After Sunday Dinner


It is after Sunday dinner now, and I have noticed a new habit of mine.  I like to write in the hours , after the gathering around the table.  It may be that, I want a record of sorts, or it could be that I especially love to write when I am so content-and both may be true.  I especially like to write in the morning, but a Sunday afternoon seems to work as well.

Of course, I took full advantage of having that fancy china with redbirds and ribbons, though it was seventy degrees outside.  At least it is still February.  I fixed Jo Dees’ chicken and made  believers out of mama and daddy, as to its’ divine nature.   They agreed it was worth all of my bragging.  We had collards, potatoes and cornbread too.  For dessert. I fixed a red velvet cake, being it was close to Valentines Day.  It wasn’t nearly as red as I had hoped, but it was good.  I am not fond of using food coloring, unless I  am making “sea glass” out of mason jars.  I thought that cherry juice would be a nice flavor addition and make the cake red as well.  I should have used a lot more, and not been so stingy with it.  We ate the cake anyway , though it was maroon in color.  Daddy asked why it needed to be red anyway-and he was right.

Tres and Kelsey are in Rome, on vacation.  They are to return this week.  Tres loves to travel and has done a bit, to be so young.  When he was a little boy, I called him my “wonder boy” because he was always wondering about things.  He was curious and needed answers to how things worked.  He grew up to have a career in research. I knew all along, he was suited for such work.  I have an idea, that if we watch children closely when they are very little-and free in their thoughts, we can predict closely, a good career path for them.  My own children have proven this true, at least.  I told Kyle, when he was around five, that he should be a landscaper-and he is.  He remembers this and we laugh about it, now.  Brant and Christian are artists.  They must create- and Jenny was destined to be a mother by the time she was three!  They all chose play that foretold their futures, and I “kept these things, and pondered them in my heart” as mothers have been known do.

I saw the beautiful “snow moon”, this week.  It was almost amber .  It was especially pretty, when it hung low in the sky.  The field turned shades of gold, in its’ light.  Of course, I made a wish on that beautiful “Snow Moon”, for good measure.

The wind, is brisk today.  The pine trees do not whisper in such conditions, but produce a roar, instead-still, the sound is lulling.  The only other sound is the occasional  rattle of dry leaves,  being swept from the far corners of the rabbit patch.

 I am grateful for the peace and quiet, after  Sunday Dinner, today.  I am grateful I saw the snow moon.  I am glad it is almost time for Tres to come home-that it is almost Mamas’ birthday-  and that we all gathered again,  for a good meal with an almost red velvet cake.  Sunday is a lovely time.


24 thoughts on “After Sunday Dinner

  1. I also believe that we can go back to what we loved to do as a young child and that is most likely a good avenue for us to take as adults. I wrote something like this for the introduction of my blog last March. I am so glad that you also recognize that this surprising “something” happens so often! I have pictures of myself in my backyard as a child…with a card table and all sorts of papers & books from school. I was “teaching” my best friend! Then we would write stories and read them to each other! So…writing and teaching…my two careers!

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    1. perfect! I will find that post you wrote. I read once that Indian grandparents, watched the young children while their parents were gathering, hunting, etc and could determine what skills and mates suited the children-I bet they could too.

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  2. A truly lovely post about the wonderful moments in life. I always wondered why you had to use red food coloring and make a Red Velvet Cake. How about a White Velvet Cake. I do not like food coloring in food, it does not change the taste, just the color. I think the cherry juice was a good idea for coloring. I bet there was not one piece of your maroon cake left. Lol

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  3. My mother shared your wisdom; she, too, counseled her children, based on their childhood play and interests, about their careers. She told me she thought I would enjoy being a teacher, an idea I had begun to entertain on my own, but her statement sealed the deal. She was right. Thanks for another refreshing post fill with appreciation for “all things great and small.”

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    1. I have read that the elders in native tribes, watched the children and knew what skills they would bring and should be trained in-and their mates!! makes sense to me. Thank you and you visit every chance you get-please-you brighten my day!

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  4. How wonderful that you could see your children’s paths when they were so young! In some ways, that has been true with my children, but much more with my daughter than with my son. But both are happy and healthy, so I’m okay with that too.

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    1. Isn’t it the best thing to say your children are happy and healthy? The best blessing! Thank you Ann, and yes my kids were pretty easy to tell, and they would have found their paths as we all do-I just always ask people what they did as kids,( when we base our choices on delight) when deciding careers-I wish everybodt did what they loved!! xoxo


  5. Your Sunday sounds wonderful. I think you are so right when it comes to children “playing” their future professions. My eldest is a finish and trim carpenter…he was always building things and working with his hands. My middle son loved playing with toy cars and trucks and he now drives a semi tractor/trailer. The youngest was always drawing and now has a career in graphic arts. I shall have to watch my grandchildren closely!

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  6. I was compelled to search on Jo Dee’s Chicken – a very different recipe than I’ve ever seen, so definitely worth a try – for the chicken that needs dethawing in the freezer. Blessings sent to the rabbitpatch. in lak’ech, Debra

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