A Wreath on the Rabbit Patch Door


At last, the rabbit patch declares that the Christmas season is upon us.  There is a wreath on every door with little twinkling lights that brighten the late autumn fog.  I added a little tree with lights tonight, to the porch of the farmhouse.  The affect is cheerful, as it ought to be at Christmas.

I have tied red ribbons on bird feeders and lanterns in the yard.  Not long afterwards, a strong wind started blowing and the ribbons are tattered because of it.  Still, they add a charming touch. Somehow they seem in the natural state of things on the rabbit patch.

There is a lot more to do still.  Tomorrow is Kyles’ birthday and the day the tree is put up.  This tradition started when he was around four and now it seems “a law” of sorts.  I suppose I will always abide by it, as it would not feel right  to do so on any other day.

I do have more than a few presents to wrap.  The shopping trip with my mom, sisters and niece was a sweet success, in more ways than one.  We arrived in Rocky Mount in the first part of the morning.  At the first store, while checking out, I discovered that the credit card had expired in November.  I am not in the habit of using it-or checking the mail either, so such a thing could be expected.  At this  very moment, I remembered my bank card was on the morning table-at the rabbit patch. I had a little cash, so it was my destiny, to do a little shopping.  Actually, I shopped more carefully and focused more on visiting, than usual.  This may have been my favorite trip.  I have been striving to live more simply and without money, this was assured that day.  I did manage to buy some fine chocolate to improve our spirits-and it worked.  We cast our weariness aside and headed straight a way for a donut shop.  

We shopped longer than the sun shined that day.  Hayley and I browsed in the book store together and I was thrilled that she is still writing-though she said “not the way you do”-she writes in a journal and prefers prompts. I was glad to hear this and also to hear she still enjoys crafts.  Connie, my youngest sister , loves pretty dishes as I do and so we spent some time admiring kitchen items.  Delores and I purchased the chocolate and shopped for fancy soap.  Mama told the story of her mom, buying me my first coat-a red one, and later a high-chair from a store that closed a long while ago.   She told it tenderly and I realised that no matter how many Christmases have passed, she still misses my grandmother.

    I had no problem falling asleep last night.   I thought how the day was a good one.  I thought of all the little parts of it that made it beautiful  and it seemed to me, that a lack of money did not prevent me from getting gifts, after all. 


27 thoughts on “A Wreath on the Rabbit Patch Door

  1. It seems when money isn’t to hand we all become a little wiser !! you shopped from the heart instead, your Rabbitpatch is a beacon of light welcoming us in ~thank you for a lovely post

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  2. Your rabbit patch home looks so cozy, cheery, warm & welcoming! It’s beautiful! I am also trying to gain more enjoyment this season without going over board with shopping, Simplifying things and enjoying the precious moments more. Very inspirational post!

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  3. Loved hearing about your traditions! I am putting the tree up today and the garlands and whatever else I can get done. It is to cold outdoors so this is a great time to decorate indoors. I have Christmas music going so I am having a great time.

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  4. Beautiful, Michele. I like your way of “gettin gifts! ” You lifted my spirits as I pictured you all out shopping together. I am almost through with my classes for the semester and am feeling some pressure. Your sharing is just what I needed! Can’t wait until I can get all my schoolwork done so I can start preparing for the season! Blessings. Love and miss you so…..

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      1. Me too! Tucker’s show was really good last night if you and Jenny are able to check it out. There will be one tonight and one tomorrow at 2! I have to admit I liked Tucker as George Bailey even better than Jimmy Stewart though I could be the slightest bit biased. 😉 P.S. I loved all your descriptions in this post, like the tattered bows which “seem in the natural state of things on the rabbit patch.'” I also love the tradition of always putting up the tree on Kyle’s birthday. How special for him…. Love you so much…. ❤


  5. Neat to hear your comment about Hayley… It’s great when the next generation shares one of your interests. My youngest, Timo was very excited, earlier in the school year, about purchasing a Waterman fountain pen (a kids’ version, but Waterman nonetheless)… I am a fou tainpen journaler and he was that last one I’d’ve expected to be interested in them… But again, at a Christmas market yesterday, he picked up another! Go figure!

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  6. The rabbit patch looks beautiful with the lit wreaths!! I just found a fresh wreath left on my back porch this morning!!! What a wonderful surprise. I SO admire you for trying to live more simply and without money. I should try that! Spending does not make one anymore happier.
    Have a wonderful day and stay warm!


  7. There is a lesson in this charming story for all of us: the best gifts aren’t purchased but experienced. The line “…I realised that no matter how many Christmases have passed, she still misses my grandmother,” brought a tear to my eye as I thought how much I miss my mother.

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