Dogs and Daffodils


I saw when the light came to the world this morning.  Just now, the sun is rising behind the woods .  For a few brief moments, the winter trees , make the light look like stained glass.  A cardinal cried out in a morning song like a joyful proclamation, just as the shine broke through.  I love morning.

I am at the rabbit patch, this week-end.  Cash, Christopher Robin and Moon Shine are still sleeping, while I sit at the “morning table” and plot my day.  It is a good thing that I enjoy housekeeping, as the old house is full of it.  I like to take my time going about chores or else they become “work”.  Cash starts barking if he sees me dashing about in a hurry, because he knows that company is coming!  He is always right about that and I find it so funny.  The cats run for cover, at the prospect of strangers.  They know that Cash is never wrong, about that order of events.  Cash does not bark, when I am cooking, nor rushing to get ready for my job-only when I am hurriedly, putting things in order, does he carry on, so.  It really tickles me that he quickly put it all together.

I love animals-the whole lot of them, but I especially love dogs, and especially boxers.  Ironically, the first dog that ever nipped me was a boxer.  The next was a chihuahua.  Jo Dee has a chihuahua, named “Georgia”.  Jo Dee says every one has a chihuahua story-and she may be right.

My children bought Cash for me, almost three years ago.  My boxer, Gage, of fourteen years passed in June, of that year.  Gage, was my friend and guardian.  He served me well.  He layed in the yard, while I mowed the sprawling rabbit patch, in terrible heat.  He would move from one area to another, keeping his eye on me.  Gage was a loyal dog.  He was also well mannered and I use to brag that he could accompany me anywhere.  He really could have gone to church, or the dentist or to get my taxes done.  When Gage died,  I missed him with my whole heart.  He was my friend, after all.  I knew I wanted another dog, at some point, but I wanted a boxer-and they are pricey dogs.  My friends consider me extremely practical, and I am by nature, so they were amused that I had to have a boxer and only that breed would do.

My children bought Cash for me in July.  I have never seen a cuter puppy.  We decided on the name “Cash” as Johnny Cash had just passed.  I was mourning Gage and felt ashamed that maybe I would never love this puppy as deeply as he deserved.  One day I realised that a fourteen year affair, took fourteen years.  My bond with Gage started with days, that turned in to what it was, because of time.  Some how, this freed me to love again.  

Today, as I move from room to room cleaning, Cash, Christopher Robin and Moon Shine will move along with me.  As long as I behave calmly, all will go well-otherwise, Cash will spread false rumors.  I am not expecting guests today.

The light has brightened as I wrote this.  I have “charted my course” of duties and planned Sunday Dinner. The day seems mild enough to put the windows up-and I might dry the sheets on the line -to catch the scent of the daffodils, that bloomed in February.

21 thoughts on “Dogs and Daffodils

  1. I love how well connected you are with your home, surroundings and animals. I think this says a lot about you, as a person. All good, of course! And I had actually wondered if your dog was named after Johnny Cash!

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  2. It’s so true that when a beloved pet dies, we think we could never get the same affection with another one….. but I think that we learn a bit more about love with each pet we have. One never replaces the other one as each has their own character and traits, but that’s where our ‘new love’ is born…. Diane

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    1. you are right Diane-I have always had a dog- I can still tear up remembering the ones from very early childhood! I do not know how I would get along without one. I am happy to report that I love my Cash and those silly cats too! Thank you-I enjoy hearing from you.

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  3. My sister had a boxer and when he passed away the entire family was in mourning. It seemed so odd for a long time to go to her house and not have Ziggy welcome me.
    They now have another dog, though not a boxer.
    Loved reading about your day.

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    1. I do love the animals-even the wild ones! We share the same patch of earth and that endears then to me. Cash is a dear and knows me and my routine well-If I talk on the phone too long he starts crying!!! Thank you-I so love your comments-everytime!!! xoxo

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  4. My beautiful boy, my canine companion, my best friend for fifteen years, died just last July.
    Before he died we talked about how difficult it would be for me, left behind.
    We decided that no time should be wasted when the event came.
    Here we have a big roomy house and a big open heart.
    Whomsoever the successor should be, each day waiting was a waste.
    Sassy June came to live with us just three weeks after Chuy’s death.
    I have vowed to be for her all that I was for Chuy.
    In short order, we fell for one another.
    Now I have a sweet girl, and an angel puppy to guide us.

    Seek peace,


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