Thanksgiving Eve at the Rabbit Patch


It is the eve of Thanksgiving.  I look forward to this day about as much as the holiday, itself.  Today is the day to bake pies and wash linens for overnight guests.  The grocery stores are buzzing and many folks are packing their bags. Fancy dishes are being brought out from cupboards to be washed and   porch lights will be left on, later than usual, to welcome loved ones home.

I am making pumpkin, chocolate and  banana cream pies, today.  I am not sure why, but it just seems like pie is the traditional dessert for Thanksgiving.   When my sister and I were little and took to arguing, our grandmama would say “you two would argue in a pie factory!”  meaning we would rather fuss than eat pie!  I can still hear her saying that, she said it so often.

I am tidying up the old farmhouse and hoping the turkey thaws.  I am making another large batch of biscuits for the “dressing”-and will light the kitchen fireplace to add to the holiday atmosphere.  I have been saving some pricey candles for the holidays and they will be lit shortly.

The weather is perfect- a cold night and a bright day ahead.  Most often the trees are bare for the holiday, but this year a few colorful leaves remain boasting their tribute to autumn.  I will gather a branch or two for the table. There will be wood smoke in the air from the hearth  of the rabbit patch  and frost will cover the pumpkins in the morning light.

I am hoping to be up when the frost is on the pumpkins.  I put the turkey on and drink coffee while the house starts to smell like Thanksgiving morning.  Breakfast will be especially light, so to improve the appetite for the traditional feast.

There is just something about Thanksgiving that stirs me deeply.  I think about the first Thanksgiving, when the Native Americans gathered with those from across the ocean, who had come to make new lives.  I think of the women from both sides, preparing different foods in different ways.  Surely language itself, presented an obstacle.  There is no telling how many practices of religion were present that day, yet in spite of all the differences, they united for a meal and gave thanks  together.  I suppose the children played together, as children still do today without barriers.  I hope tomorrow, hearts across the nation, will unite for the sake of  showing gratitude.  The older I get, the more I think about such things.

There are a lot of ways to live a life, but it seems to me, that practicing gratitude might be one of the best habits we can assume.   Such a habit acts as tonic, I think-  and it goes so well with pie. 

24 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Eve at the Rabbit Patch

      1. Hej Line Jeg har også selv en blog er på BD, men vil gerne have flere læsere. Gjorde du noget specielt for at blive Prenium blg?oerg?


  1. Beautiful description of your home and your holiday rituals! I can relate as I sit waiting for the turkey to thaw and a fire popping in the fireplace. Unfortunately, my pie is store bought! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  2. I love this post! I also made pie today…..2 pumpkin (because it is for Thanksgiving), a Cream Chees Pie, and my sister asked me to make a Skor cake. It was a good day and a lot of that is because of thinking about everyone coming tomorrow! Anticipation is a great thing!
    Blessed thanksgiving to you and yours!

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  3. Beautiful post! I share your sentiments about this special time of the year, a time to be grateful and to share a meal with family and friends. As in the past, like the settlers and natives were able to share their food in peace, let’s hope that we also learn to dissolve barriers and learn to live in peace with one another.
    I loved the description of your home, the fire and the delicious aroma of the food cooking, the cozy and welcoming place with a heart full of love that is the rabbit patch!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. It’s lovely to read of your Thanksgiving preparations, it’s not something we celebrate here in the UK, although the town of Boston which is 14 miles from the cottage has strong ties to the pilgrim fathers I wish you & yours a peaceful day x

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    1. That is one of my favorite comments ever. You are such an encouraging person for all of us and I greatly admire that. I find you to be a gifted writer and so admire all you do. Thank you and have a beautiful holiday!


  5. Thanksgiving is special! When I first heard about the “attitude of gratitude” I thought it was just a coy phrase. But once I began working on being intentionally thankful for the many gifts in my life, and even looking for those gifts, I realized it was actually a very good way to live. And it does allow us to appreciate and connect with other people as well, no matter how different they are from us. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  6. Lovely. I could picture everything as if I were right there in your kitchen. Hope your day was filled with blessings cause you are a blessing to so, so many.

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