“Oh, Christmas Tree”


There is almost, a Christmas tree at the rabbit patch window, which I am sure was placed, for that purpose.  A good while back, someone bought me one of those pre-lit trees.  I love real trees, but it did seem practical and it was very handy, eliminating the fuss with the lights that I  always dread.  Up until now, the little tree has behaved nicely.  This year, it proudly boasts eight working lights.  I  love Christmas, anyway.

Meanwhile, Miss Susies’ House, looks like a postcard.  It is hard for me to imagine her quarreling with lights-if she does, she wins every time.  This little community has high standards for decorations and I am quite proud to be a part of it, even if the odds are stacked against me.  

As much as I adore Christmas lights and wreaths on doors-as much I love ribbons on lanterns and bird feeders too-It is the feeling that Christmas stirs in my heart, that I love the most.  I think all of the details evoke a sense of celebrating with gratitude.  We have never exchanged extravagant gifts at the rabbit patch.  Gifts here, are more like sweet little tokens-and I think we are all better off for it.  I am a practical person, by nature and I have found it a good habit.  Even, when the children were little,  I took great pains to keep Christmas an experience instead of an occasion to collect enough things, to be happy.  This may be why my grown children ask for  things like socks,  guitar strings or a nice candle, every year.

The kitchen is the one place, that I act like “a big spender”.  Everybodys’ favorites are somewhere on the counter.  Jenny will have a cheesecake and Kyle will have fresh baked bread.  Tres will have fancy coffee, Christian will have eggnog  and I will fry pork chops at any given hour, if Brant wants them.  We gather  around a softly burning fire and have been known to play carols on guitars and violins.  If it sounds quaint and old-fashion, it is, but the memory lingers far longer than anything with a price tag.

This is the reason that I go steadfast in to battle with those undependable strands of lights  on the tree.   The tree says “Merry Christmas!” to the world, shining  through the farmhouse window.  .  . and welcome home to my children.

 With renewed courage,  I will finish  the task tonight and the humble tree will become a blazing beacon to all who happen by the rabbit patch, this season.   Maya Angelou said “You can tell a lot about a person, by the way they handle tangled Christmas lights.”  I know exactly what she meant.

19 thoughts on ““Oh, Christmas Tree”

  1. So very true “but the memory lingers far longer than anything with a price tag”! A beautiful way to truly enjoy the Christmas holidays! OH I wish I could hear those carols on guitars and violins! Lovely post!

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  2. Love your ending quote… Oh dear though, if that tells a lot about a person then I’m afraid I wouldn’t always come out on the winning side. 😬


  3. Your way isn’t old fashioned …. it’s good old fashioned perfect, for you know the reason for the season.

    I hope that things never change there, and that your children continue your ways and feed them into their own lives, so that any children they have or might have, will also feel the benefit of your spirit, Rabbit.
    Sending love ❤ and Christmas wishes your way ~ Cobs. x

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  4. Lovely Christmassy post and I had to smile at the Maya Angelou quote – our handling of the tangled lights has changed vastly over the years! Now calm and laughter, previously frustration and annoyance!

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  5. Oh, my, you and Maya just saved my day. I, too gave in to the ease of a an artificial, pre-lit tree so I’d never again have to untangle lights. Last weekend I put the tree up in front of the bay window it has graced for the last two years, decorated it with ornaments that give me pleasure and curling strings of wide, wire-edged god ribbon and fell in love with it once again. Then, early this morning when I turned it on to greet early travelers on our street, I saw that the bottom third of the lights were not on. Checking the connections and as many of the unlit bulbs as I could find took way too much time and yielded no pleasant result. Now my dilemma: undecorate the bottom third of the tree, string some lights and redecorate, or forget about it because the bottom third doesn’t show outside anyway. I decided to save my sanity and not notice the dark band at the bottom of the tree. So far it has worked. I went about my day happily doing tasks much more pleasant than tackling the tree would have been. And that long explanation tells you why you and Maya made me laugh.

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