Thanksgiving Day at the Rabbit Patch


Early Morning

Not yet, has the sun risen at the rabbit patch, but I have been up a while.  Moon Shine sent something crashing and shattering- and that worked better than any alarm clock.  After surveying the damage, I went out to a mild morning with a pink, cloud covered sky.  I smelled rain and so will check the forecast shortly.  The turkey is on and I will make biscuits next. Coffee greatly improves my chances of figuring out what to do about sugar. I ran out making pies, last night.

 I am watching “Mr. Blandings Builds  His Dream House” in intervals, while the biscuits are cooking.   I love old movies best.   I found some brown sugar and that will do for any other concoction that requires sugar- with the exception of ice tea.

I was right about rain.  I never did check the forecast.  I knew an hour ago by the sky, it was going to rain some where.  It is a light rain and it sounds so very peaceful-and daddy says the weatherman “didn’t call for rain no how”.  Kyle, went to the grocery store for sugar.  His face looked the same as it did the night of the fire, when I asked him to go.


Mr. Blandings got his dream house built and the biscuits turned out perfect.  Kyle survived the grocery store and brought home the sugar.  The stove is full of pots-pots of beans, potatoes -and yellow squash.  The cranberry jelly is chilling and I have whipped cream with maple and cinnamon, for the pumpkin pie.  The rain has been falling the whole time.  It is a good thing that so many tasks are done as I can not rush when the rain falls softly.


Mama & Daddy , Kyle, Christian and I shared a nice meal just after noon.  My friend, Jo Dee had talked about a chocolate chess pie, enough to make me want one, so I fixed one.  Mama and I declared it the favorite.

Everyone has gone somewhere else now, so the kitchen is quiet.  The kitchen is tidy and candles are lit.  Tres will make it home before dark, so the porch light is on and the welcome lantern at the back door has a candle in it.  I love waiting for my children to come home.


Fog rolled in across the fields as the sun was setting.  This is the second time I have seen this, in my life.  It came in like a wave.  The sun was the color of a tangerine and paired with the silver fog, it was spectacular.  

Not long after, all was safely gathered in at the rabbit patch.  I snuffed out the welcome lantern at the backdoor.  The boys watched football – and Kelsey and I ate pie, while we watched “Anne of Green Gables”.  Truly,  Thanksgiving is a lovely time.




11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day at the Rabbit Patch

  1. Sounds like a lovely day for you! Thanksgiving is always a busy affair here never enough room around the table when I am setting it but like magic we all seem to fit when we go to sit down. We all talk like magpies trying to catch up on each others lives, I love every minute that they are here.

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  2. Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House is a favourite of mine, especially the scene where Mrs B is describing all the paint colours so specifically, then the decorator tells his workman…. Glad you had such a special day.

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  3. What a beautiful day! I had to laugh at Kyle being sent to the store, I don’t blame him for being fearful. I tend to avoid crowds and I certainly don’t do the shopping frenzy of the day after Thanksgiving.
    I too love old movies!! My choice of tv viewing!
    Always the best when the kids are home. My son wasn’t able to come home as he is a lineman and is on call. He’s also on call from Christmas. Have Granny will travel!!

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  4. My posts to you are coming through to you as anonymous not sure why but it is Peggy from NJ.
    glad you enjoyed Thanksgiving loved reading about your day!

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