mass of red and do great justice to the landscape.  I saw a little sparrow perched amongst a dogwoods’ rubies this week and he looked as  worthy of a post card as any of his finer -feathered friends.

Winter wheat is up.  It is my favorite crop from start to finish, to watch growing.  In any stage, winter wheat is lovely.  Now , it has transformed a barren field to an emerald sea.  It is the greenest thing in the country and is a sight to behold on fair days and rainy ones too. 

The clarity of autumn light seems to turn every thing in to some sort of wonder. The persimmon trees are a warm golden and the grapevines are bright yellow.  Plum trees look like living amethysts .   The most common woodland vines become scarlet garlands around the trees and the ground beneath is laced with amber. Above it all, is an expanse of sapphire which far exceeds those hidden gems mined by man. At night, the sapphire becomes ebony with a splattering of diamonds.  All of mankind can feel wealthy in the Autumn.

Tomorrow, Sunday dinner will be at my parents’ home and will be a thanksgiving meal. My sisters and their families will attend and so I am cooking while I clean the old farmhouse.  The wages of week-ends in Elizabeth City , however costly, do not make me sorry.  I have the windows up as it is warm today.  On Thursday, those that can, will gather again, at the rabbit patch.  Thanksgiving is a favorite time for me and so no amount of work, ever seems a burden.

The cat named ” Moon Shine” can almost be considered tame, now.  He does not hiss and spit at my boxer, Cash, with the same gumption as before.  Instead, Moon Shine is  learning the manners of a house cat from Christopher Robin, willingly.  

The much acclaimed November moon is retreating now.  There is less silver in the night sky over the rabbit patch.  There was much ado, over this moon and people went to great lengths  to record images of it.  The sweetest story that I heard told was shared by some dear friends of mine, who have been married since their youth, decades ago.  They stood in the moon light declaring the steadfastness of their union and sealed it with a kiss. . . I got a wild kitten. 

16 thoughts on “Rubies, Diamonds and a Cat Named Moon Shine

  1. Love your use of gems…use of descriptive…even though I was born in the fall, I fight hard to not feel depressed with the decay etc….first description, that I remember, that made me feel delighted with this time of the year!! So enjoy your writing!

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